Ukraine, Zhytomyr region., Staryi Solotvin village. Island was created artificially in 1970. and was named "Island of Love". House built in the period from 1984 to 1985 and became known as "fisherman's and hunter's hut " and was used as a place where exposed trophies. Double tap if you like it! Source: @luxuryescapehotels #vacationfund #travelingbarber #sunriseride #viewfrommyofficewindow #instagood_ua #cloudchasersinc #landscapearchitects #sealoversparadise #beautycaselampu #viewsfromthe6ix #treesurgery #vacationpics #sunriselabeldepok #photographyphreak #sunriseruns #vac#vacationhomesa> #viewfromwindow #sunsetphotograph #viewfromtheshard #sunsetphotoshoot #beautifulseasides #lovefornature❤ #vacationhomes #sunsetpointe #sunrisefl #picofthedayy #flowers_earth #wateringhole #anothersunset #instagoodie
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😂 Vacation fund 🏖️🌅🌴 I was a bit crafty to bring some summer feeling back! Can't describe how much I love summer, oh well and Dalmacija... Poor @lorenzo_marincic has to deal with that 😘🤗 #vacationfund #vacationplans #dalmacija #love #summer
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Special trips require special savings ❤️ Link in my bio 🌼 #houseofmouse #thehappiestplaceonearth #disney #mickeymouse #minniemouse #vac#vacation #vacation #adventureawaits #thehappydaisydesigns
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Yes! You read that right. My Acorns account is projected to reach over $193K by the time I’m 71. That is a HOT minute away. But I want to share one of my most favorite money-saving apps with you. Long story short, Acorns connects to your bank accounts and cards and rounds up your purchases to invest. Additionally, you can choose to contribute additional cash 💰 daily or weekly. My husband and I are going to Iceland in July using ONLY our Acorns accounts. • • If you sign up with my link you’ll get $5 to get rolling and I’ll get $5 to invest. In the interest of full disclosure, Acorns is offering a $1,000 bonus to anyone that has 10 friends sign up with their link this month. So yes, I benefit from you signing up. • • Keep in mind however, integrity of my brand is of the highest importance to me. I will NEVER recommend anything that I do not believe in myself. So, if you want to save some cash money this year, please consider sending me a DM for my referral code and helping FruGal reach that $1,000 bonus (think of all the recipes I can create with that?!?) • • #FruGalTips #moneysaving #cashinyourpockrt #savingsplan #vacationfund #rainydayfund #acorns #moneysavingapps #savingaccount
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Did you make a travel resolution for 2018? Let me personalize a vacation fund jar to help you save your spare change. A variety of designs are available, or we can collaborate on something unique for you! Link in my bio 🌼 #vacation #travel #resolutions #2018 #2018goals #adventureawaits #travelfund #vacationfund #sparechange #thehappydaisydesigns
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Did you make a travel resolution for 2018? Let me personalize a vacation fund jar to help you save your spare change. A variety of designs are available, or we can collaborate on something unique for you! Link in my bio 🌼 #vacation #travel #resolutions #2018 #2018goals #adventureawaits #travelfund #vacationfund #sparechange #thehappydaisydesigns
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One year ago I found myself reflecting on where I was in life. Was it where I envisioned myself to be at this stage of my life.....NO! I found myself asking... 1. Will you be able to survive on your current retirement fund? NO 😕 2. Do you have enough for T’s college? Probably not 😕 3. Will you be able to have a savings account and some cushion? 😕Savings?? We live check to check...there ain’t no savings anymore. 4. Will you be able to travel and take a weekend here and there to visit friends and explore the world like you planned? NO 😕 5. Will you be able to afford your household bills based on what you have? NO 😭 I was wise enough to know that I personally have been out of the corporate world long enough and that finding a job at my age would be very difficult and getting paid what I’m worth was definitely out of the question. If anything were to happen to my husband....I’m ROYALLY screwed! I knew I had to do something NOW and think out of the I decided to start my OWN home based business and work toward building my funds. Working 2-3 part time jobs was outta the question cause I wanted to be around for my family! I was lucky enough to find my home after 4 failed attempts with other companies in the past. When you have a single product that everyone across the globe consumes and keeps readily available in their’s simple. I will never stop pursuing my dreams and I will do my best to help lead others to doing the same. You can’t fail when you have good leadership and proven, simple, duplicatable systems in place to lead you to success. The only thing that will stop you from being YOU:/. If you believe in yourself and don’t self sabotage...anything is possible! If you answered any of the questions as I did and you want security in your future or more time with your family, I’m more than happy to share with you how I’m doing it....just comment below HELP or private message me. These goof balls right here are my motivation and reason.....what’s yours? #family #retirementplanning #collegefund #vacationfund #familyvacations #homebasedbusiness #neversurrender #stopselfdoubt #stopselfsabotage #funloving
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Alicia & I told our clients (Ann & Lenni) last time we were in that we started the $5 challenge again this year- we thought they were kidding when they said that they would pay us in $5’s. They are absolutely amazing! Thanks for contributing to our savings! #wehavethebestclients #5dollarchallenge #vacationfund
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Two years ago a unique cruise membership club started in 142 countries. InCruises was an International powerhouse from day 1. Today the BIGGEST secret in the 8 trillion dollar travel industry has over 25,000 members and a presence in over 167 countries. And January 2018 brings some BIG news. In 2017 inCruises experienced 500% GROWTH with a retention rate for our membership that is 85-90%. Both are UNHEARD of. Now here's the reason: the VALUE of your membership from the minute you register is off the charts with a 100% return on your investment. My family has experienced an amazing two years since I became a Partner Member and Rebecca became a Member. We've been able to go on 2 family cruises visiting a total of 8 countries, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Plus Rebecca and I were able to take a back-to-back cruise. Sailing the 7 seas, creating a lifetime of memories and crossing destinations around the world off our bucket list is something this membership made possible for us. So naturally we have to share this opportunity with YOU. So what is inCruises? A SIMPLE, RESPONSIBLE, PROVEN cruise membership that allows members to cruise on ANY cruise on ANY cruise line on ANY ship out of ANY port ANYtime they want to go for prices that are unmatched and unavailable due to 100% monthly MATCHING funds. What is our product? We have one ... ALL cruises! This means that members have the ability to choose from over 5500 cruises when it comes to booking their vacations for up to 50% LESS than the best prices available on the Internet. Does inCruises offer anything else? Yes! inCruises offers a Partner opportunity. If you choose to be a Partner you have the opportunity to cruise for FREE! What would it mean to your family to be able to cruise the 7 seas for FREE? 2018 is your time to get started. Do not overanalyze this. Let's chat about the benefits of this membership for you and your family. Whether your a veteran cruiser or want to cruise ANY time in the future, this membership is for you. Register in less than 3 minutes. #coolcruisevacations #sailthe7seasforless #cruiseforFREE #inCruises
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Trying to save for vacation... this is how its done right? Any guesses on how much is here? #savethechange #loonies #toonies #canadianshaveweirdmoney #vacationfund #wheretogo
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that magical moment when your employer announces that your company will start to match your vacation savings 🙌🏼🔆✅🎉 @getvacationfund • • • • • • • • • • • • • #tra#travelgram #savetotravel #savemoney #bestbenefit #employeebenefits #youdeserveit #travel #traveltheworld #vacation #vacationtime #vacationfund #vacationmode #holiday #escape #adventure #explore #seetheworld #experiences #saveforadventure #thailand #disconnect #happyandhealthy #cantwait #bucketlist #vacationgoals #views • • • • • • • • • • • • • big thank you to @mrs.thebest for the stunning photo 😍👌🏼
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Oh my goodness ya'll!!! I die🙀🙀😻😻😻 I'm (or at least was😂😂) a volleyball player.. Olympic gold medal winner Misty May, and one of my all time favorite volleyball players EVER uses R+F and guess what else? She has her own business selling it too. Uhg 🏐🏐🏐😻😻😻😹 #fanaticmuch ? Wish she was still rockin' and rollin' on the court!!! I really miss watching her play😒😭😊🏐. I had to share. #RodanandFields used to be sold in department stores and the doctors realized their success came from girlfriends telling their girlfriends about how much they loved the line so they pulled it off of the beauty counter shelves and now I get to share it with you💁🏻
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💥💥HUGE things are happening for ME, my team and this company!!💥💥 This is network marketing, but it is so, so much more. I'm able to have something that is MINE, I'm able to help others meet goals and feel confident, I'm able to provide a discount for myself on high quality products that I honestly use, and provided some income for my family....all from my phone. Nuts, right!!? Fear aside, here are the FACTS : 1. There will ALWAYS people who need to solutions to their health problems. Always. 2. Products that work and give results will always be sold. Every day. 3. A billion dollar company doesn't get there by selling products that don't work. 4. People will always need a way to make more money. Always. 5. People will join companies. Always. 6. I can and will be the bearer of good news with these products and opportunity. 7. The sky is the limit. If I don't want to stop. Stop leaving a paycheck or a healthy lifestyle behind because of beliefs in FALSE things. Stop refusing to make a difference in others' lives because you think you aren't....(fill in the blank) enough. You can. You are. And you will. I'm going to the top!! Want a lift!?
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