It's been a very tense, dark week...but we are starting to see the light break through. Thank you to everyone who has asked about our family & friends in Puerto Rico. It's been hella frustrating to have no answer on the situation, but we finally heard from them. They're currently bunkered down at a neighbor's house after evacuating a one-level house, with no electricity, no clean running water, and minimal communication access. But they're alive & aware & safe. Not sure if/when you'll see this post, but we love you guys. We also know that 'sending love' is not enough right now....with that said, please research all of the options to donate to help the island out. (Batteries, baby care products, bottled water, canned foods...there's so much they need right now.) Regionally: NYC, there are many beautiful efforts happening all over the city, and it's really humbling & inspiring to see brothers & sisters step up. Philly: you can donate goods & supplies at a variety of spots. Please reach out to @tallerpr to research the best ways to donate. This is not going to be fixed overnight. There are large towns inundated & leveled by the hurricane damage, and elderly & young folks alike are literally trapped in the destruction. Some places are now only accessible by helicopter. And on some parts of the island, it's still raining (!), so the risk of water levels rising & flash-flooding is still a threat. The news will only tell you so much. This isn't a rant - these are facts. Most people don't like feeling helpless, so join us in helping out. On Wednesday October 25, we are producing a fundraiser concert in Philadelphia to raise $$$ for Puerto Rico, for other Caribbean nations affected, and for Mexico too (who, at the time of this message, just had 2 earthquakes today in Chiapas & Oaxaca). Lineup will be announced in the coming weeks, and 100% of ALL PROCEEDS will go the relief. This grand-scale recuperation will not happen overnight....but with enough focus, support, & compassion, we can help raise our brothers & sisters up out of this misery. Thanks for reading this, and please consider offering your help. #PR #DR #Haiti #USVI #Barbuda #Guadaloupe #Cuba #MX
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Pretty little lady.
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#Repost @usvirginislands (@get_repost) ・・・ 😔 People’s homes were destroyed. Limited food and supplies. These are the hardest times we’ve ever faced. Please, take a moment today to pray for us while we recovery. | photo📸by @reuters /Jonathan Drake #usvi #usvirginislands #virginislands #stjohn #stthomas #waterisland ➡️ #stcroix
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Grocery store line post-hurricane #hurricanemaria in St Croix (Plaza West) #stuffyoudonthearonthenews #downbutnotout #stcroix #dontforgetaboutus As the US News is not really covering the situation fully please check out,,, • • I've attached a list of relief supplies that the VI is in need of. The most direct way to help is to find a local group in your area that is organizing to ship supplies. Please see my post from yesterday about the relief drive today in Houston. There are similar efforts in many other US cities 🇻🇮 ✌🏾 • • #USVI #VIstrong #usvirginislands #usvirelief #caribbeanfamily #vifamily #togetherwewillrebuild #virginislandsstrong #donations #helpingeachother #irma #aid #houstontexas #onevi
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We can’t let this this situation cloud our vision #usvi forever 🇻🇮🇻🇮🇻🇮🇻🇮
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Helping those who are saving others 🙌🏼 #Repost @jon_rose -- Helped out a firehouse, here on St Croix, today. Gave water filter systems for all the firemen (and their families), plus a little extra stockpile for them to implement when they are out on calls. These guys (along with many of the local authorities) are working around the clock right now... they are tirelessly serving all their fellow citizens impacted by Maria, and a lot of times it's their own families who are in just as much need. This is one of the pillars of #wavesforwater — it's a program we like to call, "Help the Helpers". Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our efforts so far, your support is going further than you will ever know. 🙏🏽 Please continue the support and/or share the word about our efforts here... there is so much work to be done. Literally every single island in the area has been heavily impacted by these storms. It's the craziest scale I've ever seen. #helpthehelpers #emergencyresponse #savinglives #cleanwater #firefighter #stcroix #usvi #bethedifference #hur#hurricane #hurricanemaria #hurricane #narescue
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Praying for all the people in the Virgin Islands....⛵️⛵️⛵️#hurricanemaria #hurricaneirma #usv#usviislands #usvi #bvi #britishvirginislands #VIStrong #stthomas #praying #caribbeanislands @usvirginislands @the_usvi @usviguide @usvidaily @bvibeautiful
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This weekend: half of all proceeds go to help those in Puerto Rico, other Caribbean islands, and various Central Florida communities impacted by the recent hurricanes. Please make your purchases now!
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What must it take for the #usvi to show the world to pay attention? Dedication from a west man and #usa citizen in St. Croix whose home meant that much to him ? Understand what it takes for us to rebuild, and #helpusvi be #human @youcaring
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Very important update from Government House. Swipe Left for More! #vidvsac #hurricanemaria #relief #usvi #usvirginislands #help #strongertogether
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Donate to Hurricane Relief ONLINE with @tun@tunaskin for a FREE Limited Edition Shirt! (All proceeds will go directly to relief efforts.) Team Tunaskin designed these special edition Hurricane Relief shirts to help collect donations online for those affected by the tragic storms this hurricane season. ONE SHIRT PER ONLINE DONATION. Visit @tunaskin and read the full details at the link in their bio. #standstrong #standtogether #florida #flkeys #keywest #usvi #bvi #puertorico #turksandcaicos #allthingsaquatic #liveacrazygoodday #teamtunaskin #oneflorida #community
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