Trespassing. #urban #bogota #signs #yellow
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IEDP Professor Dr. GK (@ameenagk) conducted a workshop on Islamophobia in the Classroom and Beyond at the Perry World House today. The program is sponsored by @penngse’s Urban Teacher Education Program. You can get more updates from @iedp.penngse by flooding us on Twitter @IEDP_PennGSE.
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We all love a urban styled lounge 🌿 . . . . . #homedecor #hou#house #lounge #loungeroom #plants #decor #urban #style #house
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Personally I think #graffiti s are disrespectful to monuments and property. But seen from the #rightangle they can convey untold stories of the ancient and the unvoiced urban youth. Just a small glimpse of what #sanjose #costarica has to offer. #tra#travelgram #travel #instatravel #adventure #urban #nomad #centralamerica #latinamerica
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🚨🚨First Time buyers!!! Let someone who cares, take care of guiding you through the process 🔑🐼 . Let’s sit and chat over a cup of ☕️ . . #ottawa #yow #rea#realestate #firsttimehomebuyer #ottawariver #firsttimehomeowners #sunsets #luxury #realestate #modern #newconstruction #preconstruction #ottlife #realtor #inspiration #urban #development #newdevelopments #buyingahome #lookingforarealtor #nationscapital #firsthome #buyer #care #details #representation
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is throwback Thursday a thing anymore?
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SENJA, HUJAN & CERITA YANG TELAH USAI . . Buku ini dipersembahkan untuk orang-orang yang pernah dilukai, hingga susah melupakan. Untuk orang-orang yang mencintai, tapi dikhianati. Juga yang mengkhianati, lalu menyadari semua bukanlah hal yang baik untuk hati. . . Kepada orang-orang yang diam-diam jatuh cinta, suka pada sahabat sendiri, tidak bisa berpaling dari orang yang sama, dan hal-hal yang lebih pahit dari itu. Mari mengenang, tapi jangan lupa jalan pulang. Sebab, setelah tualang panjang ke masa lalu, kamu harus menjadi lebih baik, dan mulailah menata rindu yang baru. . . Katakan kepada masa lalu: kita adalah cerita yang telah usai ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Penulis: Boy Candra Penerbit: Media Kita Bahasa: Indonesia #boycandra #senjahujandanceritayangtelahusai #lej#lejens #Fixi #fixi #lejen #kakibaca #kak#kakinovel #urb#urbane #urban #sapiosexual #bibliophile #kakinovel SEBARANG PEMBELIAN SILA TEKAN LINK DI BIO
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Pasada de la coreo que hoy nos enseñó @jorgitomoliniers en la clase de hoy !! Que lindo aprender cosas nuevas 😊💃🏻🕺🏻 #dance #echamelaculpa #demilovato #luisfonsi #coreo #urban #hugoylolo
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Suburb livin’ A big thing for me is learning to stop being hard on myself and a “perfectionist” when it comes to the pictures I take. Instead of wondering if a picture fits the criteria of being “post-worthy”. I need to focus on embodying my style, my ideas, and most importantly, myself. Shoutout to all the talented artist out here doing ya thing.
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掛? /guà/ (What’s hanging) is a photo series taken mostly in Burano, Italy. Observing the distinctive types, colours and how the clothes hung can shed light on the personalities living in the house. Additionally, families paint their homes in bright colours to designate where their family’s quarters end and neighbours began, as well as to make their homes more visible from the sea. I hope you will enjoy this series.
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We didn’t come here to party, we came to get that M A S S A R I
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Temple of Spirit (episode 21) . Continued from episode 20, “Current Muse”. . (at the Guggenheim Museum) Mia: We meet again indeed. When did you get in? Pat: This morning….. it’s been four months. Mia: What has? Pat: Since we met in Tulsa. (*) Mia: I haven’t kept track, but clearly, you have. Pat: It’s also been nine weeks since I’ve had my last cigarette. (**) Mia: Is that so? Pat: I am a man of my word. Mia: You’re clearly committed. Pat: (pointing at the galleries upstairs) Shall we? (Mia nods and Pat handles the two tickets he’d bought earlier to the usher) Mia: Is this your first visit of the Guggenheim? Pat: Oh no. I’ve been here several times. I used to live in Manhattan many years ago, when I attended Parsons. Mia: Parsons? That’s one of the strongest art and design program in the world… (as they start walking up, Mia points at the cupola) Mia: I love the geometrics of this building… I find them very soothing. Pat: For me it’s the seamlessness of the entire place. It’s art within art. Mia: On the phone you had said you’ve been painting for 35 years. I gather you must have produced quite the body of work by now. Are your pieces displayed the way they deserve? Pat: I have to admit. They are not. Mia: Where do you keep them? Pat: I have a few hanging but most of them are in my garage. Mia: And yet you want to paint me? What are you going to do with the painting once it’s completed? Pat: Oh, I’ve got plans for my Muse. Do you think she’ll give me her real name if I tell her what I’ll do with her painting? Mia: I don’t know, why don’t you ask her? Pat: My dear Lady, it would please me to no end if you revealed your true identity to me. Mia: I tell you what. If the artist can inspire his Muse, I will reveal my identity to you. Pat: That sounds like a challenge. Mia: Why call it a challenge? Your language conditions your thoughts. Keep your mind open and it will surprise you beyond belief. All of us can be an inspiration to others, you are no exception. Trust the words of the Musing Wanderess. . ~ to be continued ~ . (*) see post of Oct 16, 2017, episode 6 of “Broad Minded”. (**) see post of Dec 6, 2017, “His Call(ing)” .
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Even the most beautiful of places seem dull without the ones you love. ✌ #awayfromhome #sunset #urban #monashmalaysia #sunway #malaysia #2k18 #note8 #photography #gramhammer
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Tag a friend! 📸: #urban #streetwear #fashion #sneakers
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> cidade maravilha da beleza e do caos 🏞 💥
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Looking for another realm. Mamiya RB67. Ilford Delta 100 Pro. #FilmFriday
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Flying @lydiaplain 📷 #athens
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week ago in my favorite city // четвёртый день пытаюсь справиться с джетлагом. а неделю назад был питер (мой самый любимый город), два концерта, встречи с друзьями, много много тепла. скоро начну показывать фотокартинки из путешествия - здесь и в stories, а пока надо ещё немного поспать ✨
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Work hard drink slow
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"Muchas religiones han intentado hacer estatuas muy grandes de sus dioses, y la idea, supongo, es hacernos sentir pequeños. Pero si ese es su propósito, pueden mantener sus insignificantes iconos. Solo necesitamos mirar hacia arriba si queremos sentirnos pequeños." Carl Sagan.
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