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Chiropractic Care and Infertility “Because of the neurologic wiring of the body, and because nerves pass from the spine and pelvis and go to reproductive organs, the lack of movement of joints of the spine and/or pelvis (hips) and/or skull can cause disturbances in hormonal balance. The body can only tell us via the muscles, which have similar nerve supply as the organs, that there is a problem when no disease is present.... So we need to understand that fertility is the result of a extremely complicated symphony of hormonal functions of several glands in the body, including the pituitary, ovaries, adrenal and thyroid, working without nerve interference and properly nourished," says Mincey. Chiropractic care isn't a fertility treatment, however. "Chiropractic care does not treat infertility. Rather, we care for the person who is experiencing fertility issues. By removing any interference in the nerve system, the body can come back into balance and function optimally. After starting chiropractic care, many women report that their menstrual cycles are regular for the first time in their lives," says Hockley.” . . . #ttc#ttcunity #ttc #ttcjourney #ttcsupport #fertility #infertility #tttsisters #infertilitysucks #infertilityjourney #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtparents #fibroids #ivf #surrogacy #adoption #pregnancy #baby #babyhope #pcos #pcosawareness #endometriosis #endometriosisawareness #losangeles #pasadena #family #americanfertilityexpo #chi#chiropractic #chiro #chiropractor
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It’s late. It’s hard. It’s done! 8/80! ••• Sometimes the best thing you can do is prove yourself wrong and SHOW UP!
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On the fence about whether it's time to see a specialist? Visit us on Facebook for some great tips to help you decide.
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The highly venerated four face Buddha depicted here is of Phra Phrom, the Thai representation of the Hindu God of creation Lord Brahma. This is the altar at Erawan Shrine next to the Grand Hyatt hotel. This shrine is a popular destination for local and oversea worshippers paying their respect and requesting for their prayers to be answered. All day and most days, this place is packed with visitors. Amitabha 🙏🏻 #ttc #ttccommunity #ttcjourney #fertility #fertilityawareness #fertilitysupport #infertility #infertilitysucks #infertilitycommunity #infertilitywarriors #infertilityjourney #bab#babyhope #baby #drkenleong #ivf #ivfjourney #ivfbaby #ivfsuccess #ivfrisks #monashivf #hope #endometriosis #fibroids #pcos #buddha #alwayspositive #alwayshopeful #prayersanswered #nevergiveup #keepanopenmind
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My happy place. Tea time. Especially after #bfn. Now to wait for af and look onto brighter things. Guess this just wasn’t our month. Come what may. 😞 #ttc #ttccommunity #ttc2018 #ttcaftermiscarriage #ttcbaby2
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I just received mine and have heard good things from reviews. I just tasted it and It's horrible. Oh the things we do to have babies. #curious #ttc #ttccommunity #insights #anyone #pcos #pcossupport #lydiapinkham
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And just like that my second pregnancy is ending. Last month we were pregnant for a whole three days. This month, I've spent the last week in limbo with a slight ray of hope after my first beta appointment, actually confirming my pregnancy this month with the RE and seeing those HCG numbers high enough to be "real" was a beautiful thing. I knew things weren't going to work out because they just weren't right... but getting my second beta results back and hearing my numbers had dropped still crushed my soul. I didn't even enjoy the time I had being "kind of pregnant" because I was too worried that it would be ripped away from me yet again. I was so afraid to actually say that I was pregnant. I spent so much time reading last month about how common early loss is and how uncommon it is for it to happen back to back, yet here we are. Two losses in two month. A chemical pregnancy that ended quicker than it began and this month, what feels like so much more than "just" a chemical pregnancy. My white blood cells are elevated and I don't know if that plays a roll in all of this but I can't help but wonder. We start a new cycle in the coming weeks and after that I'm planning on taking a few month off. We'll start treatment again in the summer if this next round fails. I need a break. I know I said I was taking a break from social media but I've worked through my melt down I had the other day and I know this is important to share. There's someone out there feeling like their grief isn't allowed or valid, a feeling I know all too well. We shouldn't be afraid to talk about our grief if it's something that helps us get through it. . . . . . . #infertility #infertilitysucks #earlymiscarriage #chemicalpregnancy #pcos #ttc #ttccommunity #ttcwithpcos #infertilityawareness #miscarriage
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Hi, my name is Brittany! I am new to the #ttccommunity. Let me tell you my story. I have 2 healthy children. My children were planned and I didn’t have any issues having them. When my youngest was 6, I found out I was pregnant again. At 20 weeks, I found out my baby boy had CHD & he was stillborn at 24 weeks. I got pregnant again the very next year... I was so excited! At 24 weeks, my baby stopped moving. The doctor did an emergency C-section, but my baby boy did not make it last 2.5 hours. So, here I am trying one last time for a healthy, happy baby to complete my family.
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The struggle is so real 😩
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Temp curve so far... I’m not the best sleeper and I’ve had a rough week at work last week so some of those might not be entirely reliable. Got a super strong OPK on Saturday evening, ovulation pain from yesterday so feeling pretty good about our timing this month. Trying not to get my hopes up and bracing myself for the hated, hated two week wait. 😑😝😶#ttc #ttccommunity #ttcjourney #ttcsisters #infertility #infertilitysucks #infertilityjourney #infertilitysisters #bbt #bbtchart
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{Amazon} Do you want to support this ministry? Are you an Amazon shopper? I know I can't be the only one who uses amazon on a daily basis..... I hope 🤗 . If you go through smile.amazon and choose Moms in the Making as your company, a portion of every purchase will go towards this ministry which will in turn allow us to do more things to support you. . Show me your favorite emoji if you are IN for supporting Moms in the Making through Amazon! #momsinthemaking
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Love chucking all the healthy stuff into a bowl for lunch! Wild salmon, organic baby kale, organic alfalfa sprouts, organic carrots, smoked beets, shaved Brussels (my obsession), mushrooms, and @sietefoods nacho chips on the side. Gonna kick pcos's butt! #food #realfood #cleaneats #eatgoodfeelgood #glutenfree #grainfree #ibs #pcos #pcosdiet #lunch #mealideas #salad #ttc #ttccommunity #ttcsisters #ttcjourney #ivf #ivfjourney #hea#health> #health #diet #beauty #fitness
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{Freedom} Y’all who wants to access ALL God has for them? And who wants to live in complete freedom? . Me! Me! Me! 🙋🏻‍♀️ . Do you realize that Jesus desires for you live in freedom? Freedom from your past. Freedom from your sin. Freedom from anything that is holding you back from living in victory. . But, is that how you live? Are you tapping into that freedom? Are you living in that freedom? . Today I’m talking all about 2 Corinthians 3:17 on the blog and after reading it, I want to know... are you tapping into a life of complete freedom? {link in profile} #induetimeblog
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Hey everyone 💁 just a little introduction about myself! I’m 25 and my husband is 36. We’ve been together 5 years and married almost 2. We were blessed with a beautiful baby girl December 2016. I’ve suffered multiple chemical pregnancies and miscarriages over the last few years. Ttc our second and last child - thought I would take to the wonderful insta community to blog about my experience 🙌. #ttc #ttccommunity
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It’s so easy to get stuck in tunnel vision, seeing only what we lack or what we want, but we totally agree with @priscillashirer! If we adjust our viewpoint, we will get a front row seat to the amazing things God is doing in the NOW. We say that fully knowing it can be REALLY hard to do in waiting season. So, what do you see God doing from your vantage point?
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When the warmup was done I went 2.40 miles. <3 first day back at the gym felt amazing! #beatingPCOSass #PCOSwontwin #ttc #ttccommunity #ttcsisters #infertility #infertilitysucks #pcosweightloss
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Nine 16 Designs is doing a thing! .:. If you, or somebody you know is currently going through fertility treatments of ANY kind, then we want to hear from you! .:. We’ve decided that instead of partnering with just one organization and donating a portion of our sales, we are going to work with couples who are undergoing treatment to build a family and help them with their costs. 🤗🤗 .:. We will choose one couple every 2 weeks, then we will post your story and info on our social media accounts. At the end of the term, that couple will get 10% of all sales earned in that time frame. ❤️ .:. Feel free to nominate yourself, a friend, a family member, co-worker, stranger...whoever! Tell us why you would love to take part or why the couple you are nominating should be chosen! .:. The struggle of infertility isn’t just an emotional rollercoaster, but also one of the largest financial burdens one will ever have to face. If we can help in any way, even if it’s small, we would love to take some of that weight off your shoulders. 😊 .:. Comment below if you’re interested! Or tag anybody who you think deserves some help! ❤️❤️
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One thing about my period.. it's always on time if not early and for that I'm grateful. Calling the doc tomorrow to start getting everything set up for this next cycle. 😊 #iui #ttc#ttctwomoms #ttccommunity #ttcsupport #cd1 #ttc
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Felt much better after my impromptu acupuncture treatment. @yinovacenter
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Way before I ever entered into the fitness industry, I was petrified by gyms because I thought you had to look a certain way just to enter through the door. In fact, none of these girls were what I pictured in my mind as the image of a fitness coach...but that’s exactly why we do what we do and why we are so successful at it. We KNOW the struggle because each and every one of us started with our own journey. • We look so different from each other. Our backgrounds are different (in this pic you see an ex-journalist, an opera singer, a nanny, a SAHM). We live in different locations. We aren’t perfect. We all struggle...with cravings, with setbacks, with motivation...but we are here, fighting our own journey and showing others that they can do it too. • What I love about our FAMILY is that it is our incredible differences that draw us closer and create an amazing sisterhood that lives on every day VIRTUALLY. These ladies inspire me to push past the junk that happens in life. I am so grateful every day for their love, inspiration, support and the joy they bring to my life! To think that I could have missed out on all of this if I had continued to let fear run my life...I would have never known how amazing having Fit Sisters could be. • I’m here to tell you that if you have a passion for health and fitness and serving others, but you have not turned it into a second stream of income that you can work in your own time, you are missing out on an amazing opportunity. I’ve always wanted to be my own boss...never would I have ever imagined it would be with fitness. Never would I have imagined something would leave me feeling so complete, filled with so much joy and an eagerness to get up every morning and serve others from the comfort of my own couch. If you are curious if you could turn this passion into a side hustle that can allow you to pay off debt, pay some bills or even eventually become your full time gig, just REACH OUT 💌 Just reach out and let’s chat to see if this is right for you! . . . 📸: @kbrooketucker
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26 Eggs retrieved today! We still have a ways to go & patients to be tested, but remaining positive and hopeful during the next phases that’ll take place in the embryology lab! 🙏🏼 💕🥚🐟💕🙏🏼 . . #eggretrieval #eggcollection #ivf #ivfjourney #ivftake3 #ivffet #ivficsi #ivfpgs #ttc #ttcsisters #ttcjourney #ttccommunity #ttcsupport #thisiswhatinfertilitylookslike #infertility #babymmaking
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Sometimes you can't help it to look at baby stuff. Then you see a cute onesie and you have to have it. When we first started trying to have a baby we figured it would only take a few months. So we started to stock up on clothes and other baby things. As time went on we bought a little more. And then it started to become a little less. You just can't help it when you see something adorable because you know and hope that one day your baby will wear it. But seeing how we were both big babies when we are born I highly doubt our child will be able to fit some of the things we've gotten. Her right now things are put away neatly. And come March 1st we hope will get good news so that we can take our workout room and turn it back into what we originally hoped it will become. Our baby room! 🤞🤰👶❤#littlejoys
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Hello new (and old) friends!💛 I thought it was about time to reintroduce ourselves (so polite, right?!😘). • For one year my little family has been sharing our infertility story on Instagram and YouTube. We have publicly shared some wonderful moments and some very heartbreaking moments. Including fertility treatments, our positive pregnancy test, and our miscarriage. (Oh! We are going to be sharing our IVF treatment this summer!) • We are all about spreading hope, faith, laughter, and lessons we’ve learned on a subject that needs all of it. • It’s important to us to stay true to who we are and we hope to inspire others along the way. Feel free to reach out to us or share our story with those who made need a little extra hope or a laugh here and there! • xo, Carissa, Brian, and Raury (the cute dog) • photo: @brittneyliz
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Embryo transfer scheduled for March 19! 4 weeks from today ❤️ #infertility #ivf #ttc#ttcunity #ttc #ttcsisters #ivfjourney #embryotransfer #frozenembryotransfer #fet
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This is the strangest thing I have done on this journey to baby!🔥 #secondaryinfertility #acupuncture #moxabustion #moxastick #ttc #ttccommunity #ttcsisters #babyin2018 🤞👶🏻
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Regrann from @pcos_support_girl - Forgot how much this means to me, how much work went into it by @flopsnoodlesandnala and by advocates @pcosgurl and @runs2be_happy and you know what, me. Recently I’ve been asked/forced to dive and reflect on “advocacy”. A lot of people like to throw it in the bio, and that’s so amazing. WE NEED MORE ADVOCATES. And there’s so many ways to do that. We all have different talents and thoughts and goals and beliefs. But whenI got asked how i balanced my advocacy with my self care, I literally was stumped. I thought, “oh shit. I don’t. Maybeeeeee I shouldn’t be a leader on this convo.” But actually the more i think about it, yes I am. Because advocacy isn’t this pretty box of check lists and funds raised and blogs posted and shared connections and awards. It’s literally impacting another human who is experiencing a trying, hard, difficult time, that you can empathize and sympathize with-and doing something to their story and world. ✅It can be done through fundraising. ( and hey, if you don’t know who to be donating to, I highly suggest @pcoschallenge , the leading non profit for women and girls with PCOS who are actively raising public awareness, fostering a support system, and creating a community of fierce, determined women. ✅it can be through sharing your own story, which in itself opens up a dialogue and others hearts and nerves to share theirs, too. ✅ it could be by getting involved in the community by volunteering. ✅ it could be lending support to others. ✅ it could be by being an educational resource in a space that is so often flooded with misinformation and over saturation of good intentioned but under whelming resources. ✅ it could be by speaking up. For yourself. Your wife. Your daughter. Your sister. Your friend. Your cyster. ✅ or it could be being an example of strength, perseverance, resilience and unending hope in the face of struggle- to show others how it can be done. And it can be exhausting. But I tell you, in the 3 years of doing this, every second, cent, tear, fear and small mental breakdown, is worth hearing someone say, “because of you, I know I’m not alone.”
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#motivationmonday Over the weekend, I was going through the closet in my parents basement to clean out for a garage sale & I found this picture. This is a picture when I was playing volleyball in my Senior year of high school. This picture blew me away. When I was in high school, I always considered myself the chubby girl, the big girl. I look back now, & I have no clue as to why I would ever feel this way. I was an athlete, I had muscle & was toned. How could I ever feel this way? This photo has now become my new goal. I don't need to be a size 4 or as thin as others. I want to feel comfortable in my skin. Don't compare yourself to others, find a way to feel comfortable in your body. If you aren't comfortable in your body, figure out why & CHANGE IT! Do you find pictures from your past & question "why was I so hard on myself?" How can I help you change this?!
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TTC update: Went to the doctor today. First, I lost 30ish lbs. Second, I need more bloodwork😭 I HATE bloodwork. We're still ttc, but ughhhhh. It'll all be worth it someday. Decided to do a silly mad face rather than the sobbing I did earlier because soon they'll be considering me a secondary infertility case. Already know I'm there on paper. 🙃 I'm fine... This is fine. #ttccommunity #ttcjourney #ttcwithpcos #pcos #pcosttc
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Ladies I been keeping a secret, I'm finally pregnant after 4years of TTC I NEVER not once falling pregnant I'm so excited for my rainbow baby , I'm still in shock !!! #TTC #ttcsisters #ttc4years #rainbowbaby #finally #ttccommunity #ttcbabynumber1 #ttcjourney #6weeks
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I thought today was a GREAT day to start a BLOG...all about my fertility journey! Anyone dealing with fertility issues or know someone who is, check it out! 👶🏼💖 *link in my bio* #infertilitysucks #fertilityjourney #ttccommunity #ivfjourney #timetoopenup #lifeishard #blog
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Knew there was a reason I named her Tess Monness. ABC news at 11pm tonight. #miraclestory
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only my downtown toronto babes know the hype of these 😍 nothing beats homemade @prairiegirlbakery cupcakes ❤️
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My first post😊. Tonight starts my fertility shots & the start of my journey of becoming a Mommy. The 2 fertility medications I will be taking for the next 10-12 days are Menopur & Follistim. Two injections in my belly. A little nervous, but I am excited to start this journey!❤️👶🏻 #IVF #ivfjourney #ivfpregnancy #singlemotherbychoice #firstTime #ivfmeds #mybabyjourneybegins #motherhood #SMBC #ivfcycle #TTC #ttccommunity #ttcsupport #becomingMommy #ivfcommunity #Ivfblog #ivfgotthis #ivffamily
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We got to see baby 3 today! Measuring right on schedule with a heart rate of 170 bpm. My OB is amazing and allowing me to get ultrasounds every appointment if i want. The twins were such high risk i was having ultrasounds every two weeks and sometimes every week. This really eases my anxiety and i am hopeful to not have to go back on my Zoloft this pregnancy! Second trimester here i come!! #momlife #firsttrimester #ultrasound #pregnant #pregnancy #infertility #ttc #ttccommunity #13weeks #blogger #bloggermom #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #anxiety
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33 weeks and some change . . . You can read all about week 32 on the blog! #ivfsuccess #ttccommunity #webeatinfertility #babylee2018 #worththewait
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Puppy snow day ♥️🐶
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Only 6 more days to purchase journey to baby Walton t-shirts!!! 👕
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8DPIUI: Things you hoped happened this cycle. 🤞🏽 .. Today our sit-down-and-plan session regarding our treatment, travel, budget etc. for the next few months. What they don’t tell you about infertility treatments is how draining it is. It’s hard to lead a normal life, travel and think one week ahead. This has driven me crazy. 🙇🏽‍♀️ .. We made some choices today and that gives me ease. We’re still on the same page regarding IVF (not ready at this time) and going for the final IUI. Sure, we’re planning like we aren’t pregnant right now and if we are, then everything changes for the better. 💯 .. The two week wait continues to be brutal. Glow says my period could come on Friday. I hope she DOES NOT‼️ .. How are my TWW sisters doing❓ .. #ttc #ttccommunity #inf#infertilityney #mommyinwaiting #tryingtoconceive #infertilitysucks #infertility #infertilitycommunity #ttcsisters #ttcjourney #fer#fertilitycommunity #fertilitysupport #fertilitytips #ttctribe #ttcover30 #fertility #ttcstruggles #tryingforababy #iui#iuiround2 #iuijourney #iui #iuisuccess #letrozole #femara #femarababy #iuisisters #2ww
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Made it through the hysteroscopy. This whole thing isn’t for sissies, yall. #gettingreal #ttcsisters #ttccommunity #ivf #ivfjourney #ivfsisters
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First night of shots! For the first time ever, I had to seriously lean in to pinch enough belly :) Pidden even stepped in and gave me the second shot❤️🤞🏼 We’ve said our prayers and Frank even sprinkled some of that Baby dust on me that the kind stranger sent, just for good measure! #ivf #ivfjourney #ivf2018 #ivfcommunity #ivfsisters #ttc #ttccommunity #ttcsisters #infertility #babyfalbo #FET #frozenembryotransfer
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I am tired. Tired of waiting for our family to grow. Tired of making hard decisions. Tired of all the money we have to spend. Tired of fighting with my husband over what our next steps are. The fight in me is almost gone. I'm so done with infertility. But I have no choice but to go on, unless I don't want a baby anymore. My sister in law approached us about someone who is possibly interested in egg donation. For us. Which is a great option because if we have a known donor the cost drops from 25 grand to 15 and we get more eggs. And still, my heart dropped when I got the text. Because I know where this leads. I've been down this road before... It never pans out. My own sister wasn't willing to donate her eggs for me, so who else would be?! All that leads down this road is more hope and then heart ache. I feel like I am on the worst ride ever and I can't get off. I wish I could go to sleep and wake up when this is over. #infertility #ttc #infertilitysucks #infertilityawareness #infertilitysupport #diminishedovarianreserve #ttccommunity #ttcsisters #ttcsupport #end#endometriosis #ttchope #1in8 #infertilitysisters #infertilitywarrior #infertilityhurts #ttcover30 #ttcover35 #endosisters #endometriosis
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Finally got the call. Post peak progesterone came back at 32.6! 🙌🏼 That means I definitely ovulated! My last injection was yesterday. 🤞🏼#infertility #infertilityjourney #infertilityhope #infertilitysupport #infertilitysisters #infertilitywarrior #infertilitysucks #napro #ttc #ttcsupport #ttcbaby1 #ttcsisters #ttcjourney #ttccommunity #postpeak #progesterone #journeytobaby #babydust
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#MondayMotivation -Even though the struggle can be difficult, you'll be amazed at the #strength you'll find. What quotes keep YOU #SGFstrong? Share them below 💕 #ttc #infertilitysupport #ttccommunity #ttcsisters
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So, wondering if anyone has gone through this.. since my husband got his results from the doctor (low sperm count) he's been really down, which I understand. However, he's been really taking it out on me and shutting me out and can't help but feel lonely. I've reassured him so much and tried to be very supportive but he doesn't respond well to it so I've backed off completely. Anyone experience this with their husband/partner? #infertility #pregnancy #advice #help #support #ttc #ttccommunity #ttcsisters #ttcjourney
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Rolling down with tons. Streetcar on Route 506 to High Park @ College / Euclid I know you guys miss those streetcar... time for throwback maybe ? #collegestation #euclid #euclidavenue #collegeandeuclid #ttc#ttcinsta #ttczone #ttcbus #ttc #ttccommunity #ttcstory #ttcstreetcar #photo #photography #photographer #toronto #streetcar
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So my sister in law calls says she has a "joke" which I assume to be about a family member. Nope...She thought it was hilarious to tell me that her friend swore I was pregnant and was asking of me. No she doesn't know our situation but I fail to find the humour. I had been doing really well until that call. She's one more strike away from getting my sass mouth. She's always poking about babies... #rantover #letmebe #ttc#ttcunity #ttcjourney #ttc #ttcsisters
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Results are in... And we're SO HAPPY 💕 Transfer is Thursday, the same day we engaged 6 years ago! This is the first day in so long I've been happy + optimistic. #blessed #ttc #embryotransfer #eggretrieval #ivf #ivfjourney #ttccommunity
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Hanging out in the walk-in clinic, getting another ecg done. My heart rate was up to 152 while sitting in the waiting room. Turns out you can really speed up your wait time if you say the words “heart problems”. Now apparently I have to get fitted for a halter monitor and I’m not allowed to go to school or work for awhile. . . . . . #ttc #ttcjourney #ttccommunity #ttcsisters #ttcsupport #twoweekwait #fertility #fertilityjourney #baby #pregnancy
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