How was everyone’s Saturday? I spent the afternoon with these two wandering around in the forest... 🌲 After full day including a shoot, a visit with @myrtle_and_moss_photography and the morning chasing around my two year old ... I’m f*** wiped friends 😂😂😂 now currently drinking a delicious @fuggleswarlock whit beer in bed. Oh and to top it all off @teddysphotos got engaged and I wanna know who the heck gets to shoot that wedding... 🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼 (dreams, you gotta have them) 🤞🏻🤙🏻✌🏻
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Sooooo many goodies I need to blog from last year! Including this dream with @theyoungfolkcollective, photographed while I was in Brisbane 👌🏻 I’m going to blog this week. I am. 😬
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Hey you reading this. Don’t act like Cake isn’t life. #cakeislife
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Little miss had a fantastic day at the studio prepping for her big partay.
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One from Friday's maternity session. How gorgeous is Natalie? 😍
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Just one of those moments when the gorgeous couple, the light and the forest take your breath away at exactly the same time! My god, early mornings, you’re something else!
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@jakeluhrsabr x @abrband x @voguetheatre Invisible Enemy tour was straight filthy and everything I had hoped for it to be. Shout out to all the homies and fellow bands @boocrue, @erraband and @oceangrovemelb for a wonderful start to getting me back into shows this year!
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Ruby y Dania
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I got to photograph quite a few surprise proposals last year and I hope I get to capture more this year, because they are becoming my favourite thing to shoot. James proposed to Linda in the beginning of November last year which came as a complete surprise to her (well done, James!). Linda got so emotional that I found it hard to hold back the tears myself.
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Choo friggin Choo!!! Make sure you click through the images to see more and have a laugh and the behind the scene shot of how I decided the smoke should happen. We called this “red Dragon” 😂 sooooo honored!!!! Thank you @meghan_hahn and @mjdeanjr for bearing with the smoke! And to @evanhahn3 for allowing me the creativity to put your daughter through this. The only time I approve of long as you’re a prop for my insane ideas. Don’t forget to check out ALL OF THE AMAZING PHOTOGS ON THE BLOG! link in profile!
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I guess it’s my turn to visit now. San Diego, I’ll see you soon. #doihaveto #ifyouinsist #youdonthavetoaskmetwice (P.S. I’ve missed you @chyde1235!)
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Jeremy was gone for two days on a wrestling trip and you better believe that means I rocked the loungewear 👸🏼 ah, engaged life. 🤗 I mean, they were matching sets so it still counts as cute. Swear 👌🏻
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Today was the cutest. ❤️
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My little Sunset. #hvmansouls #ourmoodydays
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Well. Today was the BEST way to start 2018 weddings. Hala and Abe welcomed me into their wonderfully multi-cultural family for the past 72 hours and it’s gonna be hard to leave. Not only has today been God glorifying but it’s been A. MAZE. ING. I will definitely be spamming y’all with more photos from day because...shoot. Today was BANGIN. So so so unbelievably happy for these two. What an honor it’s been.
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LOVED getting to see this little one this morning- she is getting so big! So thankful I’ve gotten to be a part of telling her story!
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Taking a quick break from the couple’s to post this shot from a shoot with @kennedieclair back in December!
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The light in this photo makes me wish for some summer sun on my white skin right now! I think I wish for summer in the winter and I wish for winter in the summer. I should work on that! .... Are you a summer or winter person??? ☀️/☃️ (Photo shot while second shooting with @rachel.kastudios ❤️).
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Women deserve to be treated equally and they need not worry about validation from men. It’s something that should be simple, but yet something we must fight for. I’m so proud of all my strong and wondrous sisters out there!
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Women who navigate life by lifting other women are true hero’s in my book. Let’s face it... Being a woman is tough. Downright brutal sometimes. Especially at the hands of other women who know full well how tough being a woman can be. Which is exactly why meeting women who seek to lift other women up is so refreshing. Emily is one of those women. She helps people heal and feel better through her art. Whether it’s an intricate tattoo or a micro blading session Emily pours herself into each work of art ensuring each client feels on top of the world. Working with Emily was a privilege. Help me celebrate these amazing people by tagging someone in your life who lifts others up!
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#wedding from Fadil + Silvi
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Anybody else really struggling with their food choices this week?!?! 🙋🏻‍♀️ I did all this healthy meal prepping and cooking this week and then filled the moments in between with unhealthy choices. Maybe it’s just the January blues? 🤷🏻‍♀️#stresseating
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Coffee + Beanies ☕ Adorable beanie: @behappedesigns Coffee mug: @raedunn Model: @heatherkai26
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the thrill of it all + classes started and the studying is in full force. on top of that i’m finishing up a wedding gallery. so here is a picture from a beautiful fall wedding shot with @crimsonseasphoto. there was a kitty on the property that i may or may not have tried to steal named “frisbee.” . . . . #chasinglight #mid#midwestsnapshots #vscocam #wanderfolk #thegreatminimum #cre#creativecollective #sigma #tribearchipelago #canon #ige#igersest #igers #midwest #creativecollective #seekthelight #gathermidwest #theknot #crimsonseaphoto #fallwedding #secondshooter
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& one day, she discovered that she was fierce and strong and full of fire and that not even she cold hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears - Mark Anthony Muse: Blake Brown <3 #photo #photography #photographer #photooftheday #boudoir #boudoirphotography #intimate #intimateportraiture #centralpaphotographer #centrecountyphotographer #philipsburgphotographer #statecollegephotographer #portmatilaphotographer #clearfieldphotographer #bellefontephotographer #explorebellefontepa #thebabetowncollective #tribearchipelago
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