"" Let your FAITH be bigger Than your FEAR ♡"
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In case you go to #Porto, enjoy the street art. That one, "Bai no Batalha" is about an old cinema in the city, Batalha Cinema. It's an expression typically from Oporto and you can use it to express that you don't believe in something! It's like saying "yeah, that to happen, only in movies"!
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Wieliczka, Krakow. Underground Cathedral digged in the salt mine.Everything is made up of salt even the impressive chandeliers. Awesome!
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A ”must-have” if youre wandering the streets of Portugal✨ #castañas #chestnuts
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Kinkaku-ji is a Zen Buddhist Temple in Kyoto, Japan. The name is fitting since it means Temple of the Golden Pavilion and the Temple is nearly completely coated in Gold.
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