When your bridal party are all for waist deep snow adventures and you get to work with some of your favourite whistler vendors | @bluevioletevents @the_flour_pot @whistler_weddingpastor @slccwhistler
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Can you believe this snow?! Mother Nature has put on a real show for the couples eloping this coming week! ✨ | @saltandpinephotography
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My favourite ❤️🍃@mcneilrachel
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running wild and running free, two kids, you and me.. -x ambassadors #SheTookThAbate
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Loved being able to celebrate with these two last week! 2018 is off to a great start 🤗 DM or Email if you are looking for engagement and/or wedding photos! Still a few dates left in 2018, and 2019 is booking already!
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Winter weddings can sometimes be a challenge but it gives you the chance to look for a fresh perspective.👀 #groomsmen
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That was a pretty nice track to an awesome campspot in Sardinia. We’ve never been there before but after two weeks exploring, we were in love with this island. Pic a beach on the map and navigate there. Endless opportunities! So cool.
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How amazing are these two lovebirds? ❤️
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Seeking out more of the quiet, simple, in between moments like these.
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If I had to choose my top ten awesome moments in photography ever, paparazzing between Amsterdam's canals with these two would hit the list straight away!
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I never want to leave
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Hope you're all having an awesome weekend! I've secured some fabulous bookings lately and shot my first wedding of the year on Thursday. It's turning out to be a great year so far! 🖤
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Sunshine at The Lake Club. Bring on Spring!☀️💕
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Always be kind to yourself. It's really easy to get trapped and keep comparing yourself with more successful peers, running after numbers and killing yourself over each negative comment and critique. Make sure you are taking breaks now and then, charging your battery and getting a detox from social media and the multitude of gadgets you use. Go to your Zen place, and reflect on all the big and little achievements you've accomplished in a day, week, month. You're actually a lot more amazing, strong and talented than you think. Remember that. ❤ Happy Sunday! #flothemes #sundayinspiration #sundaymotivation #bekindtoyourself #iamcreative #fuji #fujifilm #fuji📷
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These two goobers are on the blog so go check it out!
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The locals in Scotland are very friendly, feed them some snacks and they will happily be witnesses at your wedding. #dirtybootsandmessyhair #heyheyhellomay #scotlandwedding #letsgetlost
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Today is the last day to enter my ✨giveaway✨ Go check out my post from a couple days ago to see how to enter! 👉 winner will be drawn tomorrow morning!
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Melted cheese by a fire? Yass please!
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View from above at #TempleSquare in #SaltLakeCity. With over 10 acres of land, there’s a lot of stunning architecture to see.
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Happy Sunday!!! Here’s to lots of family time, lots of Jesus time and LOTS of laughter and fun time!! What are your plans for today? Fun day out or quiet day inside? It’s surprisingly cold in Phoenix today, we’re not used to it! #sundayfunday
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Here’s another from that iPhone only shoot with @lindsbthompson and @mandagracephotography 📲 🤯
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I'm gearing up for a "work less, play more" kind of year and I'm pretty exciting about it. Since I'm going to be a new mom ANY DAY NOW, I was super picky with the weddings I booked for 2018. With some amazing couples + weddings lined up, I know it's going to be a good year.
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Running my first ever RAW 4.6k footage tests today. The camera is a beast. Loving the recovery @ursamini from the exposure and the output options on front and back SDI. @blackmagicnewsofficial
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#BananaReposts Photo 5/5 @vickybaumann.de, our photographer of the week. Every week we're going to show you 5 photographs taken by our talented clients and friends. Make sure you check their feeds full of inspiration and fantastic images. Use #woodenbanana for a chance to be our photographer of the week. #togetherweroam #community
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I’m still thinking about the fantastic @shiveringsongs show at The Wilmont United Church last night. It was a great venue and an amazing lineup with @heytimbaker and #olympicsymphonium
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First dance - make yours count.
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Firm, but gentle 💙 This photo speaks to me on a deeper level. The dad there, always present, but you can barely see him, if not for his arms and his embrace. That's a great metaphor for a dad. The presence of somebody that is always there, even when you don't actually seem to notice him. Because most fathers work so hard to provide and to make sure the family has a comfortable life, sometimes you spend days without seeing them or even talking to them. But you know what? Your love is what keeps them going. It's always for you. It's always for us. To all dads 💙 . . . _ _ _ #rsa_outdoors #rsa_vsco #majestic_view #folkgood #folkscenery #folkportraits #visualfolk #exploretocreate #lookslikefilm #earth_portraits #portraitfolk #thefolkpr0ject #ExploreMore #featurepalette #pulsefilm #main_vision #expofilm3k #tv_pointofview #fadedspirits #transfer_visions #royalsnappingartists #tribearchipelago #triberedleaf #folkmood #tv_community #ig_sunset #folkfilm #neverstopexploring #liveforthestory #moody_film
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Barefoot kisses in the rain 😍
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Did I mention how we are super into musicals these days? Today we were working on a complete listing, bibliography style, of alllllllllthe shows we are going to watch on DVD or go see in the theater or read. It’s a long list! It’s also very satisfying to catalog all that in one place!!! Anyone have a watch or read list going? Would love to hear which items on it you are most excited to dig into! 😍• • • • • • • • #keepitwild #justgoshoot #gardenhousefilms #makeadventure #optoutside #ig_europe #chasinglight #letsgosomewhere #finditliveit #visitportugal #dirtybootsandmessyhair #lookslikefilm #destinationphotographer #nakedplanet #nycphotographer #nyphotographer #loveandwildhearts #agameoftones #wanderlust #natureaddict #moodygrams #travelling #togetherweroam #getoutstayout #bleachmyfilm #earthofficial #artofvisuals #visualsgang #travelbug #liveadventurously
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TIP NO. 1 ON SELF-CARE: jump in a car with your best friend and escape for the day. then promise yourself to throw off all the extra baggage from your back so you can stand a little taller. and then proceed to remind each other just how BA you both really are✌🏾
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Sometimes all we need is a hug that will make us feel home. The heartbeats that sound like a lullaby and the eyes which assure us that the world is not such a bad a place yet every time we stare into them.
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“Lust rushes but love waits.” -Bridgett Devoue Sometimes it feels as though my dreams begin to choke me. With the need and the desire to make my dreams happen, I sometimes start to feel stuck, as if time is moving at a snail’s pace or I begin to feel frustrated because ‘nothings happing.’ Sometimes I feel jealous of other people and I start to think, “That’s what I want.” I have so many dreams and plans for Pascual and I’s life together, he and I both do. But every time that we want to ‘just go and do,’ there is always something so strong that holds us back. For a long time I have been trying to put down in words what that something was and what it felt like but I just couldn’t ever fully explain it. And then I read this quote, “Lust rushes but love waits.” Love waits. Love waits. Love waits. We aren’t going head on for our dreams because we can’t or because we’re afraid or because we aren’t ready. But because of love we wait. We wait because God calls us to wait. In moments of heart cleansing and the refreshing of my thoughts, I can hear God write on my heart, “I’m not making you wait because you aren’t ready or because you can’t accomplish what you dream of. I am making you wait because I have something planned and it will be far better than all that you could have ever imagined. I don’t have you wait because you’re with the wrong person but because you are with the right person. I am placing a tall, tall mountain in front of you two, not to tear you down but because when you have reached the peak, you both will have grown stronger in humility, gratitude, faith and love. You will fall often but I will pick you up. So grow in love for Me and for one another. Go deeper as you climb higher. And trust that I will be your Guide.” The wait is hard, sometimes more so than others, but to be waiting out of love and for love is some kind of adventure I never thought that I would be taken on or even be capable of doing. Patience and waiting are hard tests to face but the results will be sweeter than any other.
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OKAY EVERYONE! I'm ready to get back into the wedding game after my big move from NY. If you know of anyone getting married and in need of a photographer in the Seattle area, (or Portland!) I would absolutely love to hear from them! My collections start at $3,000. More info can be found on my website. I have dates left in July, August, September, October, and November! Link in bio! 🌲🖤
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nothing beats black and white 🖤
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