Twirl dresses are the best dresses. Just ask this little one. 💓 #twirldress #toddlersofinstagram #twirlygirl #toddlerbuns
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I love my baby so much ❤even when he's a terror he gives my life so much meaning. Photo credit to @monique_sbs thanks for caring for him! You always take the cutest pics of him #smileybabyboy #toddlersofinstagram
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Swipe 👉🏼👉🏼 We had a very relaxing weekend with lots of family time.We made Pizza‘s over the weekend. As you all know Kyra is such a big helper around here, ans pizza being her current favorite, she couldn’t resist. . There are benefits of cooking with kids: . *Bonding experience She absolutely loves the one on one mom time, and would never leave my side if she sees me working in Kitchen *Creates opportunity to discuss the senses (taste, sight, smell, touch) *Boosts self-esteem by accomplishing tasks that contribute to the whole family. *Teaches children life skills and food safety practices *Allows scientifc observation when foods change form. This however she did not get the concept, but we keep working at it. *Promotes practicing how to follow directions She does great with following directions, and she is very attentive as well. *Encourages creativity . We also got to use both hands where they were needed, picked our own toppings, and ate it while watching a family movie ❤️ . I love these kind of days where we are not the special needs family, but just a regular normal family. * * * * * * #pizzanight #homemadepizza #toddlercooking #helpingtoddler #3yrold #toddleractivities #toddlersofinstagram #toddlerchef #momchef #momsofinstagram #momblogger #cerebralpalsy #lefthemiplegia #braininjury #braindamage #pediatricstrokesurvivor
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Sunday Funday with a family hike! 📍Golden Gate Bridge. Trying out my new carrier for Aura. The hike was about 30min down to the beach on gradual steep fire road with some trails at the end. It’s quite a little secret despite being in front of the bridge.
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#Latepost Lyric and I hanging out ready for the @sanjosesharks game. Unfortunately we took a L but still had a great day. Love spending time with my mini me.
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In a Montessori environment, we teach the technique as opposed to showing how to draw/paint something || Why you ask?! || How would you draw a house? A square, triangle for the roof, door in the middle, square window, maybe a chimney with smoke coming out? Yes, that's how most of us draw a house. And let’s get real, how realistic is that house? This means we all had been shown the same way of how to draw a house, whether it was from a parent or teacher, no matter what part of the world we grew up! Let your child have their own perceptions and let them create something that is theirs! It will be a beautiful process unfolding in front of your eyes and theirs! Be mindful of what we are drawing. Perhaps just show them the technique only! 😊🙌🏼 #joy#joy#joyfulessori #joyfulmontessorimornings #joy #joyfulchild #joyful #learning #earlyyears #earlylearner #earlylearning #earlychildhood #earlychildhoodeducation #montessori #montessoritoddler #montessoriprogram #montessoripreschool #parenttoddler #parenttoddlerprogram #preschool #absorbentmind #preparedenvironment #education #toddler #toddlers #toddlerlife #toddleractivities #toddlersofinstagram #parenthood #art #keilordowns #melbourne
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From the beginning, she was more wild and crazy, than calm and proper. She’s our strong willed, high maintenance, determined, spirited first born. Boys moms have told me before that she has a lottt of energy. They look at me like —> 😳 She requires a lot of stimulation and socialization. She has really made us invest in learning ways to parent that help bend her spirit, but don’t break her. Which isn’t always the easiest. Her anger sometimes gets the best of her. But she’s so special. And smart. And loving....oh she’s so loving. She’s befriends the quiet, lonely kids at school. She hugs everyone she knows (even when they don’t want hugs). And she creates the most amazing pieces of art. And her feet are almost always black, because she is always on the move. One day, she is going to be such an amazing, powerful woman. I’m honored to get to watch her grow. {9/365}
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The queen of the “terrible twos 🧛‍♀️” has been left behind 😤 Monaco can deal with the madam while I’m having a sanity full few days riding Cherry & an awesome nights sleep in Spain 😴 __________________________________ #mummyandalexandra #terribletwos
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