I was mildly self-conscious of my Elsa Kleenex purchase at the store, but now paired with my other tchotchkes it’s 10x worse. #ineednewkleenex #elsa #dilbert #mydesk #theyweretheonlyonewithoutlotion #officedecor #officespace #timetoredecorate #selfconscious #guccimane
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Excited for the newest couches 🖤 obsessed with the studs and color . #adulting #adultpurchases #newcouches #couches #excited #livingroom #timetoredecorate #white and #tan #everything
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Who’s a good girl?!? Not me! Definitely not me!!! RIP Jonathan Adler bench...mommy didn’t like you that much anyway 😕. #puppy #puppiesofinstagram #puppyproblems #mischief #doodle #doodlesofinstagram #girlsbestfriend #ilovemydog #dog #instawoof #jonathanadler #trouble #timetoredecorate #guilty #puppyshaming #peaches #bff
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A little vintage eye candy with my morning cuppa. I'll take print over digital any day! Thanks @excellentframeworks for the mag 😘 #bulletproofcoffee #vintage #mytwoloves #sundaymorning #timetoredecorate #magazine
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What a day! Thanks to everyone who took time out is there day to wish my princess a happy birthday. And an even bigger thank you to those who came out to celebrate with her, specially the awesome aunties who helped chaperone. She had so much fun today which is all that mattered. Now as you can see she started her day still holding onto her love for Minnie but after a My Little Pony Birthday I think she’s had a change of heart! 💕🌈⚡️ #timetoredecorate #babyvrodriguez #mlp
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MOVING📦📦📦🏠 Unfortunately I'm not home right now so Jon has to move our apartment without me 😕 Thankfully we have great friends that were able to go over and help! I'm stationed on an island so I'm gone for a week at a time😫 It's defenitely not ideal but we do what we have to do... because the military tells us so🤣 Minge(🐶) is clearly exhausted but seems to be quite pleased that we didn't leave her at the old house. She has been a nervous wreck this past week while we packed up. . . . . . How often are you able to settle into a home before you move again? How does your family adapt? xoxo
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At long bloody last. I FINALLY get the keys to my new pad. Time to get cracking on redecorating the place and spamming my social media with photos of it being done up. #newhome #aplacetocallmyown #onlytooksixmonths #timetoredecorate #oldtraffordmanchester #manchesterforever
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Venus entered Sidereal Libra yesterday. So great to see the artists, healers, sensualists & negotiators of the world smiling again after the rigors of Venus' debilitation in Virgo where it can never quite feel satisfied. 🦋 Venus is at its core the planet of happiness. Swakshetra in Libra for the next 3 weeks there's more appreciation & enjoyment of balance, harmony, design, diplomacy & pleasure generally. ✨ Now's a good time to update our style, to date, redecorate & use our skills of negotiation to achieve win-wins. Watch for over-compromise & over-indulgence due to Jupiter's transit but by all means enjoy - this has been a rough year in the Skies, we deserve it. 🌿🌼 This transit forms a Malavya yoga for the cardinal signs (Cancer, Libra, Capricorn & Aries Ascendants & Moons). This is one of the 5 Pancha Mahaparusha yogas (yogas of greatness), giving beauty & charisma, profits from trade & fame along with a hefty dash of decadence and sensuality. Which elements of this yoga manifest depends on specific factors unique to your own chart, but overall this is considered a lucky transit. 🌹 Venus is in Sidereal Libra until November 26th. Image: Das Haus der drei Religionen, Berlin. This is a single place of worship for Christianity, Islam & Judaism. Designed to promote inter-religious dialogue, it's an exquisite example of Jupiter in Libra coupled w Venus in Chitra nakshatra . Design by Kuehn Malvezzi
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Dog thinks cement is dirt... Lemon tree that won’t die! #timetoredecorate
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