Enjoy the moment.
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When you find the perfect spot for an afternoon picnic 🍏🍉 ☼ ☼ Now in Philippines, I will definitly not forget my time in Australia 🇦🇺 This has been really positive for me but now, It’s time for new adventures ☼ ☼ Stay tunes ✨ . . . . . . . . #nomadgirls #travelgirlsgo #timeoutsociety #traveltagged #sheisnotlost #globelletravels #girlsborntotravel #the_daily_traveller #wetravelgirls #girlswhotravel #passionpassport #travellingtheworld #wonderfulplaces #globewanderer #thetravelwomen #letsflyawayto #aggielook #wonderboom #westernaustralianbeaches #womenwhoexplore #thetravellerwomen
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Puma team #blcklotus #blamejalum #myerisworld #puma 📸@grooovy_don
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Our time in Valbonne (France) was an absolute dream 😍 I seriously cannot get enough of this incredible world! . . We meandered down these streets that were laced with colourful bunting, after sipping on local Rosè. Chatting with the locals who call these streets home & gaining just the smallest glimpse into what appeared to be such a simple and perfect life in which they lived. . The bread only lasts a day and every meal bursts with flavour because of it's pure & fresh ingredients - it is a foodie's heaven! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #travel #travelessentials #goeverywhere #traveller #travelogue #ig_travel #beautifuldestinations #travelshots #worldtraveller #traveladdict #globetrotter #travelgram #timeoutsociety #adventurethatislife #darlingescapes #worldtravelpics #TeamNikon #awesome_photographs #prettylittletrips #sheisnotlost
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It’s funny what you’ll find as you explore new places... for us, we usually find ourselves doing out of the ordinary new experiences... and Joshua Tree did not disappoint... who knew how much you could learn about yourself as you bathe in sound?? 🛀🎶
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✖️we love coffee as much as we love you ✨☕️✨ have an awesome day! ✖️
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We also went to Brandy Wine Falls in close to Whistler, see the rest in the The Marginals Episode 5, link in bio bla bla😊
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My Papa always asked us why we liked to travel. “Well, Papa, why wouldn’t we? It would be so boring to just stay in one place and never experience all the other landscapes, people, cultures...everything this world has to offer!” “Nah. You just travel because you’re bored with your life at home.” It never mattered how much you argued that, it was his answer. He was one ornery, stubborn turd. I miss him a lot.
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When the 떡볶이 craving becomes too strong. 🙈 * A friend opened up a 두끼, which is a buffet style tteokbokki restaurant, so we could pile our bowl high with as much veggies, different types of rice cakes and noodles as we wanted! And fortunately they have various levels of spice to choose from. * How spicy do you like your tteokbokki? 🌶 * * * * * #visitkorea #iloveseoul #traveltokorea #expatlife #visitseoul #seoulite #seoullife #tteokbokki #lifeinkorea #seoulsnap #eatlocal #eattheworld #thefeedfeed #buzzfeedfood #food52grams #droolclub #devourpower #tastespotting #localeats #foodadventure #phoneeatsfirst #seoulfood #foodkorea #food_korea #먹사진 #냠냠냠 #seouleats #koreanfood #떡볶이 #두끼
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Bucket list item ✔️ off today: hiking the Narrows. Fourth time at this gorgeous park, first time I got this deep into the canyon. And what a perfect afternoon it was, too! 50 degrees and full sun, and the canyon felt oh-so-perfect. Check out the posts on #InstaMeetStGeorge to see other cool pics from my pals!
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Somewhere outside Joshua Tree 💛 #shotoniphone 📷: @jezzwolf
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Enjoy your Sunday by the beach and catch the talented Myle of Die Empathie Dj collective at Baba Beach Club Hua Hin starting from 1pm. End your weekend on a high note as Myle plays her unique mix of Downtempo, Deep, Tribal House beats. For more info & bookings, Tel. +66 32 899 130
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A big flock of seagulls await for you to feed them at Bangpu Recreation Center. If you have a chance making yourself around Samut Prakan, don’t forget to stop by! Mild breezy wind with flying seagulls in the sky could heal you from a long day 🕊🌞🌬 #seagull #birdstagram #amazingthailand
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🚴🚴🚴😎 . #Bali #Indonesia
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If you never try, you'll never know ✨Thank you to @cmcoving for this amazing pic from her #aruba trip! #caribbean #flamingo #girlaroundworld
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Whatttt a weekend. We won some, we lost some, and put another epic check on the bucket list. Sorry in advance for the slew of photos and videos that will surely be bombarding your feeds... (Not actually sorry, but I’ve spent a lot of time in Canada house so the apologies just come naturally now, eh.)
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Slooow saturdaZe 🌞
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Sunday vibes ✌🏼☀️
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Low tide. 🏕️
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the cold never bothered me anyway 🏮 #KimVtravels
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Having a brother like you is like having a strong wall protecting me from the huge waves of life! You have always been there as a protector, a friend, a supporter, and a helper. I love you and am sooooo thankful for you! Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!! 🎉🎈🎂 @mikeyd_hc
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Farm boy lost in the City.
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and then there are those moments you can't simply put into words. TC Explorer @dejesusaid Aliw Falls #TCExplorers Visit our fb page to view our gallery of rustic leather chains with engraved rings of places. Pm us for orders. We ship worldwide. Fb link in our bio.
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viz today...
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Need to shoot more full pipe photos.
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Life in the woods. Love the setting @bethkellmer 🏕 #getaway #thesimplelife #traveleroftheweek #timeouthomes
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Favourite time of day. 🌅
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Coffee by the beach. ☕
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Golden Gate Bridge San Fran #helloprettyplaces Image by @alexandras.atlas
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Is it that time of the year already? If you feel like getting in the festive mood (and also in the hopes of ushering abundance your way), there’s nothing quite like the colour red to signify all things prosperous. If you loathe fire-engine red, however, here are some alternatives to draw inspiration from. See more on #shentonista at the link in our bio. #ShentonistaLooks #theuniformsg
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To sit and wait for the perfect 5 minutes of the day after a very relaxing hike at the Campos Rupestres!
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What a beautiful day for hiking! It was my first time up McHugh Peak 😊
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Weekends with the family in Upstate NY 🤠🍻
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Que praia é essa 😱 @bombinhasoficial
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Undercover model. 📸@grooovy_don _ @smoovit #myerisworld #blamejalum
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I miss that Santorini sunset 😍
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The Wieliczka Salt Mine in Krakow, #Poland one of the world’s oldest salt mine constructed in the 13th century, features dozens of statues, chapels carved out of the rock salt, underground lakes and new exhibits. The Wieliczka salt mine reaches a depth of 327 meters and is over 287 kilometres (178 mi) long. #SaltMine #UndergroundSaltMine #UndergroundLake #timeoutsociety
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This creation moulded in God’s name is an exquisite expression of Gaudi’s devotion. What must it be like to feel love so strong that it moves you to spend a lifetime expressing it, it moves others when they see it in you. A love that continues long after you’re gone but still remains incomplete. A love that is your legacy. . Sagrada Familia has been under construction since 1880. It is a love letter from Barcelona to everyone who visits. It is not only an important symbol of faith, but it also represents the human condition. It uses light and darkness in perfect symphony to reflect our duality. It bursts with color and makes one want to get lost in a forest and worship the feet of mountains.
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It was December. The month of jubilation and penance for the year past. The time of great expectation for what is to come. Driving away, we were absentmindedly reliving the incident. . I had misunderstood where we were supposed to meet and was lost in the middle of nowhere without a phone. It reminded me of all the times, all too often that it had happened. This time felt different because it was about to get dark and I couldn’t think of how I was going to get found. I walked and walked, panicking, searching faces. Then I took a beat, and for the first time, really saw where I was. It was going to be alright. I was at an astonishing and unexpected salt basin in the middle of a desert surrounded by mountains. I took a deep breath and tasted the salt in the air. I turned around and walked back. Mountains had always been home. . I continued to walk, because I had found the meaning of being there, even though I hadn’t been found yet. . As we drove back east, we almost missed looking outside the window. I squealed as he stopped the car and we witnessed this stab of love, nature’s acid trip.
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coming through 💋 📷 @dashacorpuz
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