Please don't read if spiritual gangta talk offends you. I have spent the last two weeks talking to the universe. Getting into that conversation with the cosmos is just about showing up to yourself....because YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE. When you are in flow, you just FEEL it! When you start asking the right questions, you get answers!! And Holy Moly, it has been answering with a lot of specificities. You have everything inside of you to change. But you have to fucking show up, stop the fear, the excuses, and the repeating story that doesn't work. Is yours one of struggle or is it an empowering one? If your thing to tell your sad story by giving it life by telling it over and over to others who also have sad stories, you will just continue to live in that story. Start changing your story with powerful words. My very awesome husband is the BEST! He listens to me talk about how the Universe is talking to me and how showing up to your dreams and believing in yourself, and your dreams totally work! I will be talking about the power of words and affirmations in my group. This is one great way to stay on track with goals. Vision boards are great. What I am talking about here is finding words to help direct and strengthen your aim for your intentions. I will be adding in a step by step instructional on how to create powerful boards for words and affirmations. We were priming ourselves to show up to the program in January ready to roll n roll. If you know me I love tearing it up and being baddas with my fitness. Join me!
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Let the #Workshop begin. . Heute steht das praktische Modul zum Thema #GanzheitlichesSelbstmanagement an. Ich habe grandioses für die Teilnehmer geplant. . Wir werden #Brainstormen #Malen #Leitbilder formulieren und natürlich #Planen aus dem Herzen für #Erfüllung. Dabei lernen die Teilnehmer das #Timeblocking und wieso das gar nicht sooo einfach ist. . Würzen tu ich das ganze am Ende mit viel Down-To-Earth Realität und Praktibilität. . Vorfreude! . #Coaching #Training #Selbstorganisation #Zielsetzung #Planung #Strategie #Gewohnheiten #Rituale #Klarheit #Vision
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Do you have your day time blocked?  Are you blocking out your day in increments that make sense for what your day brings?  In other words, does your time blocking (if you do it) reflect your day? In 18 days we will be in 2018.  If time blocking isn't something you are committing to on your calendar in the New Year, maybe it's time to implement it and take control of your calendar and work WITH PURPOSE...ON PURPOSE!!! You have to guard your time fiercely and without apology. You need to use time blocking, where you dedicate several hours to a single task, to help strengthen focus and eliminate distraction. You have to block out the first several hours of each day for what truly matters and know that time blocking will help you take your business from where you are to where you want it to be.  Remember, we need to tackle the big rocks the frog...whatever book you've read about getting the most important thing done first...and DO THAT!!! It may sound extreme, but it's honestly one of the simplest and most effective tactics for anyone to live by. There's four time-blocking tips that entrepreneurs can use to get more done: 1. Identify your top priority 2. Work on event time 3. Block in planning time 4. Block time off If we know where we're going and know what we want to accomplish, this gives us amazing clarity on our priority. Remember...we  have 18 days until 2018 is here. TIME ON THE TASK OVER TIME. #culwellcoaching #5amclub #5amCST #realestate #timeblocking #BeAmazing2018 #friday #motivation #dailyvert
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Crazy productive day, of wearing many different hats - Nonetheless, I found a 45 minute window to tire out this sweet girl! #Cici #AuskyPup #MakeTimeToPlay #TimeBlocking #RealtorLife #LoveWhereILive #ManyDifferentHats #hustlehustlehustle
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It’s December 14th, 2017 and I HAVE STAR WARS TICKETS! So I got up at 5 this morning and made this video #linkinbio What does Star Wars have to do with Title Insurance? Click through to find out!
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Super excited about this stunning yearly planner 😍 A while back @brilliantlifeplanner got in contact with me as they thought l would be someone that would be interested in using one. I am know for my never ending lists and overly organised calander 🤣 so they couldn't have been more spot on. I actually screamed when it arrived l was that excited its even better then l imagined (check insta stories 😘). . With my mind constantly buzzing with ideas and keeping up with appointments on top of the usual things its perfect 👌 . #goals #inspirationalquotes #weeklycheckists #pla#planners #mindmaps #monthlycalanders #notes #reflections #timeblocking . The list goes on........ LOVE LOVE LOVE it ❤ Each year Kirk buys me to a really good diary for Chrissy so he is off the hook this year 😜 You honestly won't find a better diary/planner! #grateful #thankyou . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #cerebralpalsy #mumboss #momsofinstagram #momsofig #diary #2018 #organised #planner #mumsofinstagram #toddler #ig_daily
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Working on time blocking for my week. Where am I the most productive? Where can I find times to rest? Great putting it on paper to get an overall view. What are you guys working on today? #businesscoach #careercoach #practicewhatyoupreach #timeblocking #makeyourtimecount
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One of my favorite coaches, @realcraigballantyne, is a genius when it comes to self-discipline and #timemanagement. My favorite tip - #wakeupearly You only need 7 - 8 hours of sleep. Go to bed a little early and wake up way early so you can be productive before the rest of the world is dreaming about being productive. Also - #timeblocking is a super efficient way to get stuff done. Teach yourself how to better manage your time and then you can build a team of rockstar time managers to get more done in less time! #winning #mompreneur #momboss #wahm #fitpro #fitnessbusiness #businessconsulting #ownyourlife #fitnessprofessional #fitbiz #fitbizowner #personaltrainer #bossbabe
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How productive are you? To achieve your goals you have to live for productivity. Gary Keller book “The One Thing” teaches us that the most successful people achieve this success because they get more done in the hours they work. We all have the same amount of time in a day, but if we are not working on the things that mean the most, we can’t achieve success. For me exercise is the most important thing I do each day, yes everyday. I do some kind of fitness each day to build the habit. No matter how busy I am, I at least exercise for 30 minutes. The way I have been able to do this is, I make a point to schedule this block of time and I protect it at all cost. There is always time for the one thing that means the most to you, find the time and schedule it, protect it from distractions and build the habit of doing this everyday. #FortitudePerformance #WinTheDay #furtherfasterstronger #CFSC #CTPS #RSCC #lipscombtennis #gobisons #timeblocking
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Planner ready, goals written. Now I'm ready. #pla#plannerct #planner #goals #newyear #newgoals #organized #timeblocking #love #2017 #2018 #stationary #stationaryaddict
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🤗 Happy Monday #LmtlsSquad!!! 🎉 We can't believe there's only 3 weeks left of 2017! Let's finish off this year strong! - -- Comment "💪" if you're ready to make next year an EPIC one!!! -- #LimitlessPlanner #MotivationalMondays #LetsMake2018Epic
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The first step for a goal is to write it down! Tell us one goal you have for this week - no matter how tiny or big the goal may be. ✅ 👇 My goal.... With this coming weekend being the last weekend before leaving for the holidays 😱, I have quite the to-do list. My goal is to stay focused with time blocking! Anyone else use time blocking to manage their day? 🕓🕘🕖 . . #timeblocking #timemanagement #goals #goalwithoutaplanisjustawish #slaytheday #todolist #letsdothis #getshitdone #mondaymotivation #homebusiness #entrepreneur #lipboss #momboss #lipsense #senegence #indeliblelook #makeupgoals #sanfrancisco #lindyhop
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The holidays can be stressful, it's important to make sure you are taking care of yourself during the holiday season and not neglecting your basic wellness needs. Becoming organized, having clear routines, and scheduling time for yourself are great ways to reduce stress during this busy time of year. #holiday2017 #destress #timemanagement #timeblocking #scheduling #getorganized #selfcaretips #wellness #health #tistheseason
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A PNW winter! Freezing but sunny. I'll take this over a couple inches of rain any day. 😎❄️ Hayloft pictures are the best. P.S. New blog post up!
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Boom! Today, do this.
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Practicing my daily alignment ritual has been POWERFUL! I started doing this with my FIT tribe as part of the consistency challenge. My daily alignment ritual is helping with clarity, staying focused on my goals, and my energy levels. And here is why! Practicing daily gratitude puts you in the right frame of mind. It helps you see the world differently and stay positive. Practicing gratitude in the evening helps you sleep better! Planning gives me peace of mind which also helps me sleep better. Sleep makes your more productive. According to one study reviewing your goals often and working against them makes you 11-25% more productive! That is like gaining extra time in your day. Time blocking is helping me focus on what matters most. A key finding in one scientific study shows that our bodies follow an ultradian rhythm - a 90-minute capacity in which we have reached our capacity to work at the highest level. So dedicating 90 minutes each day to your TOP and most important priority or project is KEY. If you would like to get better with consistency or planning, lets chat. I am rolling out some cool stuff for my group in December and January that is all about living out your most awesome life and getting aligned AF!!! YES!! My mission to empower others to realize their fiercest dreams by working hand and hand with you. I am on the same journey to grow into my power!
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There has been so much growth this last year. I did a lot of ground work. I did a lot of stuff to lay the foundation for next year. I spent past years working on fitness, and this year even though I kept up my fitness, my focus was on my soul work. In the beginning of the year, I dropped everything like my business aspiration to focus on me. I knew I couldn't help others until I started with myself. I needed to work on believing in myself and the Universe. I needed to learn how to identify and live in JOY. Seriously, this last February I spent weeks learning everything I could about it. Like it was foreign to me. I did a podcast with the One Thing where I talked about it. And about doing that podcast, it was so out of my comfort zone. It put the FEAR in me. I dread public speaking but I'm getting over that shit now! I'm so done with that fear. It took a month to mentally and emotionally deal with doing that Podcast. I wanted to hide my head under the pillow after doing it. BUT let me tell you something, a week before I went on I heard a Lori Harder talk where she talked about the same EXACT FEAR of doing her TED talk. This was pure synchronicity and the UNIVERSE supporting me and holding me and telling me that everything would be ok. For the first time, I spoke my truth publicly like this. I learned to take back my power, to live in my truth, to think big but go small to achieve results. I am still working on getting past fear but now I know what they are and why they exist. I have learned my purpose along the way. I thought it used to be outside of me. I thought my purpose was to be the best possible mom, wife, and homemaker. I've discovered that your purpose is not outside of you. It can't be taken away. It's inside of you and it's connected to your emotions and how you want to FEEL. Your purpose is a three-way thing. You, the divine, and others. My purpose is to be adventurous so I can connect with the Divine and empower others to do the same! This month I am in review mode along with massive planning for 2018 planning. I am doing it simply by being consistent with key behaviors that will move me closer to my goals. Who wants to join me?!
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A goal set and not worked on is a disservice to yourself! Set your goals and WORK towards them at 100%! Re-evaluate your routine. Accountability is the name of the game. #MakeItHappen #RealEstateRequiresYOURpart #Accountability #ReachYourGoal #RealEstateLife #ContractLife #RealEstateNegotiator #TimeBlocking #HomeBuyers #OrlandoRealtor #BusinessEntrepreneur #LoveraLadies #LoveraGents #MakeItRain4Da2018
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I am so excited. A bunch of women and I have started rocking the consistency challenge. It's not too late to join. If you are waiting for the perfect time to start working on your goals, there is never a perfect time. Through consistent simple actions, you can make HUGE strides and changes in your life. This is a free challenge open to anyone and you don't have to start with fitness. It can be anything that you want to do to work towards your goals. The group is for accountability and I add in guidance, tips, and tools on how to make all this happen for yourself. My mission is to empower women to reach their fiercest goals with practical and simple to do methods and with on-going support. I do this by going into these challenges hand and hand with you and others since I am on the same path. I firmly believe, we rise by lifting others and through accountability and support. I am looking for women who want to rise up, show up and step into their power. This is the path I am on. I am looking for others who want to do the same. If you are interested in joining, drop me a comment and I will make sure to be in touch
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Who would be interested in doing a complementary consistency challenge with me and my group? Consistency helps you achieve extraordinary results. You would decide the three habits to cultivate and get stronger with. It doesn't have to be fitness related and this challenge is open to anybody. During this challenge, I will provide guidance on how to decide on how to determine your three things. I also add in productivity hacks and ways to stay aligned so you can stay on your path to success while being fluid, intentional and focused. I strive to help others to think big but go small and realize the importance of consistent and aligned behaviors. This month I will be working on: 1 My daily alignment ritual 2 Nutrition 3 Screen-Free time This last one is a major lead domino. This will free up more time to work on my biz where I have some big goals. It will ensure I create a better nighttime routine so I can then kick ass with my workouts and be more productive since I will be better rested. SIMPLE key behaviors have the LARGEST impact. My mission is to empower women to reach their fiercest goals with practical and simple to do methods and with on-going support. I do this by going into these challenge hand and hand with you and others since I am on the same path. I firmly believe, we rise by lifting others and through accountability and support. I am looking for women who want to rise up, show up and step into their power. This is the path I am on. I am looking for others who want to do the same. See the infographic for more details. If you are interested in joining drop me a comment and I will make sure to be in touch
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Guten Morgen, gestern ist bei uns der erste Schnee gefallen ❄️ Für mich ist jetzt offiziell das Grundstudium beendet. 🤗 und ich kann jetzt ins Aufbaustudium. Zur Zeit bereite ich einige Dinge deswegen vor. Neben bei mache das letzte Modul im Optionalbereich. Auf dem Bild seht ihr noch meinen Tagesablauf und Lernplan der letzten Klausur im Bullet Journal. Habt einen schönen Tag. Ich hoffe, der Schnee ist wenigstens bei euch liegen geblieben. #biologist#biologie#biologiestudium#science#studentlife#lernmotivation#bulletjournal#timeblocking#learning#exams#uni#unikram#universitylife
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I tried a more general time-blocking style this week (just blocked off for “work” each day). It is pretty, but not super functional. I prefer to time-block my meetings, projects, etc during the day. It really helps me to stay on task and organize my time. Started working on Christmas shopping lists this week as well. #plannerlove #planneraddict #plannergirl #plannernerd #pas#passionplanner #pashfam #passionplanner #timeblocking #professorlife #phdlife
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While I believe in living in the moment, it’s good to pretend to have some structure. Hehe #habitbuilding #timeblocking #productivity #journaling
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Что такое  time blocking? 🕑 Бывает у вас так, что вы садитесь за работу и вспоминаете, что нужно сходить в магазин? А когда идете в магазин заходите в банк сделать платежи? А у меня бывает.  Семья, дом и работа — все перемешано, нет  установленных границ. Спасением может стать Тайм блокинг. 📌 Система позволяет разделить свой день по типам выполняемых дел (блоками). С помощью тайм-блокинга становится возможным избегать отвлекающих дел, выполняя при этом множество повседневных задач. Далее нужно раздробить день еще на более мелкие составляющие. В каждом дне я выделяю определенное время на различные занятия. Если хотя бы одну неделю вы проведете в таком режиме, не отвлекаясь на посторонние дела, вы поймете, как возросла ваша продуктивность, как много дел вы можете сделать в течение того же времени. #семьяибизнес #мамаисын #дети #бизнесвсети #каквсеуспеть #bl009 #планирование #таймблокинг #таймменеджмент #бизнесмама #timeblocking
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Welcome to December! I'm not waiting until 2018 to bust through goals. My group and I are starting a consistency challenge because consistency is how you get there. Don't wait for the perfect time because every day is imperfect. #truestory #amudsenandscott #expedition #whogotthere For this expedition, my group and I will be trekking through this holiday season learning the power of consistency, forgiveness, gratitude, kindness, and grit. You don't have to start with fitness. But you do have to determine what habits you want to get stronger with and cultivate. Let's be honest, most days are challenging. However, life gets easier with stronger habits. We just have to keep going and get through tough times. You are born to do though things! “Adversity is the first path to truth.” Lord Byron I am looking for women who are on the rise! I want to work with those that are ready to say "Yes, I believe in myself and I believe in miracles!" #itstheseason If you are trying to make something happen, but there is something holding you back, and you just need to figure out what that is, I want to work with you. #joinme. I want to work with those that want to cultivate, strengthen and bring awareness to their inner spirit. Because that is powerful! I personally want to be on this expedition because there are things I want to power through. It could be to just clean up your garage. That is what one of the members of my group did for the last consistency challenge. Clearing space and making room is the first step to making it happen. You have to clear space and create a void to allow for the new. I will have an opt-in form on my website next week for those interested in joining. OMG, that website is going to happen. It's coming along!
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Let’s make December awesome! Have you planned your time well and blocked activities into your diary? Success starts with you! #plan #dream #believe #succeed #tryharder #planahead #diaryplanning #timeblocking #makeappointments #customers #referrers #mortgagebrokers #selfemployed #justdoit
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Double the excitement today - it's Friday AND it's the 1st of December!!! I hope you've all enjoyed the first week using your fresh new planners. Here's some beautiful inspiration from our friend @jannplansthings . Feel free to tag us in your pics so we can see and share in your beautifully full 2018.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #sandstoneplanners #friyay #friyayyyy #december #summer #aussiesummer #stationerylover #stationeryaddict #minimalistplanner #bulletjournal #timeblocking #gettingorganised #sydneymums #sydneydesigner #kikkik #moleskine #lifebalance #2018diary #2018planner #diary #planner #pla#planneraddictaus #planneraddict
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Who else likes to time block your life? I don't think I could function without doing it...and truth is I still don't get everything done that I want to do in a day, but my list is much less overwhelming when I give it a time AND a time limit! This way, we actually have food ready to eat instead of losing track of time on the computer or doing a school project...and, we actually get to do the big school projects that the girls love so much! #dancemom #homeschoolmom #timeblocking #getitdone #getfit #fitmom #fitlife #fitat40plus #homeschoollife
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Para que tanto color si al final se imprime en escala de grises / why so many colors, at the end everything is a gray color scale #oficina #office #time #timeblocking #tareas #proyectos #marketing #galaxiaoficina
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Productivity hack: Time blocking is a great way to spend focused time on your most important things (MIT.) . Time blocking is super helpful with: . ➡️ Measuring how well you can stay on task without distractions. As a procrastinator, I can get easily get pulled away. SQUIRREL! . ➡️Gauging how much time you actually need to accomplish ➡️ Prioritizing . ➡️It gives you a way to measure daily wins. . Here is how to do it. ➡️Identify 1-3 things you hope to accomplish; your most important things. ➡️Identify your space to do it in. ➡️Turn off notifications. ➡️Don't check emails, texts, or answer calls unless that is your MIT. ➡️Schedule 10 minutes to 1 hour to do those things. Measure it with a timer.⏱ I love my hourglass. ⌛Seeing it just reminds me to stay intentional and in the zone.
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This one really speaks to me today because I can get overwhelmed with everything I don’t get to instead of focusing what I do! #teamlandsnell #dailyinspiration #dailyquotes #ironsharpensiron #timeblocking #laserfocus
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It's Wednesday, and today I've set aside a rare entire day for brainstorming, creativity, and working on big projects. It's amazing how quickly we can distract ourselves from working on big picture projects and goals when we get wrapped up in our busy day to day tasks. This year, I've done my best to block out certain times/days to work ON my business, rather than just IN the busy-ness of my business all of the time....and as 2018 draws to an end, I still have some goals to hit and things to complete, so it's time to get focused and make them happen. How do you set aside time for your big picture work when the day to day can feel so busy?⠀ ⠀ Also, my name is Anna and I'm addicted to notebooks.⠀ ⠀ #journal #notebook #targetnotebookaddiction #boots #goal #goalsetting #busy #entrepreneur #photographer #girlboss #ihaveapenaddictiontoo #timeblocking #scheduleblocking #timemanagement #smallbusiness #carrolltonga #studio #photographystudio #atlanta #inspiration #business #bigpicture
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The older I get, the more I realize that If I can measure it, I can manage it! Rory Vaden, had it exactly right when he said, "There is no such thing as time management; there is only self management." #TimeBlocking #LetsGetIt 👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿
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Heute verschaffe ich mir einen Überblick über die Themengebiet und erstelle den Lernplan. Morgen suche ich mir noch ein paar Lehrbücher zum Nachschlagen raus. #studium#biologie#biology#biologiestudium#study#studytime#studytable#timeblocking#science#lernmotivation
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#Musclelabquicktip “organised chaos” - How to time block Use the event time strategy to finish everything you start and never again feel the dread of needing to get something done, catch up, or miss out. Want to get started but it sounds confusing? It’s easier than you think! This is the method I use personally, follow these easy steps; • Create a Gmail account if you haven’t already got one. • Download Google calendar onto your phone So now you have the calendar set up on your phone you can start managing your time more efficiently. It allows you to put time away or “book” time for things you keep putting off or missing due to an messy schedule. I’ll tell you how, • Click on the time you want to “block off” • Enter the name, for example (HIIT class) • To schedule it weekly Click “more options” then click “does not repeat” and change to “every week.” • Now that time is booked and protected in your calendar every week, you can even add location and a reminder alarm! • Repeat for all regular daily tasks and see where you can free up and book in some time for YOU ***Schedule your most important work first*** Ask yourself which one task, once completed, would make all your other work easier (or even unnecessary)? Put this task front-and-centre in the first four hours of each work day. It’s that simple. If you have any questions at all about time management feel free to send me a message. #mus#musclelabktip #quicktip #musclelabfitness #musclelab #eventtimescheduling #tim#timescheduling #liverpool #aintree #seaforth #maghull #sefton #merseyside #knowsley #privatestudio #time #tim#timeblock/a> #timeblock #block #timemmanagement #strategy #productive #freetime #timeblockhabbits
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#Musclelabquicktip “chaos” – Time blocking Do you find yourself saying “I’d love to, but I haven’t got the time?” That book you bought last year still collecting dust on the shelf? That paperwork starting to pile up? You NEED to start managing time! There are a few things you can do to take back control, today I’m going to talk about 1 “Time blocking” In today’s crazy fast and demanding work environments, you can easily become overwhelmed by unnecessary tasks. And you can start to neglect the things you love doing. Protect your precious time by adopting these simple time blocking habits; experts say they can increase your productivity by 150%! So what is time blocking? By dedicating a certain amount of time to one specific task, you “block off” time (and your mind) from other projects and distractions and anything else unnecessarily draining your energy allowing you more focus on the task at hand. For example • If you work in an office and struggle to stay on top of paperwork you might schedule an uninterrupted block of time in the morning to do paperwork and attend meetings only after 11oclock. • A self employed single parent might dedicate a 3-hour block of time (when the kids are at school/nursery) to their small business, leaving all other tasks for later in the day. • A busy floor manager might block off some time during the dinner hour to meditate to help relieve some of the days stress and increase focus and productivity. Any questions feel free to send me a message.#musclelabquicktip #quicktip #tip #musclelabfitness #musclelab #liverpool #aintree #seaforth #maghull #sefton #merseyside #knowsley #privatestudio #time #tim#timeblock/a> #timeblock #block #timemmanagement #strategy #productive #freetime #timeblockhabbits
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Packed room today for the FREE #BusinessPlanning #Mastermind by @dalesnyder of #TheSnyderGroup at #Kel#KellerWilliamstyLasVegas! 🙌 At this session, attendees learned about, and discussed goal planning, #LeadGen Pillars, #ConversionRates, Knowing your Numbers, #GPS implementation, #411 Clarity, #TimeBlocking, #Coaching & #Accountability, plus more! 😄 #ThankYou to all of those #ROCKSTARS who made it! Be sure not to miss the next one! 👌#TeamDrivenRealEstate #KellerWilliams #mastermindgroup #goals #kwlv #vegas #realestate #training #realestateagent #LasVegas #kellerwilliamsrealty #goalplanning #instarealestate #realestatemarketing #instagood #mapscoaching #FollowUs @tsg_network @thepreheimgroup
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Passion Planner is having great Cyber Monday sales! Plus you should still be able to get an EXTRA 10% off with my discount code ASTEIN10 - start your holiday shopping today with this great deal!! (Offer does not apply to Cyber Monday flash sale but DOES apply to the Undated and Academic planners on sale now!) . . @PassionPlanner #PASHFAM #PassionPlanner #PassionPlannerAddict #PassionPlannerRep . . #WeeklySpread #BeforeThePen #AfterThePen #Pla#Pla#Planner> #Planner #Plan #PlannerLove #PlannerLover #PlannerNerd #PlannerDiscount #PlannerCommunity #PlannerAddict #PlannerSwag #PlannerGirl #PlannerStickers #PlannerLife #PlannerGeek #PlannerJunkie #PlannerInspiration #Organize #Organized #OrganziedChaos #HappyPlanner #BulletJournal #BuJo #CyberMonday
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All set up and ready to go! Did some holiday shopping this week and decorated for Christmas! ‘Tis the season!! . . Start your holiday shopping and use my discount code ASTEIN10 for 10% off full priced Passion Planners! They make great holiday gifts! . . @PassionPlanner #PASHFAM #PassionPlanner #PassionPlannerAddict #PassionPlannerRep #BeforeThePen #Pla#Pla#Plan/a>> #Planner #Plan #PlannerLove #PlannerLover #PlannerNerd #PlannerDiscount #PlannerCommunity #PlannerAddict #PlannerSwag #PlannerGirl #PlannerStickers #PlannerLife #PlannerGeek #PlannerJunkie #PlannerInspiration #Organize #Organized #OrganziedChaos #HappyPlanner #TimeLapse #BulletJournal #BuJo #PlanWithMe #TimeBlocking
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Ik probeer in het weekend zo weinig mogelijk te werken. Maar vandaag is het buiten guur en er ligt een leuk klusje voor de zondagmiddag: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Het maken van een heuse lightbox ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Isolatieplaten snijden en aan elkaar plakken zodat ze neergezet kunnen worden om een te fotograferen object. Doel: het buitenlicht weerkaatsen zodat de schaduwen van het object verzacht worden ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Kan ik mooi aan de slag met mijn voornemen om mijn camera weer eens wat vaker te gebruiken. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Wat doe jij op zondagmiddag? . . . . . #productiviteit #focus #zelfmanagement #persoonlijkleiderschap #persoonlijkeontwikkeling #persoonlijkegroei #doelbewustleven #performancecoaching #deepwork #concentratie #timemanagement #leiderschap #doelenstellen #timeblocking #flow #multitasking #multitasken #ondernemer #ondernemerschap #wilskracht #T12WY #zelfbewustzijn
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today's work situation includes three key players: a time block, my new UNREAL Google Pixelbook @madebygoogle (& how!! fun!! is!! the!! white!! Pixelbook Pen!!), and TSC strategic future by design printable. oh & you should know @createcultivate is featuring 8 female hustlers who swear by Google Store products (The Skinny Confidential is included in the festive holiday interview). anyway, love the Pixelbook bcuz i throw it in my handbag & GO! EFFICIENT! #CCxGoogleStore #ad #giftfromgoogle #tscoffice
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When one of your besties arranges a zoom call to have a chat.. And tells you that she has an early birthday/Christmas pressie for you 💗. Wahhhhhhh it's only my favourite diary I can't live without 😍 I think my face says it all 🎉 . Love you @clairymary_ 😘 . #myproplanner #organised #business #timeblocking #friendship #greatful #love #happiness #zoom #eaglesteam
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Hele dag kennismakingsgesprekken met nieuwe deelnemers #cool #futureproofme
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The boys got up early (big surprise there 🙄) and I was still finishing up "blog stuff." The boys decided to sit next to me and read shark week together. Not much blogging happened because I was too busy cracking up at their interpretive reading.....😂
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In her third installment of Ink+Volt Beginner Series (link in bio), real Ink+Volt Planner user, photographer, and creative consultant @ameliabartlett zooms in on the nitty-gritty of how she gets things done all year long. . Learn how to break your monthly goals down week-by-week, taking one bite at a time without feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, or resentful of our ambitious and creative ways.
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Recently read: The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 A quick and easy read with a lot of insight. The main theme from this is to FOCUS on things that matter and not all things matter. More or less the same message from Mark Manson's "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck" but with strategies to keep the reader on track. I don't usually enjoy self-help books but with the hub's insistence and recommendation, I picked this one up as he said that it will help me manage my time and stress better. Personally, reading it gave me cues and points of contemplation, especially in my work given my semi-OCD work ethic, to ease up, slow down and prioritise, as well as take hints when my body tells me I'm exhausted or unwell. #recentlyread #theonething #garykeller #jaypapasan #success #roadtosuccess #focus #book #nonfiction #booklover #bookboundanne #bibliophile #timeblocking #goals #accountability
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