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I think this picture just about sums up how I feel about running! 💫😀 Anyone else? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Photo credit: @steadymdrunning
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"There's just something beautiful about walking on snow that nobody else has walked on. It makes you believe you are special."- Carol Rifka Brunt ❄️ . . . . . . . . . #hellobc #beautifulbc #beautifulbritishcolumbia #allaboutadventures #theoutbound #landscape #landscapephotography #winter #winterwonderland #thegreatoutdoors #optoutside #wildernessculture #can#canoncanada #explorebc #canon #discoverearth #earthpix #keepitwild #yohonationalpark #canadaparks
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NEW NYC VIDEO OUR NOW🙌LINK IN BIO💯 Buying a video camera, new vlogs and vids coming very soon. Just wait on it. Also, to everyone buying photos thanks so much❤️ If you’re interested in buying my photos DM me :)
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Tank is always on the lookout for danger - Sasquatches beware!
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How many times can I fall in love with the same place all over again??
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One last winter adventure before the snow melts.
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“When they (my feels) go low, we (myself & energy) go high.” - Michelle Obama Reached the highest point in the Santa Monica Mountains ⛰ #52hikechallenge
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Legs got tired at the top had to call in the chopper 🚁
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The trail was pure mud, we dodged puddles for the duration of the hike. The sound of the falls in the distance kept our spirits and hopes at their max. I couldn’t believe my eyes when we rounded that last corner. The gallons of mist forming the clouds we walked through, the deafening sound of the water crushing against the boulders below...we had made it.
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Productive smile to sum up my weekend errands. #wedding #canvassing
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Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly
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The last time I skied Whistler I was 16 years old. Today I got to do it again with this guy, my dad. It took a lot of effort to keep up with him trekking through the powder. Kinda felt like a little kid again travelling with my parents. And it definitely inspired me to try to get my own family out west soon.
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It never gets old •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• @jimahajer All My Mod Needs @mixedmetalwork Best Fabricator Ever! @rpmoffroadgarage Where Magic Happens •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #keepitwild #exp#exploretocreate #landscapephotography #landscapelover #liveoutdoors #beautyofnature #passionpassport #theoutbound #adventure #letsgoplaces #exploretocreate #roamtheplanet #adventurethatislife #stayandwander #optoutside #여행에미치다 #풍경 #roadtrip #구름 #monolake #offroad #overland #easternsierra #여행스타그램 #풍경스타그램 #discoverearth #master_shots #jaw_dropping_shots #clouds #cloudscape
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owl pellet treasures ▪ scavenged goods #ethicallycollected #scavenger #voleskull
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Tinuy an falls
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Home on the trails.
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Arizona Trail Day 15 (2/25/18) AZT day 15 - Miles Hiked today: 25.7 AZT total distance traveled: 345.3 Weather: Very cold morning probably got into the 60's later in the day. Starting Point: Camp spot just inside of the Superstition Wilderness Boundary End point: Just outside the Roosevelt Cemetery with a nice view Lake Roosevelt. Starting time: 6:30am End time: 5:45pm Wildlife: Nothing exciting. Injuries: None Pain: Felt good today Exhaustion level: Low Notes: Woke up at 6 with a good amount of frost on my bivy. Definitely knew it was our coldest night so far. We packed up quick and kept all our insulating layers on to warm up. Around 8:45 we met another hiker that told us it was 12 degrees overnight. That was at 4500' so hopefully tonight is warmer at 2200'. It was a tough but very rewarding day. Lots of climbs and descents but some incredible views. Alot of diversity also as we were in pine forests and fields this morning then we traveled through some hill country desert and descended a very cool canyon. Ryan took what seemed like a normal fall on a washed out section. When we stopped for lunch we realized he had cracked his rehydrating container. So we're going to have to share one for the next 115 miles. We both got our first small holes in our shoes today. We're hopeful they will hold together for a while longer though. Tomorrow another adventure! Song of the day: Flyin' Shoes - Townes Van Zandt --------------------------------------------- #AZT #Ari#Arizonal #Arizona #LoveAZT #FindYourTrail #ThruHiking #ExploreArizona #NOBO #ThruHike #backpacking #hike  #Get#GetOutside #hiking #HikeArizona #adventurelifestyle #rei1440project #NEVERSTOPexploring #wildernessculture #TrustTheWild #becauseoutside #ExploreGreatness #choosemointains #WhereIGottaGo #instaexplore #lifeofadventure #exploretocreate #ExploreTheWild #GetOutside #theoutbound #goatworthy
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A photo of me by taken by Joey.
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how does the way you’re being, serve you? #explorenanaimo
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Perfect view!! Thanks for sharing @athomeinorlando
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If your eyes are opened. You’ll see the things worth seeing! ‘Cholitas’ appreciating the majesty of ⛰ Illimani Mountain in La Paz 🇧🇴 Bolivia. Click link in bio to customize your dream trip! info@visitsoam.com Photo credits by one of the best Bolivian photographers @satoriwil 👈 follow his adventures! #VisitSouthAmerica #ExperienceBolivia @visitsouthamerica.co
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Morning commute
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Wat Ratchanatdaram, Bandkok, Thailand 🕍
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Sunday night style #essentiallygeared #screwcorks
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Trips to Yosemite always get cut too short. Friday night had one of the best sunsets I’ve seen in the valley.
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Plus de neige? C’est le temps de sortir les raquettes! Swipe🔛
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Arizona Trail Day 14 (2/24/18) AZT day 14 -Miles Hiked today: 19.1 AZT total distance traveled: 319.6 Weather: 60's Starting Point: Copper Mt. Motel - Superior, AZ End point: Camp spot just inside of the Superstition Wilderness Boundary Starting time: 10:30am End time: 5:30pm Wildlife: Birds and Cows. Been seeing some Cardinals lately which has been cool. Injuries: None Pain: Felt good today Exhaustion level: Low Notes: Today turned out to be a good one. We were able to find our tracking number for our missing package. We figured out it had been sent back to the Superior Post Office. They had no pick up hours today but I called anyways in the hopes of talking to someone about our situation. I called around 8:00 am and a lady answered. She said if I could get there by 9 that she would let me pick it up. So we got our package and all worked out with that. Thanks again to the Post office lady! As for the food we bought to replace our package we just donated it to the Copper Mt. Motel hiker box. We started to walk back towards the trail at 10 am. Within 20 minutes of walking we got a hitch from a couple from Washington that were living in their van while on a mountain biking tour of the Southwest. Thanks again to them! Started hiking around 10:30. Packs were heavy today with 6.5 days of food. My little frameless, hip belt less @palantepacks was heavy on my shoulders with the weight but carried really well all things considered. The hiking was nice as we headed into the Superstition Mountains. We heard a gunshot and moments later encountered a hunter right next to the trail. He had just shot a Javelina according to him. (We never saw it) We made a good climb 2000+ feet up into the Superstitions. We made 19 miles which felt good with the late start, the climb and the heavy load. Definitely going to be a cold night tonight. Tomorrow's another adventure! Song of the day: The Rooftops of Copenhagen - Tom Russell ------------------------------------------- #AZT #Ari#ArizonaTrail #Arizona #LoveAZT #FindYourTrail #ThruHiking #ExploreArizona #NOBO #ThruHike #backpacking #hike  #GetOutside #hiking #HikeArizona #adventurelifestyle #rei1440project #NEVERSTOPexplorin
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3 years ago, the adventure began (baby Furball!)
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After two weeks away, I have a wicked case of post-vacation blues + Sunday night blues. What I really hope I’m not coming down with is a case of the post-travel flu. Le sigh. #californiadreamin
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After spending the past few weeks in the westernmost parts of the US and Canada, I’m home and finally almost caught up on the most-needed rest I’ve ever been deprived of. • Putting the journey into social media text would take hours and couldn’t do it any justice, but I’m grateful for God’s (freaking beautiful) creation that we get to roam and explore freely, His protection in many of the recent circumstances encountered, and the selfless friends that I’m blessed with around this country. • We often must create opportunities, but when they present themselves - evident or enigmatic - you can choose to either sit back and wonder or jump head first in wander. • Photo taken by @rock_the_ark at the top of Mt. Baker, WA where we were greeted with 3ft of pow in two days ❄️ • • #tahoe #heavenly #kirkwood #sierra #whistler #blackcomb #whistlerblackcomb #mtbaker #olympicnationalpark #ONP #seattle #bellingham #CA #WA #BC #snowboard #training #travel #exploretocreate #passionpassport #theoutbound #roam #goatworthy #createopportunity #makemoments #adventureon
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Back from Peru and more focused than ever. Something like @bummerbro on this picture
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There’s nowhere to go, nothing to do except enjoy your life. We’re constantly trying to get to some better place, but there is no better place than your life right now.
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"Simplicity is natures first step, and the last of art." -Philip James Bailey
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12/20: “...I can only compare this feeling to the sensation felt when gravel suddenly lets loose beneath your shoe. Your body is project backwards. You catch yourself holding your breath in anticipation of the potential pain to come. In this quick decisive moment, you don't have time to question,”Where did I go wrong." You only have time to decide, "Where will my next step be to insure I will not fall."
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I’ve been sick 😷 since Wednesday, but couldn’t pass up a powder day. Feelin’ pretty good now! ❄️🌲⛷❄️
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Childhood friends #margiejpeg #geonusantara
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“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like the fabulous yellow Roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes “Aww”.” - Jack Kerouac The van used to be made from a wood frame, it blows my mind the distance from which we started to where we continue.
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•Blending in• The Caribbean has the clearest waters and the most diverse corals I’ve ever seen, swimming here is pure magic ✨
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