Queen Janet Jackson out-and-about with Prince #Eissa 😍 #themostinterestingmanonradio #janetjackson
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The only way to establish a culture of winning is to have winners. #themostinterestingmanonradio
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You have to smile from the heart at least once a day to get by in this world ❤ #Repost @abc13houston - ALL THE FEELS: 94-year-old grandmother is overjoyed when a group of police officers drops off hurricane supplies for #Irma. She told them, "And you're all so handsome!" #themostinterestingmanonradio #hurricaneirma #florida #goodpeople
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Do things right the first time. It will make your life much easier. #themostinterestingmanonradio #wednesdaywisdom
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😲 A lightning☇☇ bolt hitting a tree and a family of three in California's Sequoia National Park. The father and his two children are okay. 🙌 #themostinterestingmanonradio #lightning #sequoianationalpark #abc7news
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Two medical staffers at a military hospital in Florida were barred from caring for patients after they were seen in disturbing images posted to Snapchat mishandling a newborn, making obscene gestures and calling babies "mini Satans." One video [posted] shows a female staffer in gloves and medical scrubs making a baby dance to a #50cent song. Another photo [not posted] shows a staffer flipping a middle finger at the infant. Its caption reads: "How I currently feel about these mini Satans." Capt. Brenda Malone, spokeswoman for the U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, which oversees several hospitals around the country, said the employees are corpsmen or medical officers for the Navy, not nurses. Malone said they are still assigned at the Jacksonville, Fla., hospital but are no longer providing direct patient care. #themostinterestingmanonradio
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OK ladies, is this correct? 😂😩 #themostinterestingmanonradio
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Like morning breakfast! You'll find your name in their search bar, they won't unfriend you to save their life, they will get their friends account info to follow you, they will NOT EVEN HAVE a social media account and watch you, they will look you up and zoom in on your pictures for clues, they will screenshot your work and send to their vendors for duplication....sick individuals out here. Please be careful...They are so precious, don't even give them energy just smile and don't think of them as they OBSESS over you! You bother them, you annoy them yet they can't get enough of you....you're doing everything TOO right! 🙏🏾 #lookingA$$ #CanILive #Repost @jmacglobal ・・・ I've never posted anything truer here. #themostinterestingmanonradio #wednesdaywisdom
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I've never posted anything truer here. #themostinterestingmanonradio #wednesdaywisdom
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Heartbreaking video of San Juan, Puerto Rico, via @olgatanonofficial following the passage of #HurricaneMaria. #themostinterestingmanonradio #prayforpuertorico #sendcashtoo
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Attorney to the stars accusers, #LisaBloom, holds a press conference with her client, the woman involved in the #KevinHart scandal, to deny some of the rumors being spread in the press -- including allegations she tried to extort the married star for millions over a sex video. #themostinterestingmanonradio #legalnews
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Check yourself before you wreck yourself #themostinterestingmanonradio #wednesdaywisdom
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Hurriciane Maria tearing through San Juan, Puerto Rico, this morning. 😔 #themostinterestingmanonradio 📽 @puertoricogram
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How many of ya'll think Damian just played himself? 😂😂😩 #themostinterestingmanonradio
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Never frustrated, just trying to keep my team elevated 😂 #Repsost @979thebox - 😂😭😂 LMAO IT JUST GOT WILD AF when @jmacglobal found out @djjque didn't know who David Taylor was! #MaddHattaMorningShow 😭@maddhatta979 @jimbeazy @koopdeville @jascrockett #themostinterestingmanonradio #houston
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