After so many days of visiting, its time to chill and watch my favourite TV show! #chill #frenchiesofig #fre#frenchbulldog #frenchbulldog #cny2018🐶 #rest#thefrenchiefollowing
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Did someone say Treats?! 🐶🍕 #Vader_The_Frenchie_ #treatyoself
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Such fun with my furiends today!! 🐾
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Luna in the 1st picture: "Mom, no." Luna in the 2nd picture: "I'm sawry, I love you." . . . . . #bulldogsofinstagram #squishyface #fre#fre#frenchiesload #fre#frenchiesofinsta #frenchies #fre#frenchbully #frechielove #frenchbulldog #frenchielove_feature #frenchiesofinsta #frenchbully #frenchies #frenchiethebulldogg #frenchieslovers #frenchies_lovers_world #ig_bullys #thefrenchiefollowing
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Must. Stay. Focused. So much at stake🥇#goingforgold #goldmedal #olympics2018 #figureskating
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Come on Mum just 5 minutes more 💤💤💤
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I really want to lose 3 pounds #butiwantdiabetesmore #rainbowbagel 🌈
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When you wanna play but it’s also nap time
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Peanut butter time! | 🎥: @kristen_vallejo_photography
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When you know you have a little shmutz on your face but you can’t quite get it off.... 👅🤣 #alittlehelphere #lizardtongue #sendhelp
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My little sister Izzy Laurent comes home in 10 days🤗😬😍🎉✈️🐶❤️
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Lady Mom really hooked it up this morning😍Beef, venison, sardines, egg, broccoli and carrots! #breakfast
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🇫🇷 • Aujourd’hui, comme vous pouvez le voir, j’ai bien travaillé pour faire ma lettre de motivation et postuler pour devenir modèle chez @kla@kla@kla@klausing_dogshop 🤓 C’est parti ☺️ Je m’appelle Swan, j’ai 4 ans, j’habite dans l’Ain en France 🇫🇷 Ma « petite » particularité, c’est donc que je me déplace avec mon bolide 🚀 Suite à une paralysie du train arrière - Oh mais je ne vous raconte pas ça pour faire pleurer dans les chaumières, au contraire, je suis la plus heureuse des boubous 🤗😍 J’aime ma petite vie et surtout la partager avec tout mes Copains sur Instagram 🤗💕 Cette communauté m’a permis de faire tellement de belles rencontres et de découvrir beaucoup de belles marques dont la vôtre ! 😊 Vos colliers, vos laisses, vos bandanas et vos lits tellement originaux, me font de l’œil depuis un moment 😏 Ça serait donc un honneur pour moi de représenter vos si beaux produits 😍 Je serais appliquée, sérieuse et très studieuse 🤓 Veuillez agréer, Team @klausing_dogshop, mes sincères léchouilles 👅💋 Signé : Swan 🐾 #kla#klausingfirstmodelsearch 🇬🇧🇺🇸 • Today, as you can see, I worked hard to make my cover letter and postulate to become a model at @klausing_dogshop 🤓 Let's go ☺️ My name is Swan, I'm 4 years old, I live in Ain in France 🇫🇷 My « little » peculiarity, it is that I move with my car 🚀 Following a paralysis of the hind legs - Oh but I don’t tell you that to make you cry, on the contrary, I'm the happiest frenchie 🤗😍 I love my little life and especially share it with all my Friends on Instagram 🤗💕 This community allowed me to make so many beautiful encounters and discover many beautiful brands including yours ! 😊 Your necklaces, your leashes, your bandanas and your beds so originals, have been envying me for a while 😏 It would be an honor for me to represent your beautiful products 😍 I would be applied, serious and very studious 🤓 Please accept, Team @klausing_dogshop, my sincere licking 👅💋 Signed : Swan 🐾 #klausingfirstmodelsearch
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Good morning hooman. Are you awake yet?🤔🤨
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Yes I am aware that this is a poor quality pic but before you go hatin on my insta game you need to know that this is my bff Parker and I lift my leg up for the #fartsgalore when mom and dad are away I play!!!.... dirty hehe
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In case you ever wondered how much ear I had to work with as a two month old. Also, my PAWrents said this was the first time I got this ear up on my own. 🐾🐶👂🏼💪🏼 • • • #frenchbulldog #frenchie #frenchiepuppy #puppy #fawnfrenchie #frenchielove #frenchielife #frenchiesofinstagram #2months #frenchieoftheday #thefrenchiefollowing #frenchies1 #frenchie_shoutout #frenchiephotos #frenchbulldog_feature #followfrenchie #thefrenchiepost
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Happy Lunar New Year 🎊 I’m a Day late but that’s because I was too busy squeaking @barkbox dumplings yesterday 🥟
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