Well after fighting a bad cold all week, I'm finally feeling a little better! I didn't let that stop me from pushing out about 50 orders this week.👊 Ain't nobody got time for that when wedding season is approaching!🙅‍♀️ My poor husband is still under the weather, but hopefully by Monday we'll be back to normal. Production was a little slower this week, so thank you to everyone who's been patient! A few little boxes are shipping out this morning and I thought I'd snap a new pic of our cute mail box. It's always been a fav of mine 😍 . . . . #mulberrymarketdesigns #handpaintedsigns #rusticsigns #moderncalligraphy #calligraphy #brushlettering #calligrapher #handmadefont #pointedpen #signpainter #bossbabe #girlboss #dailyinspiration #prettylittlethings #calligrafriends #typegang #thedailytype #organization #officedecor #studiodecor #homeaccessories #homedecoe #farmhousedecor #farmhousestyle #rustichome #rustichomedecor #foryourhome
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Лучше непрекращающегося снега только еда и гирлянды на Октябрьской. А лучше все сразу ✨
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It's letter T day over on @letterarchive! I couldn't pass up the chance to have some fun with my favorite letter ❤️ . This was created with Kuretake brush pens (tap the link in my profile for a direct link to them), a waterbrush and white gelly roll gel pen on Canson watercolor paper. Full tutorial coming on Tuesday! . There's still time to jump into the #letterarchive fun! If you haven't heard of Letter Archive, it's an incredible resource for lettering inspiration run by the super talented @blackchalkco + @thehappyevercrafter. There are no prerequisites for contributing! Just create a single letter and use the #letterarchive_(letter) hashtags - piece of cake! Over the course of 2018, all posts to the hashtags will be considered for being added to the first ever Letter Archive coffee table book, with all sales being donated to Room to Read, a nonprofit children's literacy and girls education organization. So grab your favorite lettering tools and join in! ✨
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Ditempat ini kudiajarkan banyak hal ,tentang arti harta yg dieluh eluhkan selama ini dibangga-banggakan diperkotaan, tentang perilaku tata krama sopan santunnya rakyat Jatim, tentang bertemu banyak orang-orang baik yg menebar kebaikan, tentang bertemu pertama x ny dg petinggi Desa, akrab dg para petinggi desa..banyak hal yg tak kudapat di Kota yg terlalu mengeluh-eluh kan materi dan materi..menurut ku sih..hehe😬 Terima kasih Banyak ku ucapkan kpd Bapak Lurah desa Mukirharjo kecamatan Parengan... seumur hidup, akan ku ingat jasa2 anda... 🙏😍 . . #parengan #jatim #kabTuban #handlettering #3dlettering #history #uniposca
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This is something that’s hard to do but can be a transformative practice to apply to your life. Recently I had the realization that despite everything I’ve been through, all of the hurt and heartache, I would do it all again to get to where I am today. That changed everything for me. I try and remember that every time I face something that’s scary or difficult. And truthfully, it doesn’t always work. Sometimes I still ask “WHY?! Why is this my journey? Why does it hurt so much? Why isn’t anyone else going through this?” But when I feel those doubts come through, when I feel myself questioning the universe, I remember that epiphany moment I had. That moment that changed me. The moment that taught me I would experience everything again to be who I am right now. So now my goal is to take every moment and trust that one day, I will be grateful for this experience. And trust that I will be willing to endure it again to get to where I’m destined to be going. Have a beautiful Saturday my friends 💗✨🐘
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The creative mind never sleeps.. ❄️❄️❄️ #latergram #lehvttering #handmadefont #thedailytype
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I was tagged by @10thousand_hours to partake in the #CreatedToday challenge by @stefankunz and apparently one week's task was to letter something on a fruit or vegetable, not spend more than 30 minutes and post it even if it sucks. 😂 I love this approach so here we go! 🍎 Hopefully surprising everyone by not using Posca markers for once. 😂 . . . #lettering #handlettering #designtext #thedailytype #goodtype #typespire #typegang #typography #handmadefont #graphicdesign #bigapple #fruit #apple #oneappleaday #keepsthedoctoraway #thedesigntip #illustration #animatedillustration #gif #IllustratorsHamburg #illustratorsoninstagram #womenofillustration #stopmotion
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What a great birthday yesterday! I had breakfast with my boys, date night with the hubs, and a surprise ice cream cake with friends that are like family! Thirty three is going to be a great year!!! — #handlettering #lettering #brushpen #brushlettering #brushscript #brushtype #brushcalligraphy #handmadefont #thedailytype #scriptlettering
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Y ya partimos el año cargado de letras en Antofagasta; las niñas son muy aplicadas y entuciasmadas de aprender y practicar 🎉🎉🎉 Ojo #Temuco, que aún quedan cupos para la prox semana!!! 😱😱 . #chile #caligrafía #calligraphy #calligraphymasters #calligritype #goodtype #lettering #typenerd #typeverything #typography #thedailytype #workshop #brushpentour #temuco
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Happy Saturday and thank you (Korean). #escapingcubiclecaptivity
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[Atm Work in progress] Trying out botanical watercolor painting tonight. Ref Pinterest
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🕸👍 Tag a friend and say nothing 💫🤘 Creds: @msaifulhak_ 🗣 Girapen 🐪🖋 . DM for commissions 💃 . ⚪ Follow @sickwebdesign for more.
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More power words are in the works ✨Stay tuned to see the inking and coloring process! Thank you @lchendricks for sharing your beautiful power words with me! ☀️
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As much as I love my iPad, one can never have too many pens! This is a Pentel Touch Sign Pen on my Brush Calligraphy worksheets - available as an instant download for you to print and start today at lissletters.com
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Details matter, it's worth waiting to get it right. - Steve Jobs
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A ......🐣🐥 ____________________________________ The service of fine cursive handwriting in Hong Kong. ---【 Whatsapp 61872780】 歡迎查詢及問價。 手寫英文結婚請柬,餐牌,書信,人名及招牌字體設計,手寫店舖黑板,西洋書法導師。 #wedfolks #logo #monogram #postcard #replycard #letter #menu #weddinginvitation #chalkboard #typography #calligraphy #handwriting #spencerian #copperplate #fontdesign #hongkongcalligraphy #hkcalligraphy #calligraphyhk #flourishforum #thedailytype #designspiration #ligaturecollective #calligraphymasters
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Anyone else over this rain already?! ☔️ #MadeByNay
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Today's @beginnerstablesg was such a fun table! It was really enjoyable teaching all of you. Thank you for being so attentive at my boring words... Thank you for clearing my scrap paper... 😂😂😂 Thank you to all of you who have been there for me during this start of the year. 2018 just started 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 20/365
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You guys. So excited to share that @mostracoffee is now open at their gorgeous new retail location! I’m so excited to share the store hours that I lettered freehand for them, it was truly a labor of love. Visit! Drink ☕️! And now they have foods too! 🖤🖤🖤
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This Kitchen is made for dancing... in our kitchen we dance probably much more than we cook. 👦🏼👦🏻👦🏻👩🏼👨🏻😂☺️
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"Ketenangan itu dari Allah dan tergesa-gesa itu dari syaitan." (HR. Turmudzi dalam Sunan Turmudzi Bab Maa Jaa fii al-Ta'anni wa al-'Ajalah hadis no. 1935 juga terdapat dalam al-Muntaqa syarh Muwattha' Malik). . Usahakan shalat dengan khusyuk, karna saat itu kita sedang berbicara dan berdiri di hadapan Allah. Shalat tergesa-gesa seolah kita menyatakan, "ada yg lebih penting dari Allah, jadi saya harus cepat-cepat!" Na'udzubillahi min dzalik. . Jangan pernah lelah untuk saling mengingatkan dalam kebaikan! Yg mau download postingan ini, klik di bio ya~ 😊 . Photo by Lukas Blazek on @unsplash
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Sometimes, in the process, we have to destroy things and ideas in order to see them differently.
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Trying something a little bit different. Nothing beats real brush lettering! I’m still on the hunt for the perfect paintbrush, though! 🖌 . . Day 20 of #letterwithelle by @elle_letters!
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