Brunch perhaps?!
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| r e f l e c t | I’ve been learning lately that you have to stop doing a lot of things in order to figure out what it is you truly love.
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Merry Christmas ⭐ Stop wasting money by not using 👍 Up to 80% discount for hotels everywhere in Europe ❤ Direct link in bio 🔝 Great picture by @loic80l ⭐⭐⭐ . Tag #bestcitiesofeurope to have a chance to be featured ☺ . #instapassport #aroundtheworldpix #ig_masterpiece #fla#flashesofdelight #travelog #myt#mytinyatlas #citybestpics #city_explore #thecreative #shotaward #seemycity #ig_europe #igerseurope #europelovers #loves_europe #icu_europe #discovereurope #eurotrip #traveleurope #instaeurope #vacationwolf #theglobewanderer #passionpassport #mytinyatlas #flashesofdelight #theprettycities #dametraveler
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Would you like this to hang in your house ? 🔨🤔 work in progress
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The best part about shooting film is when you capture that one moment. You don’t know how it’s going to come out. But you can’t wait to find out when you develop your roll when you get home. It’s the best feeling to find out you didn’t screw it up 😂 Took this with my trust OMn2. . . . #urbex #streetshared #aov #weekly_feature #createexploretakeover #shotzdelight #mkexplore #gearednomad #rsa_streetview #imaginatones #hsdailyfeature #symmetricalmonsters #FilmIsNotDead #filmphoto #kodak #thecreative #ishootfilm #keepfilmalive #expofilm #folkvibe #analogphotography #istillshootfilm #believeinfilm #analoguevibes #dublinireland
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One more day * * * #nyc
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No motivation
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Nothin better on this world 🌍 😍 📷@cameronrorrison
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Leaning tower of Pisa ,Italy😍👆
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🙏🏻❤️ Siamo più grandi di ciò che la vita ci impone di affrontare, se solo lo capissimo, quante sofferenze e quante notti insonni passeremmo dormendo serenamente?
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I love revisiting the same places at different times of the year. It’s amazing how the changing seasons can make a spot seem so very different!
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Day 21. Buffalo Fun-a-day. Hamburg St.
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How was your day? ✌️🌴
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I can live with this 🌊
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Wintery streets of Suomenlinna ❄️ #suomenlinna #myhelsinki #ourfinland
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En un poco más de 2 semanas empieza la nueva temporada de las competiciones en Catalunya, la primera cita será “las promesas”, la ocasión de poner algunas fotos un poco diferente de las posas habituales. Empezamos con la primera y podría ser tb un consejo: Siempre escuchar el juez de la tarima 😉
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TCS building is so freaking hot
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We all should live in these kinda buildings
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You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. #filmphotography Shot with Kodak T-Max 100.
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The Palace of Parliament,Bucharest
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“Daddy & I“ ❤️ Fotocredits: @mooooooo_______
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I'm becoming a kind of lazy the last couple of years, uploading pictures of myself. But I wanted to share this picture of me in Paris, where I was doing one of my most favourite, gratifiying and inspirational things I love to do in my life. TRAVELLING the world has given me so much and I feel really blessed, to have shared these beautiful moments and expiriences with my FAMILY and FRIENDS. For me there isen't even a difference between these two words. I couldn't be much happier and greatfull at this point in my life and I'm just trying to share my positive energy and thinking. So THANK everyone on that journey so far! For all the ups and downs, for situations and people I maybe originally didn't want to expirience. Just keep in MIND, that social media can give you a false perspective about a person. My LIFE and FUTURE will never be only defined by partys and a luxurious lifestyle! People who know me, know what is important to me and how I really think. There are more shades to my persona that what I'm sharing on the Gram. Enjoy! 🙌🏽
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