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_________________________________ Swipe left to see @matt.hamstra 's old vs. new look 👌 . Mid-drop fade with a surgical part line. The hard part line really accents the hair and Matt can either pull off the spiky hair look or wear this as a combover 💡. Understanding that he wears a hat for most of the day he wants a cut that's low maintenance and can easily style. Some guys are scared of to blow dry but once you put in product and apply some heat you've instantly got more volume and shape for the cut ✂️ ! Fun fact(s) 👆: I met Matt at @fit4less_canada and have been seeing this guy grow for almost 2 months! Taught him the ins and outs of mobility exercises, squat, bench, and deadlift techniques, and last but not least - the foam roller 😂 . Aside from the gym, he's part of the Baptist community and went to a private Dutch elementary school in his early years (rough times lol). One of the first things that stuck to me is how he's a dairy farmer - which partly explains this guys huge hands. The other reason is because he's a heavy equipment operator/technician! Last thing is that he's really into his truck, and other trucks as well. If you're a truck lover- go talk to this guy👌 . Stay fresh. 👊 ___________________________________________
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