Fearless, not because my confidence outweighs my doubts but because my commitment to my goals is unwavering no matter what doubts or fears or challenge cloud the way. I rely on commitment. Commitment is strong & it’s mine entirely to control. Commitment doesn’t care if I’m tired - it shows up irrespective of circumstances. Commitment is 100% of my best effort in every moment. See, your confidence can be knocked but commitment hustles & grinds & works until success prevails. ✨ Just like that, wrapped up 4.5 hours filming with @austinrayolaes for Episode 2 of my Road to the Arnold series, & I’m reminded of how much I love what I do. I feel like every prep I am richer in experience & better equipped to climb to levels I’ve not been. I can’t wait for every day of the 6 weeks ahead till the @arnoldsports Bikini International stage. The more gruelling the grind the more untameable my fire. 🔥
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#FBF to the @protan_official Booth at the Olympia!🏆 Even IFBB Pro 💪🏾 @geo@georgep_dabull was excited to meet Team Pro Tan® Athlete @the@theebostonmass🏽 . #Repost @georgep_dabull ・・・ It was great meeting and speaking with the Boston Mass himself Jose Raymond @theebostonmass backstage at the 2017 Mr. Olympia!
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Belleza de atletas Españolas ✨ #teamprotan #atletas
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#FBF to the 2014 NPC St. Pete Beach Classic. I had blast coaching this kid Chris Huguet! Lil fiery bastard went undefeated in his weight class winning 2 more shows after this one! His physique in bodybuilding then is what is prime in Classic Physique now! Hope he had as much of a blast whooping ass as I did! #teamprotan #beautiful #biceps #oly#olympia #arnold #teamhourglass #d4muscle #fitnessfun #d4musclefit #squats #bodybuilding #fitmen #fitnesscoach #ifbbpro #physique #glutes #abs #competition #wshhfitness #npc #IFB#IFBB/a> #olympia #IFBB @npcnewsonlineofficialpage @digitalmusclemedia @modelmayhem __________________________________________________ * Check out @d4musclefit online at WWW.D4MUSCLEFIT.NET * Get 20% off of all beautyfit products using discount code D420 at www.beautyfit.com * Inquire about becoming a superior trained athlete at D4MUSCLE.FITNESS@GMAIL.COM * TANNING EXCLUSIVELY DONE BY @protan_official * D4MUSCLEFIT IS A PROUD EXCLUSIVE SUPPORTER OF THE NPC, USA & IFBB PRO LEAGUE 🇺🇸 www.npcnewsonline.com
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Who else is excited to see Team Pro Tan® Athlete @jen@jenronfit at the @arn@arnoldsports 2018?🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏾‍♂️This pic was on stage last year… wonder what her overall package will look like this year? 🤔 We're thinking 🏅!! #Repost @jenronfit ・・・ Annnnnnnnd it’s officially official...so excited to announce l will be kicking off my 2018 season at the @arnoldsports this March! So honored to be invited to compete a 2nd year on the Arnold stage! Let’s goooooooo! ❤️✨ #Arnoldsportsfestival #asf2018
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#tbt Prestige Crystal Cup 2016 💎 #Champion #1stPlace #diogomontPRO #TEAMMONT
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Hoje rolou massacre de peitex com o filho @ernaneguimaraes. Aproveitamos para traçar o plano 2018, esse ano o monstrinho vai passar para outro nível. 🔥 @_teammont 💎 #TEAMMONT #diogomontPRO #IFBBPRO #Consultoria
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Lets play spot the difference! 😆 Left: 1 week from my first IFBB Pro Bikini win, Orlando Pro, March 2016. I think I was around 128lb on stage. Right: 1 week from my second IFBB Pro Bikini win, @bevsgym New York Pro, May 2017. My stage weight was 115lb with much more muscle everywhere but my legs!! This sport to me, much like life, is all about growth. It’s about evolution. It’s about progress & being committed to what it takes to get there. In a little over a year I made a huge amount of changes to my physique. I didn’t do it by taking a lot of time off. I’m a baby in this sport & I want to reach the top. I started competing as a Pro at the age of 26 (2014). Time isn’t something I have. In this 14 month period I did 12 shows. Any break I had between shows wasn’t spend trying to hover close to my stage weight - it was spend busting my ass to make structural improvements to my shape. Naturally I’m bottom heavy with a lot of muscle on my legs that’s not matched my upper body muscle. I also store fat & water primarily on my lower body - most females do. It’s the way our hormones are designed. My priority has always been improvement. If I were to stay within a handful of pounds of my stage weight all the time like some athletes can & do, I imagine I would look much the same now as I did in 2016. Being wrapped up in being lean/tight/dry year round isn’t, in my experience, in progress’ best interests. The goal is to be better every time. I’m 6 weeks from my first show of 2018 - the prestigious @arnoldsports Bikini International & the next 6 weeks will be one thing - Whatever it takes. 🌪🌪🌪
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Tarde na @habitueleveux com os procedimentos semanais e dando um up no Popo com Power Shape e Smart Shape . Dieta sem carboidratos, sem gorduras e a densidade começa me deixar mas o popo vai junto 🤔 . . Junto com os procedimentos utilizo o #absofsteel da @protanoficial_brasil que ajuda a firmar e hidratar a pele auxiliando no colágeno 🙏💪 . . . Eh o conjunto da ópera que se proporciona o resultado 🙏🙏 . . . . #protan #TeamProtan #habitue #estetica #dicas #atleta #athlete #popo #glutes #bumbumnanuca #quepopoeesse #workout #treino #love #amor
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Regalo de una Camiseta Pro Tan con tu pedido online 🎁🎊 #teamprotan #protan
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PCA PRO ATHLETE PETER MOLNAR @petermolnarofficial tanned by the PCA ProTan Team @pca_official 👌🏼👌🏼 BOOK YOUR BACKSTAGE TAN ONLINE HERE: www.pcaofficial.com/tanning E: tanning@pcaofficial.com ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #pca #pcaarmy #protan #instafit #bod#bodybuilding #stagetan #teamprotan #showtan #tanning #diet #pcapro #health #prep #gymlife #training #contest #bodybuildingcom #ripped #fit #fitnessaddiction #inspo #fitfam #shredded #gainz #bodybuilding #inspiration #pcaofficial
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#Repost @protan_official with @get_repost ・・・ Team Pro Tan® #Tuesday here with IFBB Bikini 👙 Pro @janetlayug!💜 Janet, we can’t wait to see you at the @arnoldsports 2018!🏆 #teamprotan
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💥💥GIVEAWAY! GIVEAWAY! GIVEAWAY! Don’t miss out on this Otomix®, SteelFit®, & Pro Tan® Giveaway!💥💥 . One Male Winner will be selected to receive a pair of Otomix® Shoes, Abs of Steel®, and a Single Use DIY Tanning Kit. One Female Winner will be selected to receive a pair of Otomix® Shoes, Buns of Steel®, and a Single Use DIY Tanning Kit.🙀 Who wouldn’t want to win these Amazing Prizes?🤷‍♂️ . ✅Rules to Enter: 1. FOLLOW all 3 Accounts: @official_otomix @steelfitusa @protan_official 2. Tag 5 Friends (and obviously like this Post) 3. In a separate comment, tell us your Shoe Size!👟 . Good Luck to everyone! Start Tagging!👉
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Just finished a days worth of video-ing and and hanging out with @jmmanion shooting for @npc@npcnewsonlineofficialpage - THANK YOU SO MUCH for yet again welcoming me into the NPC Warehouse and giving me the privilege to spend the entire day doing what I love! My “Road to the Arnold” will be available on @npcnewsonlineofficialpage soon and I hope you all enjoy my antics and can grasp a little bit of how I am preparing for my first show of 2018, the 30th Annual Arnold Classic, Bikini International!🙌🏼❤️🎉 • • • • • • • #teamprotan #teamsteelfit #protanusa #steelfitusa #ifbb #ifbbpro #ifbbprobikini #ifbbbikini #nodaysoff #bodybuilding #lift #girlswithmuscle #wcw #humpday #giveway #gymlife #fitfam #fitness #photooftheday #npcbikini #picoftheday #bik#bikinicoach #bikinicompetitor #CASEYSAMSEL #girlswholift #bikinipro #bikinicoach #teamcaseysamsel #asf2018
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Trust the process. ➕✖️ #diogomontPRO #TEAMMONT #IFBBPRO
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Con @@cristian.pancorbo en Olympia San Marino PRO'17 culturisto español ya muy titulado y no me cabe la duda que va a ganar mucho mucho más.El fisico espectacular👏🏼 With @ cristian.pancorbo in Olympia San Marino PRO'17 Spanish bodybuilder already well known and I have no doubt that he will win much more. The spectacular body👏🏼 Кристиан Панкорбо испанский бодибилдер, не смотря на свою молодость уже очень известный и титулованный. Часто приносим нашей команде много золотых. Как сказала девушка Кристиана: "Нины, ты как Кристиан только девочка" #fisioculturismospain #bod#bodybuildingn #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #bikini #bikininpc #bikiniposing #fit#fitnessbikini #fitnesmotivacion #culturismo #muscle #definicion #russianwoman #girlswithmuscle #strongman #ifbbprofessionalleаgue #ifbbproleаgue #competidor #wabbaspain #wabbaespaña #health #fit #teamprotan #protan #mussashoes #rubia #rusa #campeona #camppeones #wearethechampions
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Instead, pursue the things you love doing, then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you. ~ Maya Angelou. One blonde. Two brunettes. Three non-Americans in America chasing their dreams with all their might. #humpday done right with two of the best derrières on the planet - @angelicaht @rominabass 🌏 These two beauties inspire me endlessly to be better! 🙏🏽 Captured in the Nevada desert by @jmmanion @aroundthenpc_jm @npcnewsonlineofficialpage! Happy Hump Day 👋🏽
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Pro Tan® Wearin’ #Wednesday with IFBB Pro & Team Pro Tan® Athlete @maximeparisi_ifbbpro!🔥 Not only is Maxime “wearing” Pro Tan® on his skin (which looks flawless by the way😜), but he is also ready to throw on his @protan_official t-shirt!💪🏼💯 . 💥A Little Secret: Incredible Giveaway later today with @official_otomix and @steelfitusa!🙌
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Team Pro Tan® #Tuesday here with IFBB Bikini 👙 Pro @janetlayug!💜 Janet, we can’t wait to see you at the @arnoldsports 2018!🏆 #teamprotan
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Thank you for competing with us last year, we look forward to having you on our stage this year. #ifb#ifbbprobikini #ifbbproleague #norcalchsmpionships#sanantonioclassic❤️👙💎 @nai@naiaraschubert @evogennutrition @aroundthenpc_jm @bikinipronews #Repost @naiaraschubert with @get_repost ・・・ Bom dia... Entre derrotas e vitórias, salvaram-se todos!! . . Sou eternamente grata por todo aprendizado que obtive nesses 5 anos de Competições, muito grata a todos os mestres, parceiros, amigos que contribuíram com todas essas conquistas... foram 23 subidas nos palcos, conquistando 20 títulos 🙏🏼 . Muita história para contar, muita coisa para se perdoar é muito a que pedi perdão 🙏🏼 . É o que eu falo... Sozinha ou acompanhada o objetivo sempre é único, subir no meu melhor e apresentar com Felicidade o trabalho realizado com muito esforço mas acima de tudo com muito Amor!! . Seguindo em frente👣👣👣👣 Tinta @protanoficial_brasil . Fácil, prático e rápido ( várias vezes me pintei sozinha já, acreditem se quiserem heheh) . @spectrumfitnessproductions @npcnewsonlineofficialpage . . #TeamProTan #protan #ProLeague #ifbb #npc #IFBBPro #ns #NaiaraSchubert #fit #fit#fitnessvation #fitness #coach #bc #BalnearioCamboriu #love #inlove
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Evolução do atleta @jphique em 2 anos que fez dele Campeão Overall e Bicampeão Estadual - SC 16/17. 🏆🏆 Além de um grande atleta, uma baita história e uma grande inspiração para a Família TeamMont. #TEAMMONT #diogomontPRO #OnlineCoach #Consultoria _teammont #Probiotica #TeamProTan #MrsTaste #StormNutrition #IFB#IFBB/a> #IFBB #MensPhysique #MensPhysiquePRO #MensPhysiquePic #MensPhysiqueNews #Phy#Phy#Physique #Bod#Bodyding #Olympia #Physique #Muscle #Abs#Abs #Contest #Fit #Fitness #Maringa #SelfMade #fitfam #MrO #Physique #Flex #Abs #Body #Shape #Aesthetic
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Nobody is ever going to give you your dreams. You have to work for it. Fight for it. But there is far greater accomplishment in dreams you earn than anything that’s given. What you earn, you know you deserve. Luck made no champion. Even if you go for those huge dreams & fail, you still win. You had the courage to go head first into something that frightened you. That’s the type of bravery that takes you places. My new series, Road to the Arnold, is here. Episode 1 is live with teasers on IG & YouTube (I’ll link this from my IG story) & the full version exclusively on SJF TRIBE membership platform. The full version includes an extended 15 minute prep update & will include this exclusive content weekly including check in photos & feedback from @kim@kimbooddo. This week also includes a printable Glute Annihilation session to help YOU learn the way I train to continue to make improvements to what WAS my weakest body part & is now perhaps my strongest! I’m excited to share more than ever with my exclusive membership platform on the journey to my first @arnoldsports Bikini International & my 4th consecutive @arnoldsportsau Arnold Classic Australia. Questions on SJF TRIBE? Comment below, DM or email. To join the movement: www.sheenajaynefitness.com/sjf-tribe/ SJF TRIBE. Stronger together. 💎 @bodybyo @kimbooddo @officialbetterbodies @protectyourbeats @goldsgymvenice1 Content creator: @austinrayolaes @virulstudios 🎥
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Team Pro Tan® Athlete & IFBB Bikini 👙 Pro @michellesylviafit wants to know, "Are your goals for this year set in motion?"🙋‍♀️💁🏽‍♂️ 2018 here you come!💪💯 #teamprotan
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Your freedom lies in your ability to understand that nothing is certain, yet in all that’s uncertain you can create anything. Maybe my dreams are too big. Maybe I’ll never reach the highest heights. But one thing is certain - if I don’t try to achieve it, I won’t. You must dream big. Far beyond what appears attainable. You must dream of creating something real from what you can’t yet see. I am far from where I dream of being, but I’ve overcome things I never knew I could to stand where I am now, & that gives me all the strength I need to keep working tirelessly for my dreams. I don’t believe there is any such thing as a dream too big, only a heart that’s not big & brave enough to fight for what you want. 2018. Dream. Bigger. ⚡️ @mrolympiallc 2017 - Photo: @aroundthenpc_jm @npcnewsonlineofficialpage Suit: @cjselitesuits Heels & sparkles: @glamcompjewelry Tan: @protan_official Stage glam: @wwwbeeyecandycom
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Attract what you expect, Reflect what you desire, Become what you respect, Mirror what you admire. #MotivationMonday 📷 @photobycaz 💪 @idolmakermiami #Heythatsme #mirrormirroronthewall #IdolMakerMiami #PhotoByCaz #flex #shredded #NPCNationals #teamProTan #iAmSteelFit
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Team Pro Tan® Athlete & IFBB Bikini 👙 Pro @michellesylviafit wants to know, "Are your goals for this year set in motion?"🙋‍♀️💁🏽‍♂️ 2018 here you come!💪💯 #teamprotan
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PHOTO: @kai.york.official MAKE UP: @makeoversbybrandy Her messy hair is a visible attribute of her stubborn spirit. As she shakes it free, she smiles knowing wild is her favorite color. @j.ironword 🌸🌪💫 #kaiyorkphotography
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💥TSFAngel VideoSubmission . . I am SUPER excited to be advancing to the 2nd round of @The@TheShoeFairy_’s #TSFANGELSEARCH, here is my official Submission Video! It doesn’t meet the 1 min IG parameters so Swipe LEFT 👈🏻 to view the entire video! . . Thank you so much @BestMuscleVideo for the great video Work and getting it done SO quickly!! And thank you @DestinationDallasTexas for allowing us to use the gym to shoot this video!! . . I need everyone to be sending me GOOD VIBES to advance to the next round of submissions!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 . . Suit by: @GoddessGlamSuits Heels By: @TheShoeFairy_ Show Makeup: @AmyPeters18 Tan By: @ProTan_Official #DallasEuropa
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E L E V A T E. 🦋
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Team Pro Tan® & @steelfitusa Athlete @geobannypaula isn't letting us forget that it's #MuscleMonday!💪 We will see you in March at the @arnoldsports in Columbus, OH! #teamprotan
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Just checking if the gun is loaded. 🤔 #diogomontPRO #TEAMMONT #IFBBPRO
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This is a clip from Team Pro Tan® Athlete @bethany_ifbb's Routine from the @arnoldsports 2017!🤸‍♀️ What do you think she will bring to the stage this year?🤩 We can't wait to see!🏆
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Nothing like looking at Peak Week photos to light up Sunday morning cardio! ☄️ These are from the week of my 2017 @mrolympiallc Bikini Olympia. My weight was around 120lb/54.5kg. I have work to do to beat this girl. Thursdays check in weight was 132lb/59kg. My weight is still fluctuating with water but the leaner & tighter I get the less that usually fluctuates. It’s typical for me to drop 10lb in the final 2 weeks of prep by cutting carbs & any sodium/sweeteners - a usual “lightest” before that final 2 week push has previously been 125-128lb in a “first show” (back to back shows are another story). My weight the day before the Olympia was 115lb/52kg but I don’t expect to reach that light of a weight this prep with @kim@kimbooddo & I focused on bringing a dramatically different shape. On Friday @austinrayolaes & I filmed for Episode 1 of my Road to the Arnold series which will launch this week. I’m going to be sharing my prep in depth on my SJF TRIBE membership platform including progress photos, check ins with @kimbooddo, & printable documents of my actual workouts that I film during this series so that my members can perform my exact workouts. Last night we were looking back at my YouTube videos from the Olympia prep & its extremely motivating to feel as though I look a few weeks ahead right now from where I was at the same time before the Olympia. But feeling “on track” doesn’t mean I settle or that I’m satisfied. It pushes me to work harder & to strive for new levels! I love this process. The harder this gets the more motivated I am. The more my legs ache the faster I want to set the stair master & the more my muscles burn the greater the fire inside burns to dig deeper. I have no off switch - just a dial of levels that cannot be turned down only accelerated. Even if I feel “on track” I am haunted by the fear of being average - the fear of not being better than my previous best. It’s these fears that make me fearless because no matter how real the threat of failure I refuse to let it catch up with me. Failure isn’t an option. Better is the only option. I am all or nothing. 😈👊🏽 www.sheenajaynefitness.com/sjf-tribe/
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#SundayFunday with these 5 Bikini Beauties 👙 who competed at NPC Nationals '17 in Miami! Sometimes girls just wanna have fun!🙌💃🏻
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Make your own rules for your life. Don’t live by other people’s expectations because it can limit you and all of your worth. Create your own success and leave the anchors behind🙌🏼 • • • • • • • #teamprotan #teamsteelfit #protanusa #steelfitusa #ifbb #ifbbpro #ifbbprobikini #ifbbbikini #nodaysoff #bodybuilding #lift #girlswithmuscle #wcw #humpday #giveway #gymlife #fitfam #fitness #photooftheday #npcbikini #picoftheday #bik#bikinicoach #bikinicompetitor #CASEYSAMSEL #girlswholift #bikinipro #bikinicoach #teamcaseysamsel #asf2018
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#Repost @christinadartt 👙 Make sure you SWIPE!▶️▶️▶️ . White as snow and you’ve got a show coming up?❄️😳 Don’t worry, @protan_official has you covered! SWIPE▶️▶️▶️ to see how they took me this past season from pale af to ready for the stage! My tan has always turned out flawless and the girls that apply it are always calm and so sweet - just what you need before a show! 💕
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I wasn’t made to be contained in a box, & neither were you. Lemme out! I’m ready for the weekend!! I forgot my pants buutttt... heyyyy!! 😈 A lot in life we cannot predict. We face challenges & setbacks that we don’t “deserve” or “want” & sometimes that’s hard to understand@at the time. If I’ve learnt anything in this life it’s that your response to hardship or “bad luck” (I don’t believe in luck!) should never be “WHY ME?” Your response should always be “TRY ME!” I feel like this week was the finale of 2017’s storms. 2018 doesn’t know it yet but I’m ready. I’m ready to be better. I’m ready to be stronger. I will find new levels in my work ethic, I will grow as a person, I will step beyond my comfort zone & seek challenge & opportunity. I will act with integrity & choose what’s right over what’s easy. I won’t tolerate being undervalued or under-appreciated. I will speak my mind no matter how hard that may be. 2017 taught me a lot about myself & what I stand for. 2018 started with reminders of how important it is to stand strong & be true to myself no matter what. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ma close this door on 2017 & nail it shut. This beautiful California weekend calls for days doing what I love with my love & eyes only for what’s ahead! Happy weekend beautiful people! 🦋🦋🦋 Photo by: @jmmanion for @aroundthenpc_jm @npcnewsonlineofficialpage thinking outside the box in the Nevada desert 🌵☀️
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🔊Last Call: Have you taken down your Christmas Tree yet?🎄 @flexatronrhoden plans to leave his up the entire year!😝 Can't wait to see him on stage at the @arnoldsports 2018!💪🏽
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Tomorrow @d4m@d4musclefit will be in attendance at the 2018 Louisiana NPC Meeting & Workshop! Any athletes looking to take their competing career to the next level look for @daneslingerofficial! D4 is doing #BIGthings in 2018 and we want you to be a part of all the wins, personal victories, and family team disFUNcional fun! D4Muscle is offering 1 month free on a 6 month commitment or 3 Months free on an annual commitment! See you in Metairie! #teamprotan #beautiful #glu#glutes #oly#olympia #arnold #teamhourglass #d4muscle #fitnessfun #d4musclefit #squats #bodybuilding #fitchicks #fitgirlsguide #ifbbpro #physique #glutes #abs #competition #wshhfitness #npc #IFB#IFBB/a> #olympia #IFBB @npcnewsonlineofficialpage @digitalmusclemedia @modelmayhem @bubbylupo @npclouisiana __________________________________________________ * Check out @d4musclefit online at WWW.D4MUSCLEFIT.NET * Get 20% off of all beautyfit products using discount code D420 at www.beautyfit.com * Inquire about becoming a superior trained athlete at D4MUSCLE.FITNESS@GMAIL.COM * TANNING EXCLUSIVELY DONE BY @protan_official * D4MUSCLEFIT IS A PROUD EXCLUSIVE SUPPORTER OF THE NPC, USA & IFBB PRO LEAGUE 🇺🇸 www.npcnewsonline.com
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🚨GIVEAWAY! GIVEAWAY!🚨 UPDATE: The Winner is @jamecahall!! Congratulations!! Stay tuned for our next Giveaway!!👍 . FLASH GIVEAWAY with Pro Tan®! Ever think about applying your own Competition Tan?🙋🏽‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Our DIY Tanning Kits are easy to use, super convenient AND inexpensive!🙌 . ✅To Participate: 1. Follow @protan_official & @steelfitusa 2. Tag 4 Friends 3. In a separate comment, tell us WHY you want this DIY Tanning Kit!🤔 . We will select ONE WINNER to receive a full sized DIY Tanning Kit (a $120 value) and a bunch of SteelFit® Samples!💯
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Terminado mi entrenamiento siempre un scoop de bcaa de @bpi_sports me da mucha energía 😁para continuar con mi día al 💯 por qué aún hay cosas y sueños que cumplir 🇲🇽 ... #teambpi #teamprotan
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Regata nova do @_teammont, mandou mt filhão @ricardo_peruchi! Qualidade 👌🏼💎 #TEAMMONT #diogomontPRO #IFBBPRO
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#FBF to last year when Team Pro Tan® Athlete @sheenajayne_fitness won the NY Pro!🏆 She brought an impeccable package to the stage, and we're sure she'll do the same this March at the @arnoldsports in Columbus, OH!💙
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