We welcome you to the Imagination Association! ✨ This account is the result of our love for all things magical and dreamy. Since this is our first post, it's probably best to introduce ourselves. On the left is Jarod, a multi-disclipined designer who's favorite phrase is "fair enough." On the right is Natasha, a food blogger and mother of rabbits. The both of us are young at heart, forever in search of wondrous things. We thought it would be fun to share our mutual interests in a consolidated location. A place where imagination may be celebrated and loved. Join us as we adventure through the lands of make believe. Lands where imagination flows infinite. 🌠 #imaginationassociation
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Exactly 5 years ago today we took our first trip to @disneyland together just as friends. Over time that friendship grew and now 5 years later we still visit our happy place together as often as we can. I can’t imagine my life without you in it. Here’s to many more years of love and friendship. ✨💗✨ #disneyland #makingmemories #teamdatenight
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Fun time tonight running @zilker_relays! Had a PR on the #gar#garmin for a mile at 7:54! #atx#atxing #teamdatenight #coupleswhorun #zilkerrelays #atx #zilkerpark #roguerunning #garmin #garminforerunner235 #runner
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#MarriageMondays #Dat#DateNight use to be a "cute" thing lol.👫💏 & its still fun & all, BUT now....its a necessity, its something that belongs in the #BUDGET- like a bill! 💰If we're not careful, we'll de-prioritize date night & will live a #life of mundanity, talking about nothing but bills, kids 🚼& life responsibilities AND most importantly, not have any #visibility around what's going on in your spouse's #heart/mind.😱 Oh heck nah, we neeeeeds date night! --------------------------------------------------- @thechantallaneau put it best on her blog: "In order to survive and live the lives we want we know we have to grind at work and take care of daily things that are absolutely necessary. With that said, it is so easy to focus on those things and forget to add a date night or a moment just for you two. Both people have to be actively sustaining to funness (definitely not a word) in the marriage and it could be the simplest things. We love grocery shopping together and binge watching TV shows. No matter what you consider fun just be intentional about getting it in there because work and school can easily consume your time. Although those things at important, the happiness in your marriage is priority!" So...what do you think about #DateNight in marriage? ⬇⬇⬇⬇
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Last night was amazing! 😃 We had a tasty dinner at Kettner Exchange followed up by some tropical drinks @falseidoltiki. 🍹I loved the vibe and offerings at both places. Jarod certainly planned an epic birthday evening for me. Thank you babe! 💗
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I just wanted to take a moment to show some appreciation for this wonderful man. It's not even officially my birthday for a few more hours and he's already gone out of his way to make me feel like a princess. 💗👸🏼In my life story he is Prince Charming. I know fairytales aren't real, but he certainly tries his best to make my life feel like one when he can, even when it's not my birthday. Thank you Jarod for all that you've done for me and continue to do every day. I love you! ✨💗✨
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Fuck bitches, get Monet 🎨💰#wineandpaint #teamdatenight #muse
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Having a movie night #tea#datenight # greater's #lordoftherings
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