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True story: 1 year ago today I sat across the table from this guy, having breakfast, on our first date. It took me forever to finish my meal cause we were talking so much. He was supposed to go to class but he ended up missing it because we talked so easily that we lost track of time. I remember thinking he was so cute and handsome and it was weird because typically good looking guys weren't very nice and chill and easy to talk to and weren't interested in girls like me. I sat there listening to him talk about math and music and I told him about my passion for yoga and working with children, among other things. I thought he was amazing. And I guess he thought the same because we hung out again a few days later and then basically never stopped hanging out ever since. I was hesitant to meet him (we met through tinder), because we had such good conversations through text and I was scared it wouldn't be as good in person. When we talked, it felt like we were already best friends. I had also been lied to, manipulated, and used so many times in the past that I had grown cautious and wasn't sure if I was ready to try again and possibly be hurt again. But after a couple weeks of talking online, I decided to let go of those fears and agreed to go on a date because I had a good feeling about him. Luckily he was patient and didn't give up on me! And he was the most genuine, sweet and loving person I've ever met; I knew he wouldn't hurt me. We were instant best friends and fell in love quickly. I couldn't be happier to have gone on that date because it changed my life for the better and I met the love of my life. In some ways I can't believe it's been a year since we met but on the other hand it feels like we've known each other for decades ❤✨❤✨ . . . #lovestory #bestfriends #truelove #soulmates #bestfianceeever #loveofmylife #bettertogether #sweetestlove
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She literally makes me the happiest person on earth🌍....even through our hard times🗡📉 I'm blessed😇 to even go through them with you... never thought we'd meet again💚😏...thank you best friend💟👭 my love 💛my breath of fresh air😘😥💨... #lovewins #lgbt #lgbtlove #nolalove #God#Goddessofnola #goddessandqueen #queens #happy #sweetestlove #usies #lesbians #goddessmade #nolaqueen #nol#nolasfinest #Goddessofnola #ISISTHEGODDESS #nolasfinest #fullfigured #THICK #beautyinitself
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Aside from giving birth to my beautiful babies, one of the greatest things this world has given me is allowing me to fall in love with my best friend. I love you!!❤️ #mcm #myfiance #sweetestlove #fineaf
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Happy 1st Anniversary Baby love... Geez baby - we made it... 😘 This is the first of many milestones and memories baby... Thank you for the amazing year - for the constant and unconditional love and support... I would not ask or want a better partner in crime - You da best... I can't wait for all that is in store for us... I will continue to pray that Lord blesses the path we take together and that no weapon formed against us will prosper... I believe that you were hand-crafted for someone like me.. I am grateful for your life Neil... I love you Neil Jacobs - to infinity and beyond... #MyLove #SweetestLove #BonnieAndClyde #RideTogether
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This girl makes me feel alive, always doing the most #sweetestlove#onlygettingbetter
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The LuX Firm had a great time on 9/9/17!! LaWanda & Kevin Nelson tied the knot. The Bride wanted a intimate Vintage-Glam wedding. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs.Nelson!!! "The Laid Back Couple". #HappilyMarried #LuXBride #BlushPink #Sequin #Silver #Griffin&Co #IntimateWeddings #TheLuXFirm #Lace #SweetestLove #NelsonNuptials Vendors: Design & Decor @gri@griffinandcompany Photography @StrongTowerPhotography Catering: Griffin &Co. @griffinandcompany Makeup Artist: @cindyjmakeupartistry EventPlanner @_TheluxFirm Brides Cake: @couturecakes (Tara)
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