Last meal of the day, almond and lemon crusted cod ☺️! Got a snack of fruit and yoghurt (from mousse me up allowance as I ate jelly on its own) for later. Both of us have a bit of a sore head this evening which is probably due to sugar withdrawal 😩! Going to have a half hour rest and then go prep cocoa coconut pancakes (as muffins) and cheese and onion egg muffins for our breakfast and dinner tomorrow 😬💪🏻 #90d#90dayssse1 #c1d1 #90daysss #90daybodychallenge #90sssplan #joewicksbodycoach #bodycoach #leanin15 #weddingdiet #sweatingforthewedding #fit#fitnessmotivation #fitness
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Week 2 day 1..✅ first hotel room workout but still managed to get er done! 🙃 I also decided that every successful week completed I will be buying myself a small treat. New nike sports bra for completing week 1! 😊🤸. . . #beachbody #80dayobsession #obsessedaf #nike #training #niketraining #findyourbalance #sweatingforthewedding #shreddinfortheweddin #health #unstoppable #spartan #trifecta #spartantraining #obs#obs#obstaclecourseng #obstaclecourse #obstacle #overcomingobstacles #gettingstronger #pos#positive #gogetter #motivation #positive #fit#fitbit #fit #jazzercise #danceitup #myhappyplace #journeytofindmyself
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MONDAY! I’m so ready to tackle this week! I was up at 4:45 this morning to get Day EIGHT of EIGHTY in. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 On my way to work, I reflected on how far I’ve come. And how much I’ve achieved with my determination and DEDICATION. . . . . #hardwork #healthy #exercise #fitness #fitnessmotivation #beachbody #beachbodyondemand #bod #80dayobsession #alittleobsessed #monslay #mondayvibes #positivevibes #vibes #takeontheday #fitbride #bride #sweatforthedress #sweatingforthewedding
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Every day is a great day to sweat.
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WEEK 1 goal: be more OBSESSED with the discipline than results. I have to say though...for the amount of food I’m eating, super happy with the results! WEEK 2, brings all new workouts & I’m ready!👊🏻. . #SweatLifeTribe #SELFLOVE #absarecoming #eattobefit #nursepractitioner #mondayvibes
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Never miss a Monday ✌️
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Day 8/80 and I am already getting stronger💪🏼 same moves as day 1, less reps, more sets.The goal was to increase weight, lift heavier as well as increase resistance bands. I’m marking this as a success 🙌🏻🔥#fitnurse #80dayobsession #pcossucks #sweatingforthewedding
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My first week back on weight watchers wasnt perfect, but still managed to lose!! 😄 #weightlossjourney #weightwatchers #wwfreestyle #sweatingforthewedding
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MISSED OUT ON JOINING MY TEST GROUP?! 😨 Well, I got GOOD NEWS for YOU 🙌🏽😄🗞. . . Enrollment to join my February test group for this 80 day abs + booty + timed nutrition program is NOW OPEN 💥🍑🍴⏰ What’s even better is that since I’ll be 1/3 of the way into this program - I’ll be much more knowledgeable and be able to HELP YOU even more to reach those goals of having a healthier lifestyle ✨😉. . . I only have 2️⃣0️⃣ spots open for this next round so get in touch with me quick! You won’t wanna miss this next round 👯‍♀️👯‍♂️ #80DaysOfSelfLove #FebruraryTestGroup #Enrollment #JoinMeNow #NoMoreFOMO #CallingAllBeautiesWhoWantBiggerBooties #MoveOfTheDay
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I am so excited to start this next step of my health/fitness journey! I decided to join #weightwatchers today. I’ve seen so many positive reviews and posts on the new freestyle program that I wanted to try it myself. This week may be a little rough, since I didn’t plan for this at all, but I am so excited to see where this journey takes me along with the Beachbody workouts!
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A friend said to me yesterday that we get so bent out of shape trying to be the perfect nurse, wife, fiancé, Mom, daughter, friend, etc. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be great and to do it all. But why don’t we just be.. just be who we are. Just be ourselves. Just be and live the best life you can every day
5 1
You will forever be my always❤️ — Gosh I love my husbands smile! Sometimes it still doesn’t feel real that we are married. I get to spend the rest of my life with this man like what?! This day was such a dream & I want to marry you over and over again @jimboslices8 !! My forever lobster❣️ — P.S. how cute is my uncle Deano?!😍
46 14
Omgggg day8/80 holy shitttttt. Today was hard. I lifted heavier. Used heavier bands and did way more bear crawls than I did last week. It’s progress not perfections and even though I died I feel strong and amazing after!!! Never miss a Monday! It helps me set my tone for the week!!!
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Whole30 crab cakes on a mixed green salad with lemon and red wine vinegar #whole30 #healthyeating #sweatingforthewedding
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Just cause I rocked the 🍍 bun doesn’t mean I called 🍍😜 my challengers know what I mean!! 😂 but it’s Monday so you know I didn’t miss out on the messy bun and motivational tank 😉
12 1
Announcing my first giveaway for my Why Wait DietBet starting January 31st!! 🤩 . I have teamed up with the awesome folks at @proteinmilkshake and one lucky winner will get a full size bag of cupcake batter protein, a $75 value!! It is gluten free, naturally sweetened, has 22g of protein, and just 2sp per serving! I love this flavor!!🍰 . This morning I had a literal “protein milkshake” using their Rocky Road flavor, some cold brew coffee, and frozen bananas! It was absolutely amazing, swipe to see! 🍫 . There are so many uses for protein powder, and this brand has some especially delicious flavors! Players in my DietBet will get the chance to enter a challenge to win this giveaway some time during the four week game starting January 31st! If you want to win a free entry to my bet, check my last post for details on how to win! Any questions about #proteinmilkshake or @dietbet in general? Leave them below! 😁
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ONE FREAKING WEEK • SEVEN DAYS • SIX WORKOUTS • SIX ON POINT DAYS • ONE DAY OF BOMB NUTRITION BUT NOT RIGHTLY TIMED 🙈 • THREE different views so the hata’ in the back can see that this is not just a one good angle thing 💁‍♀️💃 plus incredible confidence and energy gains 😍🤘😍 so its almost 3 weeks into the New Years, how are your 2018 health goals going? (for real, I wanna know 💕) if it’s going GREAT I want to celebrate YOU if you’re starting to get bored let me know cause I’d love to help you get started with me and the babes on Monday 👯‍♀️👄 #FitBFFsOrNah #TheFitLifeBabes ps next week I’ll give ya the booty gains pic cause I forgot to take that this morning but omg 😯🙈🍑
25 3
The scale has not been my favorite thing. I have fluctuated between 170 & 169 for a week now. It seems so stupid that I focus solely on this number. I see and feel my progress and I tried on my wedding dress and it fits just like it did, my clothes don’t fit anymore they are too big, and I went shopping and dropped 3-4 pant sizes. I listen to everyone say it’s just water weight, its muscle, it’s stress related, it’s this and that. I want to take that to heart but after losing 20 pounds so easily, I didn’t expect to hit this plateau. I think it’s a mental barrier that isn’t spoke about when the discussion of weight loss is brought up. You see these transformation pictures but you fail to see what hard work and struggles happen in-between the two pictures. I will hit the gym hard this week and hopefully I’ll see more progress and forget about the stupid scale. ⚖️ #wei#weightlossney #weightloss #scaleaintmoving #mental #down20pounds #myjourney #mylife #mythoughts #fitness #gym #weightlifting #scalessuck #imnotanumberonascale #numberonascale #fitnessjourney #sweatingforthewedding #amy #life #reallife #behindthescenes #kickmybutt #workharder #onmygrind #thankful
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Since it’s lunch time ⏰ & if you’re wondering what I prepped for lunch this week 😋🥗 used 2 green portion containers for the salad & 1 red container for my protein. #masonjarsalads #portioncontrol
21 5
You can’t expect to be skinny after eating one healthy meal. 🥗 You didn’t gain the weight overnight so don’t expect to lose it that fast! Work hard to achieve your goals and be proud of your progress no matter how little it may be.👊🏼
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Allow me to introduce myself 👑 My name is Melissa; mother, wife, certified wedding planner and owner of Melissa Dewgards Designs. I’m a born and bred Brooklyn girl, but I spent a few years living in FL (where i fell in love with the #SaltLife) while my husband was in the Air Force. I have 2 children who are the reason for me building this brand. I’m a crafter at heart, and a lover of LOVE ❤️. My specialty is alternative wedding bouquets and accessories. Pearls are my “thing” but I can do it all; brooches, silk flowers, you name it. I’m here for YOU. To bring your DREAM vision to life. DM me, click the link in my bio and follow my Etsy shop. Let’s chat about what I can do for you 👰🏽 #HelloWorld #MeetTheArtist
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This dish is SO GOOD, y’all! I got the recipe from @ilostbigandsocanyou and meal prepped it for my lunches this week. “Game Day Chicken” at only 3 sp a cup! (Points are based on the type of cream cheese you use. I couldn’t find fat free, so I used 1/3 fat. Tortilla strips are 1 sp for two tbsp.)
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Being a nurse isn’t always glamorous. Some days are filled with people pulling you in 100 different directions, demanding things all at the same time. People don’t understand that you have 4-5 other patients to take care of and you are 1 person. Some days, you just feel like quitting. Given all of that, I still wouldn’t change my job for anything but I am ready to be done with school and move onto a different aspect of nursing as an NP 👩🏼‍⚕️ . I had a rough day at work yesterday. To top it off, when I left work, I accidentally took a key home and had to go all the way back and missed some of the patriots game. Looking on the bright side, the patriots won and we are onto our SIXTH Super Bowl 😍🏈 . Yesterday was an impromptu rest day but I’m ready to get back into my workouts with leg day 💪🏼❤️ . Some days, as much as we try to plan and plan, things don’t happen as we expect. Yesterday, I wanted to do my workout after I watched the game with my family, but it didn’t happen that way. And that’s ok. I’m moving on today and picking up where I left off. Make the programs work for YOU ❤️ We all have different needs, different schedules, and different goals, you’ve gotta make it work for your life, not someone else’s.
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Grid Bra, Pocket Capris and Bomber Jacket👌 @zyiaactive_apparel . . . .
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Some people get the wrong idea about portion control and timed nutrition. Y’all this is one green, one yellow, and one red container. It’s a lot of food! Timed nutrition and portion control are only as scary as you make it!
11 1
B B G • P W R ⚡️ What a way to kick off week 2! I thought I was going to die 😱 Those negative push ups at the end were almost MY end. I was shaking so much I almost fell on my face. Monday ✔️ . . . . . #bbg #bbgcommunity #bbg12weekchallenge #bbgpwr #chesttriceps #fitness #workout #deathbykayla #applewatch #appleactivity #kelseywells #kelseywellspwr #sweatingforthewedding #noexcuses
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Back to our normal, pajama wearing, low-key life and I am so content. I planned to make today a normal work day as I deff have some catching up to do, but I think I’ll take some time with them instead, because I can ♥️ . . . . . #postpartumfitness #strongereveryday #teacherlife #postpartumjourney #csectionrecovery #fitforlife #ukmum #strongmom #tiubride #tiucommunity #womenempoweringwomen #sel#selflove #diasitisrecti #quickworkout #motivation #momshelpingmoms #exerciseveryday #wifey #momblog #sweatingforthewedding #postpartumbelly #selflove
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A little foliage fun 🌿🍃🌱
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But this time with my son. Ugh. This has been a rough couple of weeks and honestly I’m struggling mentally right now. I just want things to be back to normal and the sickness to be gone. This weekend I cleaned my house from top to bottom and disinfected everything. Positive vibes are welcome! Hoping I can stay on track today and get a workout in at some point. . . . #fit#fit #hea#healthy #fitfam #weightlossjourney #motivation #workout #fit #diet #gym #eatclean #fitspo #health #cleaneating #exercise #nutrition #bodybuilding #healthyeating #healthyfood #food #getfit #instafit #cardio #transformation #inspiration #training #sweatingforthewedding #goals #fatloss #lifestyle #fatgirlfedupsdietbet
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This face though...😭😭😭 Puppers did not like the thunderstorm and rain this morning, poor baby woke momma up crying in the kennel, so we bundled up on the couch and he actually CUDDLED with me!!! This is HUGE 🤣 It may be normal for other puppies but this one is not a snuggler and really wants nothing to do with sitting for longer than a couple minutes lol! Usually it means play time if he's on your lap. So this momma soaked it in extra hard this morning. We caught up on @nashvillecmt + all our coaching messages, even got some new ladies started from the comfort of our living room. Win, win over here! Time to blend up our daily superfoods shake and get my sweat on in a bit for day 8/80 👊🏽 Are your puppies cuddlers or restless like mine?! || #teamriseaboveit
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Just a peek into my shopping cart 🛒 ***** I am changing up some of my meals for the week and cannot wait to show you! ***** #fitnessmadebreezy #choosejoy2018 #womenempowerment #settleformore
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Day 1/53 wedding diet/workout ⚖️152 lbs No one needs to bother asking me to go out for anything until after March 🤣 ❌NO CHEATS! ❌NO ALCOHOL! ✅VEGGIES ✅LEAN PROTEIN ✅HEALTHY CARBS 💦WATER 🏋🏻‍♀️DAILY WORKOUTS
17 1
Slowly but surely! 👰🏻
30 4
24 2
Breakfast today is brought to you by 5SP’s worth of coffee and Pink Floyd. I brought a #DDOP make ahead breakfast sandwich, but i’ll end up having that for lunch since the coffee is so filling. • • • - [ ] #weightloss #ww #weightwatching #weightwatchers #weightlossjourney #balance #beyondthescale #wwfam #wwfamily #wwfooddiary #wwsupport #wwsisterhood #smartpoints #smartpointsfam #trackingpoints #weightwatchersoklahoma #wwoklahoma #wwoklahomasisterhood #livefully #trackinnotslackin #worktheplan #goaldigger #down10bywinter #sweatingforthewedding #WWBride
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Day 8/80 done this morning and I'm feeling stronger than last week! I didn't increase my weights but I increased my resistance bands and overall the moves just felt better. I felt more focused and I'm so excited to see my results from this program. Feeling good on this Monday and ready to tackle my birthday week! 🎉
15 2
Shredded potatoes/runny eggs & brocc. 🍳 Nothin' beats a 5 min meal with minimal cleanup!!! 🎉👌 #eggies #simplify #ihatedoingdishes
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When you just want to be cozy on a rainy day at work, you bring your heating pad and favorite tea ✨
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GIVEAWAY ALERT! 🚨 Alright friends, here’s something exciting for a little #mondaymotivation!! Over the next 10 days until my DietBet starts I will be shouting out one of my awesome giveaways each day! And I will be giving away TWO FREE CREDITS to join my game starting January 31st!! 🤩 . To enter to win one of the free credits, all you have to do is repost any of my giveaway posts (this one is included!), tag four friends who you think might like to join, and make sure to tag me in the photo (not just the caption!) and use hashtag #chefmaddiewhywaitgiveaway so I can find your post!! You can repost any and all of the photos, so you can enter up to 9 times! To earn a 10th bonus entry, join my game and comment on the post on my dashboard in the game! The last giveaway will be posted next Monday and the two winners will be chosen Tuesday! Good luck! 🍀 . You can swipe here to see a little sneak peek of the giveaways, but make sure to check back a little later today to see the first giveaway shoutout! Hint: it’s high in protein and I had it for breakfast this morning 😉
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In 1 year and 5 months from today I’ll be a freaking WIFE!!!! 👰🏼🤵🏻 This year is about to be epic 🔥🔥🔥 so many exciting things happening!!! •• ••Planning our wedding in Lebanon 🇱🇧 ••Building my business 💁🏼‍♀️ ••Graduating with my MBA 👩🏼‍🎓 ••I’ll become an aunt again 👶🏼 ••AND a million other things to be grateful for 💚• • • #successonmymind #fit #fitness #getoutofyourownway #lifting #womenwholift #bodypositive #bodybuilding #health #wellness #financialfreedom #liveyourlife #startyourlife #watchmegrow #orjoinme #redhead #cle #detroit #sunnydays #bride #junebride #sweatingforthewedding #uncomfortable #lebanon #workinprogress #bodybuilder #livinmybestlife #failforward #failoften #wife
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