Tonight as I reflect on all the Lord showed me today I go back to that moment when my heart was stilled by His beauty. I beheld His glory in nature and it moved me to worship. I rested my worries at His feet, actively kept my hands off of them even though I was tempted to and received His peace in the most tangible way. I wasn't praying for comfort necessarily but I was confessing my weariness. It was then He showed me His unfailing love. Looking back at this dock at the waters edge, I like to think of how His rest is a ramp to His hope. I didn't see it then but now thinking back I do. Again and again the Lord will reveal His nature to His lovers. I love how He knows just what to do when we surrender. I rest in Him and my heart is full. I'll surrender a 1000 times too.
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Sunrise. QLD. Australia.
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Sunrise at the largest unfinished Roman Catholic church in the world. Double tap if you like it! Source: @ilhan1077
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Singapore; have you been here? Image: @cheekztagram
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Buenos dias Mexico!!!!
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Took my boy down for a swim this morning, but no go, too rough - it looked like this. But he did pee all over me. So I guess I still got wet. #goldenshowers #igotpeedonagain . . . #wildweather #sun#sunrisesunsets #50shadesofbondi #bon#bondi #bondilocal #morningwalk #morningswim #samsunggalaxys7 #sunrise #bondibeach #bondi #swimmingaustralia #beachlife #thebeach #dadlife #goodmorningsydney
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