To już ostatnia szansa na złapanie koszulek oś STUSSY w cenie 99 pln . Zapraszamy do Vert Poznań lub online na #promocja #przecena #wyprzedaż #czyszczeniemagazynu @stussy @insta_vertshop #streetwear #streetstyle #urbanfashion #instagood
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Leah Rödl (@leah_rodl) after #alexismabille
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I can't take off my eyes this is something different it looks like choreography and song are made for each other 😃 @sagar_bora @gautam_13_official @durgeshkarlad1313 insane you all 👌🏻 💟 #streetstyle #oldschool
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⚜️Parisian night ⚜️ I don't know if you've noticed but I'm king of addicted to red lately 🌹 I feel like it's perfect for winter and gives a punch to every winter look, don't you think ?
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GR Longline Tee in White, all currently sold out. 13th March new stock coming in!
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Still sitting on pink clouds! ☄🌈
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Subway Chronicles Credit : Frank Caruso
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It never gives up ❤️
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Rose gold is my favourite colour if you see my room it has pops of rose gold everywhere EVERYTHING looks better in rose gold. When I die I want a rose gold coffin with spray painted rose gold flowers 💐
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Things which I have learnt today- 1. Do not try and make a toddler eat pancakes even though they haven’t had it before. 2. Do not go ahead and put it on the tray when you hear screams of “NO”100 times 3. Do not scream SHIT as it’s thrown to the floor. 4. Do not say shit he’s saying shit because he’s just heard me saying shit. 5.Do not leave face wash at the side of the bath while your writing about your Do nots 🙄. On another note this two piece I put together was soo warm and comfy to wear in this dreadful rain the bottom now looks like a dirty dog that’s been rolling in all sorts for days 😳
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Feeling the need to compete is a disease want what you want for yourself for others and don’t do something because you see someone else doing it. This will make you unhappy
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These are my everyday makeup essentials I can’t leave my house without my bronzer or a lippie. My new fav is the Fenty gloss bomb it tastes sooo yummy and leaves such a natural shine. I also love my lip scrub from Sephora that I brought while I took a trip to Paris am I allowed to say it tastes sooooooo good defo one to use before your kissing them boys on Valentine’s Day loool 🎨 💅🏽
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