Good to be back in sussex! #hassocks #autumn馃崄
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Storm over the vines...
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A few words of summary of yesterday's fight. First of all I would like to thank all the fans. Those who were present in tha hall. You made a great atmosphere. But also those who were watching and crossing their fingers in front of their monitors. I hope iat least partially gave you a great show which woke you up at pleased a bit. As I promised before I put all my effort in the fight and left my heart in the octagon. Unfortunately the ending was very tough for me but as you could see I did not make a single step back and was ready for hard push. Well, this time my opponent was lucky to make this one hard, precisious punch, but this is MMA. Now it's tome for recovery and for sure I will come back stronger. I hope I will have the opportunity to give you good fights but this time with my arm up! I would like to thank my sponsors: PPHU Wojtex; Opiume Jubiler; Profilaktyka i Zdrowie; Centrum Ubezpiecze艅 Agnieszka Sadowska; Radix Konstrukcje Stalowe i Metalowe Radek Borowski; Centrum Medyczne Bimed, ActiveRehab- Centrum Rehabilitacji; Sushi Kushi; Kapitan Houk; Pitnull West Coast; StormCloud. Without you I wouldn' t be able to be where I am now. This is not the last word, however. We still have a lot to do together. I'd like to thank my coaches: Rados艂aw Olczyk, Dawid Pep艂owski, Tomasz Zamaro, 艁ukasz Zaborowski, Przemys艂aw Strumian.. Also big bow to the coaches of Jackson wink: Chad Smith, Mike Winkeljohn, Joey Villasenor and the whole team. You support during preparations but also during the fight itself meant a lot to me and gave me lots of motivation. I am happy I have such a wonderful team (coaches, friends, colleagues). We will win together again not once! Regards to all of you! See you! #ufc #afterfight #ufcgdansk #jacksonwink #stasiakmma #mma #fightsports #pitbullwestcoast #stormcloud #opiumejubiler #sushikushi #ufcpoland
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When you are out and about and get a tornado warning. #tornado #stormcloud #Oklahoma
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