During the past week I spent a lot of time hanging out and sharing laughs with the man with the gorgeous flowing locks, @goodtynes. It was great seeing where his acro and handstand practice have come since I saw him last. All I have to say is my o my your handstand is looking gorgeous! The dedication and effort you put into your practice is clearly paying off. It is inspiring to see the progress you are making, and is pushing me to do more handstand training myself. Your line is so great, it made this hand to hand feel incredibly solid. I loved spending so much time with you and can't wait till we get to hang out again!
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It's a deepavali holiday today. Taking this time to jam with some sweet souls (@jaimenal @haylaneyogi @sitmuih @siokkoon @taylor__maa @kominamijunko ) Finally having some hang time. Happy with the progression.
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I had the best fall break hanging out with my favorite couple ever, @theacroclimbers! We got to do some fantastic climbing, where I cleanly led my first 10a woop woop! I also met their dog naboo which is the cutest little pup in the world! I loved teaching to the Birmingham acro community with the wonderful human and talented acrobat/teacher that is @thekalicokat. The icing on the cake was when our #LIFTbrother @ninja.pat came out to support us. I'm so grateful to have such wonderful friends and humans in my life. Thank you all for the joy you bring to my life and this world!
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When you have a strained shoulder but a chance to try the much longed-for standing hand-to-hand, especially with such an awesome base as @abe.froman.acro (and in lines to make sure it's safe), you take it! So excited to do this skill, and feel fairly comfortable in it (shoulder aside)! . . . #goals #practiceandalliscoming #h2h #standingh2h
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Es como si entraras en este planeta con una caja de crayolas, puedes tener la caja de 8 ó la de 16... pero todo depende que haces con las crayolas y los colores que se te dan y no te preocupes por dibujar dentro de las lineas ó fuera de ellas. Yo coloreo fuera de la página, que no te limiten. Flyer @paola_acro 🙌
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•”May every sunrise hold more promise, and every sunset hold more peace”• Even as we enjoyed this beautiful sunset last night the smell of smoke from the fires was in the air, and we knew the smoke from the fires was what set the sun on fire. Praying for the peace for the victims & their families, and for all the men and women working around the clock to fight the fires and care for the wounded. 🙏🏻❤️🔥
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I had the greatest time working on my favorite h2h entrance with @toriacrohart! She did such a great job with these even though she had little experience with it. These booty pops are just so much fun, especially when tori adds her pretty legs into the mix. I look forward to booty popping you some more in the future! 😃
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🦅There is freedom waiting for you, on the breezes of the sky, and you ask "What if I fall?" Oh but my darling, What if you fly? - Erin Hanson (One of my favorite quotes). Truly one of the best days of my life! This was (is*) a dream/goal come true, to not only find consistency jumping into h2h without a spot or cathedral, but to find my line, find stillness, and trust our teamwork on any surface! Thank you @acropanther for your teamwork, dedication, patience, inspiration, and encouragement! I am beyond excited to have overcome fear today to reach this goal with you! #ontheothersideoffear #teamwork #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #vision #dreamcometrue #practiceandalliscoming #h2h #hand2hand #acro #acroyoga #sta#standingacrobatics #standingacro #circusarts #trust #fly #base #letgo #acrobatics #acroyogis #standinghandtohand #dedication #inspired
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Boing, boing, boop! That is the sound that plays in my head during this skill. I haven't worked on these walk ins to reverse hand to hand much, but man they are fun! It was great playing around and finding success in this skill. @toriacrohart is such a badass flyer and is a large part of why we found success in this! She is such a fun person to work with, I can't wait until we get to play again! Thanks for keeping us safe @acrobeard
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Jugando con @kodama14 Días de parque de sol. Aprovecharlos al máximo como los días, uno no sabe cuando se va el el sol o se va uno. #Acroyoga #yogaspiritlove #acroyoguis #standinghandtohand
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Días de parque que alegran Días de #inlocated Vamos que ya sale la #maxima , falta poco Continuar jugando , día a día Con @kodama14 #Acroyoga #standinghandtohand
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Ya estamos en octubre, un mes de primavera, calorcito y Acroyoga El 27, 28 y 29 de octubre, celebramos Acrocamp de primavera/ SOLAR en grande #pichilemu Compartiremos la técnica de una forma progresiva y lineal para llegar a #handtohand, en donde el trabajo en equipo y spoters serán los protagonistas. El trabajo y apoyo en equipo será hermoso. Tenemos sorpresas para los que manejan #standinghandtohand Será un gran curso y una experiencia colectiva. Ya los cupos se van, escríbenos para que no queden fuera Acroyogachilela@gmail.com #Acroyoga #Acrocamplove
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This is the second part of the flow @acroyogini and myself put together. It was incredibly cool finding a way to transition between the L basing and standing portions. This standing portion I learned at @acrohio which includes a super fun entrance into h2h. Carean picked up on it in no time cause she's such an incredibly talented individual. Such a fun little flow, I can't wait to explore more creative movements with ya! . . . . 🎶 material-black light
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First time Standing Hand 2 Hand!! Not perfect yet... but super amazing moments with beautiful half moon!! Thank you @justincaruso @acro_papa and Tom!! You guys are awesome!! Hopefully I can do it better! 初めてのスタンディングH2H!完璧じゃないけど…できた瞬間は感動!もっとうまく出来るようになりたいなー🤸🏼‍♀️Justin、Mark、Tom、撮ってくれた皆さんありがとうございました✨ #acroyoga #acroyogis #acrobatics #standinghandtohand #inversion #acroyogah2h #acroh2h #yoga #yogagirl #acroeverydamnday #acroeverywhere #standingacro #standingacroyoga #pairyoga #park #sun #halfmoon #trust #connection #sky #namaste
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First time doing this little pop into h2h. Not as bad as I thought it was gonna be but then again it's always good to have a top notch base @eugeneveganbutcher - I learnt so much on the @acroyogadance AI programme workshop yesterday! Bring on more! Thanks to my fellow AI's @zanejackson1315 and @kevincallaby for some amazing spotting!
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Drilling lots of standing acrobatics this weekend, staying in an acro party house with awesome people and learning lots of new material to bring back to Seattle. Life is good! ✨🤸🏽‍♀️💓 #acroyoga #standingacro #standingacrobatics #standinghandtohand #standingshoulderstand
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Been awhile since my last standing hand to hand.... 1st attempt :: I chicken out once I realised I was on my own, after Tonio let me go from his spot. This video is my 2nd attempt :: I was thinking too much about Mark whose basing, (can he hold my weight?, am I making him work too much?). I also worry about Tonio who spotting me, (I can't flip and fall else I will fall on his face). 😡 I have to stop from over thinking, if I want to succeed! Grrr... Thank you @elf_sg for basing. Thank you @kuvdolinc2 for video.
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