Had you told me in January that I'd be balancing another human on my hands by the end of the year, I'd have looked at you funny and backed away slowly. And yet... here I am. My lovely levitating lady is, as usual, @zuzana.samkova - thanks to @andreazaratin11 & Meredith for spotting! Don't forget to check out @moejoflow for acro shenanigans. #acroyoga #acroyogafun #hand2hand #standinghandtohand #balancingpeople #pointyourtoes #moejoflow
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Entrenamiento y motivación con @paola_acro al ritmo de M Jackson 💪
103 8
Ending a busy day with sweet successes. I know I have lots of alignment work to do but I'll take it 😁🤸🏽‍♀️ • • • #sunset #acroyoga #standinghandtohand #oceanbeach
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I've just started delving into these rh2h getups and they are so much fun! It's such a great challenge trying to maintain balance while in motion. @thekalicokat makes this easy peasy by having the greatest line ever and keeping it through the motion. Thanks so much for trusting in me and being so much fun to be around. Special thanks to @legcannons for the good ole floss and spot.
55 7
Still recovering from the blur of last week. I spent 5 days training solar acrobatics with a great group of people in Ann Arbor...some old friends and many new. Then it was straight on to celebrating the holidays with music, family, and friends, and I don’t think I’ve really had time to fully comprehend what I learned and what we accomplished last week until now. It is incredible how much room for growth we have when we feel supported by others and we can start to let go of fear. Thanks for the support @kimo_frederiksen @synchroblissity @scottvansice @dandoesacro 🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️ . . . . #acro #acroyoga #acroyogi #acrobatics #handtohand #h2h #standinghandtohand #practice #community #solarimmersion #annarboracro
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Open Studio tonight at @tulamovementarts tonight from 8-10PM. Come get weird y'all. Then get your glam on and shake your booty with me to funky house beats from @djchellybean at the Capitol. Stoke levels are high for this evening. 😍 #acroyoga #backyardbend #play #inversions #partneryoga #circus #circuslife #circusvibes #yoga #yogapants #yogateacher #handtohand #standinghandtohand #h2h #standingacrobatics #acrolove #makinglines #oregonvibes #unicorn #teamunicorn #thatoregonlife #hipster #hipstershit #gunshow #funaf #practice #yogainspiration #yogafestival #nwacroyogacampout
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Checking off all kinds of boxes this year! Thank you for being amazing @ravalr8 #standingh2h #acro #standinghandtohand #nevergrowup
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When I met this guy this is what he said he wanted to do!!! I said yeah I can do that!! Happy 40th birthday @kristopherpace thanks for all the training!! #happybirthday #40thbirthday #acro #acroyoga #yoga #handtohand #standinghandtohand #strength #balance #fitnesslife #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessmotivation
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•”If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten we belong to one another” -Mother Theresa• The last day of #BraveStrongandBeautiful #yogachallenge is goddess + inversion. I did goddess in headstand on my last challenge, so @themilsedition suggested we do this one in some #standinghandtohand ... yessss! Here it is for you! Thank you to our hosts (tagged) and sponsors (below) SPONSORS: @nicow56 @tattoosbytimmybee @hellotoallthefishes @solrayzjewelry @milehiconsciousness @lotusandmoontribe
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Hand to hand 🙀😎🙏 with Elsa ... so much fun at the acroyoga solar immersion 😍 thanks to Sonia and Jacob! #acroyoga #standinghandtohand #handtohand #acroyogi #lifeisgood
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#Repost @themilsedition Thank you for the excellent support, photos, videos AND acro at the #spartanrace on Sunday!! Takes a #badass to know one! You did at least half the race following us and finding the good shots for photos and videos...then based my muddy, sweaty self up in to that #standinghandtohand 😎 and we made it look easy! ・・・ You know you a bad ass when you can finish the @spartanrace and still have the energy for some standing #HandtoHand. I guess that's why they call her @theinvertednurse #AcroYoga
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Day 2️⃣3️⃣: Even when a visiting acro friend only has a few hours in town before flying, seize every opportunity for a #handtohand 👊🏻👊🏻 #standinghandtohand with @joshnbg after dinner! #acr#acroyoga #acro #standingacro #handstand #handstandseverywhere #30daychallenge #reasontolive #acrofriends #yoga #yogaeverydamnday
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"Hand to hand Challenge" Día #3. Después de preparar clase con @paola_acro . Invito a @banezha a que se sume al reto! 😃💪 #handtohandchallenge #juantujuan
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● Soo This Happened the other night Night! 😱 #StandingHandToHand Thank You to all of my Inspirations, all you humans who believed in me ( Wonderful Humans tagged in the actual picture) @cyrguy for working with me starting 3 weeks ago and for basing me and to @jakemdrew for manning the spotting rig. I am forever greatful for all of you wonderful Humans! Thank you! I am so excited to continue to grow this practice along with other standing skills. ● PC: @pamtaqo
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During the past week I spent a lot of time hanging out and sharing laughs with the man with the gorgeous flowing locks, @goodtynes. It was great seeing where his acro and handstand practice have come since I saw him last. All I have to say is my o my your handstand is looking gorgeous! The dedication and effort you put into your practice is clearly paying off. It is inspiring to see the progress you are making, and is pushing me to do more handstand training myself. Your line is so great, it made this hand to hand feel incredibly solid. I loved spending so much time with you and can't wait till we get to hang out again!
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It's a deepavali holiday today. Taking this time to jam with some sweet souls (@jaimenal @haylaneyogi @sitmuih @siokkoon @taylor__maa @kominamijunko ) Finally having some hang time. Happy with the progression.
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I had the best fall break hanging out with my favorite couple ever, @theacroclimbers! We got to do some fantastic climbing, where I cleanly led my first 10a woop woop! I also met their dog naboo which is the cutest little pup in the world! I loved teaching to the Birmingham acro community with the wonderful human and talented acrobat/teacher that is @thekalicokat. The icing on the cake was when our #LIFTbrother @ninja.pat came out to support us. I'm so grateful to have such wonderful friends and humans in my life. Thank you all for the joy you bring to my life and this world!
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When you have a strained shoulder but a chance to try the much longed-for standing hand-to-hand, especially with such an awesome base as @abe.froman.acro (and in lines to make sure it's safe), you take it! So excited to do this skill, and feel fairly comfortable in it (shoulder aside)! . . . #goals #practiceandalliscoming #h2h #standingh2h
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Es como si entraras en este planeta con una caja de crayolas, puedes tener la caja de 8 ó la de 16... pero todo depende que haces con las crayolas y los colores que se te dan y no te preocupes por dibujar dentro de las lineas ó fuera de ellas. Yo coloreo fuera de la página, que no te limiten. Flyer @paola_acro 🙌
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•”May every sunrise hold more promise, and every sunset hold more peace”• Even as we enjoyed this beautiful sunset last night the smell of smoke from the fires was in the air, and we knew the smoke from the fires was what set the sun on fire. Praying for the peace for the victims & their families, and for all the men and women working around the clock to fight the fires and care for the wounded. 🙏🏻❤️🔥
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I had the greatest time working on my favorite h2h entrance with @toriacrohart! She did such a great job with these even though she had little experience with it. These booty pops are just so much fun, especially when tori adds her pretty legs into the mix. I look forward to booty popping you some more in the future! 😃
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🦅There is freedom waiting for you, on the breezes of the sky, and you ask "What if I fall?" Oh but my darling, What if you fly? - Erin Hanson (One of my favorite quotes). Truly one of the best days of my life! This was (is*) a dream/goal come true, to not only find consistency jumping into h2h without a spot or cathedral, but to find my line, find stillness, and trust our teamwork on any surface! Thank you @acropanther for your teamwork, dedication, patience, inspiration, and encouragement! I am beyond excited to have overcome fear today to reach this goal with you! #ontheothersideoffear #teamwork #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #vision #dreamcometrue #practiceandalliscoming #h2h #hand2hand #acro #acroyoga #sta#standingacrocs #standingacro #circusarts #trust #fly #base #letgo #acrobatics #acroyogis #standinghandtohand #dedication #inspired
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Boing, boing, boop! That is the sound that plays in my head during this skill. I haven't worked on these walk ins to reverse hand to hand much, but man they are fun! It was great playing around and finding success in this skill. @toriacrohart is such a badass flyer and is a large part of why we found success in this! She is such a fun person to work with, I can't wait until we get to play again! Thanks for keeping us safe @acrobeard
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Jugando con @kodama14 Días de parque de sol. Aprovecharlos al máximo como los días, uno no sabe cuando se va el el sol o se va uno. #Acroyoga #yogaspiritlove #acroyoguis #standinghandtohand
36 0
Días de parque que alegran Días de #inlocated Vamos que ya sale la #maxima , falta poco Continuar jugando , día a día Con @kodama14 #Acroyoga #standinghandtohand
42 0
Ya estamos en octubre, un mes de primavera, calorcito y Acroyoga El 27, 28 y 29 de octubre, celebramos Acrocamp de primavera/ SOLAR en grande #pichilemu Compartiremos la técnica de una forma progresiva y lineal para llegar a #handtohand, en donde el trabajo en equipo y spoters serán los protagonistas. El trabajo y apoyo en equipo será hermoso. Tenemos sorpresas para los que manejan #standinghandtohand Será un gran curso y una experiencia colectiva. Ya los cupos se van, escríbenos para que no queden fuera Acroyogachilela@gmail.com #Acroyoga #Acrocamplove
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This is the second part of the flow @acroyogini and myself put together. It was incredibly cool finding a way to transition between the L basing and standing portions. This standing portion I learned at @acrohio which includes a super fun entrance into h2h. Carean picked up on it in no time cause she's such an incredibly talented individual. Such a fun little flow, I can't wait to explore more creative movements with ya! . . . . 🎶 material-black light
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72 1
First time Standing Hand 2 Hand!! Not perfect yet... but super amazing moments with beautiful half moon!! Thank you @justincaruso @acro_papa and Tom!! You guys are awesome!! Hopefully I can do it better! 初めてのスタンディングH2H!完璧じゃないけど…できた瞬間は感動!もっとうまく出来るようになりたいなー🤸🏼‍♀️Justin、Mark、Tom、撮ってくれた皆さんありがとうございました✨ #acroyoga #acroyogis #acrobatics #standinghandtohand #inversion #acroyogah2h #acroh2h #yoga #yogagirl #acroeverydamnday #acroeverywhere #standingacro #standingacroyoga #pairyoga #park #sun #halfmoon #trust #connection #sky #namaste
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First time doing this little pop into h2h. Not as bad as I thought it was gonna be but then again it's always good to have a top notch base @eugeneveganbutcher - I learnt so much on the @acroyogadance AI programme workshop yesterday! Bring on more! Thanks to my fellow AI's @zanejackson1315 and @kevincallaby for some amazing spotting!
42 3
Drilling lots of standing acrobatics this weekend, staying in an acro party house with awesome people and learning lots of new material to bring back to Seattle. Life is good! ✨🤸🏽‍♀️💓 #acroyoga #standingacro #standingacrobatics #standinghandtohand #standingshoulderstand
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Been awhile since my last standing hand to hand.... 1st attempt :: I chicken out once I realised I was on my own, after Tonio let me go from his spot. This video is my 2nd attempt :: I was thinking too much about Mark whose basing, (can he hold my weight?, am I making him work too much?). I also worry about Tonio who spotting me, (I can't flip and fall else I will fall on his face). 😡 I have to stop from over thinking, if I want to succeed! Grrr... Thank you @elf_sg for basing. Thank you @kuvdolinc2 for video.
47 9
Después de una buena sesión, un rico mano a mano con @paola_acro 😃🙏
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Training acroyoga in Greece. What better way to train the handstand on so many talented acroyogis. Having fun over here but also getting pretty tan.
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Finally hit my first inlocate to h2h at @acrohio with the incredibly talented @bit@bitybrity!!!!😃 I can't think of a better person to be my first inlocate. We put in so much time and effort, not only on this skill, but on the foundations leading up to it. This is one of those skills that when I first saw, I thought I'd never be able to do. Now I look back at the awesome journey that brought me to achieve this skill. I appreciate the steps and effort it took to get the skill as much as finally getting it. This is something I love about acro and life in general. It's not so much about the success, but about the failure and how you perceive that and what you choose to do about it. Failure is just an opportunity for growth so you just have to be patient and work slowly until you find success. And sometimes failures are just funny (watch the video till the end). Often I think people focus too much on the destination and forget that the journey is just as beautiful and enjoyable. Now the next part of the journey begins where refinement and consistency become the focus. I am beyond grateful for the patience @bitybrity has had with me and the great pointers @theacrosmiths offered us. . . . #acr#acrOhio #acrOhio #acrohiofestival
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Since the burn I've been pushed to my edge on every level. Opening up to vulnerability, the lessons continue to flood in . . I met @jsnguillory at the Dolores Park acro jam yesterday. He was full of exuberance to share secrets and hungry to help me base my first standing hand to hand! We calibrated on the floor for a while and here are our first two attempts! I got a little excited to have legs to get underneath his balance point on take 1, and focused on core stabilization, grounding and correcting with my arms rather than steps on take two. This is just the beginning!! So much fun to be able to be a part of someone else's handstand 🤸‍♀️✨🙏 . . Wasn't even supposed to make the jam. Missed my ride out of town on account to a bad attitude and negative energy I chose to not invite into my space. Couldn't have made a better call . . Listening to every moment and all it provides. Remembering above all to love myself first, slow down and stay connected . . #sharelove #lightenup #ladybase #standinghandtohand #worktogether #trusttheprocess #committogrowth #vulnerability #stepup #acro #acroyoga #handtohand #acrobatics #handstand #handstandlover #strengthofawoman #dolorespark #sundayfunday #connect
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I had such a blast working on this standing flow @theacrosmiths showed us at @acrohio this past weekend!!! The whole sequence has a really smooth feel to it, and I really like the entry into #h2h, it's something I'd never tried before. It's all thanks to @bitybrity though. She's such a strong, talented, and knowledgeable flyer! She makes me feel like I know what I'm doing and has such elegance in her movement. Thanks for trusting in me, I look forward to playing with you again! . . . . #acrOhio #acrOhio2017 #acrOhiofestival
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From handstands on the ground, to on someone's hands! What's next? Handstand no hands?! 😂 second day of acro and I am completely addicted!😻 thank you so much @deathbeforeflatfeet for the invite and amazing spotting! Thank you for the amazing basing and encouragement @theacrocaveman
99 8
En camino al "inlocate y algo más" bien contento de tener y jugar con estas hermosas flyers! Me motivan @fannydigue @paola_acro 😃🙏❤️
144 11
•"Interestingly, Koi placed in a fish bowl will only grow up to three inches..Amazingly, when placed in a lake, Koi can grow to three feet long. The metaphor is obvious: you are limited by how you see the world."-Vince Poscente• As a white woman, I am surrounded by great privilege. In my younger years, much as a fish can't see the water that surrounds them, I didn't recognize or appreciate this privilege. I've been blessed to have loving people around me to gently open my eyes to the huge world that exists outside my bubble. It's been hard, painful work at times, and know I have much more to learn. But when I open my mind to a world bigger than me, I experience exponential growth. And so this is the responsibility that comes with my great privilege: to seek people who will challenge my beliefs and teach me to see beyond myself to our expansive, beautiful world. And to help others learn to do the same...always with my eyes, ears and heart open!
57 5
Hand to Hand con mi super flyer y mamita chula @banezha 🙌 siguiendo la hermosa tradición del juan tu juan!. Hace apenas unos años atrás cuando inicie mi camino en la práctica y estudio de AcroYoga, observaba a personas, amigos alrededor del mundo realizar h2h y me emocionaba mucho, como un niño admirando a sus personajes favoritos, en esos momentos pensaba y me preguntaba si algún día podría hacer algo así... Mí respuesta siempre fue: Sí! A través de la práctica, el trabajo, el coraje, la perseverancia y esa entrega desde el corazón por disfrutar y divertirme haciendo las cosas que mas me gustan 🙏❤️
139 2
This is booty pop (not sure if that's the name of this but it should be) to h2h is definitely my favorite entrance to h2h I've done so far. I learned this from @lift_school_of_acrobatics at their intensive in Indianapolis earlier this year and instantly fell in love with it. It's so goofy and fun! Thank you @brainarid for being such a talented and fun person to be around, and for making me look like i know what I'm doing. I don't think you've ever said no when i said "let's try this". Maybe i need to propose crazier ideas, but regardless i am grateful for the trust you have in me. 😊 Thank you @bebobunny for the video. . . . #bootypop #bootypoptillyoudrop #bootypoptoh2h #funwithfriends #acro #acroeverywhere #acroeverydamnday #acroyoga #standingacrobatics #standinghandtohand #partnerbalancing #partneracrobatics #acrobatics #acrobats #handtohand #h2h #circusplay #liftschoolofacrobatics #LIFTacro
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The mark of a great Acroyoga community for me is how well everyone supports and cares forceach other. I was taught early on that good Spotters can make or break the progress of an acro group. Although I only get to practice and train with them in the summer, I love @acro_to because they are so welcoming, have no cliques within cliques, and many are so ready and eager to learn good Spotting so that we can all advance safely together. I love this crew so much! #acr#acro #spottersaresexy #acro #acrosafety #acrocamp #acroyogaTO #acroyogatoronto #acrotocamp2017 #yofaeverywhere #handtohand #standinghandtohand #acrofriends #acrocommunity
49 1
I've had such a phenomenal time working and teaching with @thekalicokat during our @lift_school_of_acrobatics apprenticeship this past week! She has such a beautiful soul, and is an incredibly talented ball of joy, which made teaching effortless and delightful! I look forward to teaching with you again soon sk! You too can experience this joy as she will be teaching with the hilarious and talented @goodtynes (collectively known as @theacroclimbers) at #acr#acr#acrohio over labor day weekend. I will be there as well teaching with the strong, intelligent, and sweet beings known as @bitybrity and @missdominicana10. 📷 by the incredibly talented @lisamiastudios aka @theacrodragon Check out the schedule and get your tickets at www.acrohio.com . . . #handtohand #h2h #standinghandtohand #diamond #LIFTacro #LIFTfam #acro #acroyoga #standingacrobatics #partnerbalancing #partneracrobatics #acrobatics #circusplay #acrohio #columbusacroplay #acroeverywhere
59 3
This a newer skill for us. We've been practicing acro together for nearly two years now. #acro #happiness #goals #fit#fitnessvation #fitness #focus #yogi #acroyoga #handtohand #handbalancing #standingacro #standinghandtohand #acrobyimagination #strength #desmoines
54 4
It turns out @ochthenoodle did actually get a pic of me doing something cool!! Look! No banana! Thanks @scott_lifts the bestestestest base 🍌🤸‍♀️🤸🏽‍♂️
61 12
Believe in me and I'll be confident. But when I believe in myself, I'm fearless. This is my first ever standing hand to hand. 20 seconds. Just wow. Thank you @mdm24601 for lifting me and my confidence. Thank you @coachedward for the load-in and the expert spotting. My favorite part is when you check your watch midway through and give a nod of approval for me still being up there! Oh and the part where I did this for the first time and didn't die! . . #standingacro #standingacrobatics #standinghandtohand #standingh2h #acr#acro #acro #acrobat #acroeverydamnday #acroeverywhere #brandonallstars #adagio #balance #handbalance #h2h #groundedingratitude #grateful #partneracro #partneracrobatics #orlandoacro #practiceandalliscoming #remembertobreathe #inversion #cirque #circusarts #remembertoplay #upsidedown #acroflyer
106 11
Omg omg omg!! First time to try on land. Thank you @soaked_as for being an awesome base! Thank you @jessieyogahill for introducing me to this amazing practice that opens up so many friendships!!!! #standinghandtohand #acr#acronds #acro #overcomingfears
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