kamuflase #whpclassic
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One for the week-end .. gonna be a busy one for last minute prep 💪🏼💪🏼 #vsco #vscocam
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Eye contact is way more intimate than words will ever be. #pursuitofportraits #HayukMain
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traveling bersama teman mengajarkan kita bahwa traveling itu bukan tentang ego diri kita sendiri. #TheInterns 2017 #Generation_G
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Sudahkah anda berolahraga sore ini?
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Happy Saturday night
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X'mas lunch ❤️🎅🏻
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Selamat sore @instagram 'ers. Selamat sore kamu. Selamat sore yang lagi terkenang masa lalu #kadangsukajalan
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Shinjuku / Shibuya 🎌 In Frame @nike_ds18 #pursuitofportraits #makeportraits
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Trying to elaborate 2017 into caption and non-related picture. 2017 has been a loooot of ups and downs for me. I’ve met new people that I’m secretly grateful for. there are sky lies beyond sky that makes me come into realization that everyone need to be more humble. I learn that everyone could stab you and try to bring you down thus you have to stand by yourself if you want to survive. In terms of career, I thank God for showing me that skills are not everything, you need to keep your attitude in check as well thus be kind and people will respect you. What I also learn in hard way is to move from my own comfort zone. It has been a tiring experience, almost suffocate me because I always avoid something that’s not my preference. But again I thank God for lead me in, opening an opportunity for me to explore and challenge myself. In the end, just be grateful and always have faith in God because He provides✨
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Once I let myself admire God's creature, I fell in love within myself. Cause its self love. No one loves you before you admire yourself first. Please do not ever think you're not good enough. // -selflove 🌿🌼☁ . . . Ea asique
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Leleh-lelehan dulu ah kali ini di @don@donwoorisuki dengan menu terbarunya Crispy Mix Rice. Rasanya mantap. Apalagi kalo kamu suka cheese. Kebetulan sekarang lagi ada promo #FREE Thai Jack Fruit minuman kekinian. Mantap ya? Hanya selama di bulan Desember. Lumayan banget nih bisa dapet Thai Jackfruit Belly. - • Crispy Mix Rice 49.5k - Kisaran harga 29-60k - DONWOORI @donwoorisuki Jl. Lombok 53 Bandung . 8am-10pm 022 426 1338 - #bdgsociety #bandungsociety #donwoori #donwoorisuki #suki #bbq #koreanbbq #bdgsocietyXdonwoori #koreanfood #meltedcheese #laperbaper #maknyus #mozzarella #koreanbento #makansampaikenyang #urbanoutliving #hamdsinframe #beautifulcuisines
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Good afternoon☀
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Don’t count the days. Make the days count
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Udah punya rencana chilling bareng teman2 malam ini? Mending ke @junglecoffeebjm aja, soalnya malam ini bakal ada live accoustic music dari pukul 19.00 - end Dan kita juga punya beberapa menu buat kalian sharing bareng teman-teman kalian So see you tonight at our jungle, amd happy weekend ☕ . . #coffee #coffeeshop #coffeeshopbanjarmasin #junglecoffee #junglecoffeebjm
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Dont eat burger, eat lalapan! #MarhabanYaLalapan
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They will ignore you, until they need you. | Anonymous . #thepaperbunny #TPBmoments . #mrporter #orbitkey #sudiomoments #vosFoyer #andpremium
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Selfie .. 💕❤️
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Smile and enjoy the weekend! #heatwaveid #heatwaveshoes #heatwaveinspiration
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“Aku tidak berharap pada siapa pun lagi. Yang aku harapkan sekarang adalah sembuh dari patah hati.”
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Some memories are unforgettable @coffeeatlouis remaining ever vivid and heartwarming / Fotokopi by @dhiptadi
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Miss the sun😂
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All black please🖤
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// ✌🏻
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До самого ожидаемого праздника года осталось совсем чуть-чуть! А вы уже придумали, где и с кем будуте встречать Новый год? 🎄
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Cover boy majalah bobo. 😂😂😂 #antieaeaeaclub #kidsjamandinosaurus #oaoe #telatpost
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Pengen jatuh cinta, tapi bingung sama siapa. otak mikirin siapa, hati merasakan siapa, raganya dengan siapa
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Everydays sansday #eiscloth
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HapHol 🎇🎉
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