Kevin Durant statistically compared to other players🔥💯🐐 _ Via✅: @nbadistrict
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#tb to the tournament with a whole lotta jelly🍇🍇 and W’s💯💯 #jellyfam #nofilter #2-2 #wonoffaforfeit #splashfamily #hannahmckay #dexter
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lol yes I made out banner #splashfamily
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Fire edit🔥🔥 _ Creds to✅: @swish.jfx(go follow him) #easymoneylegacy
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Sorry for the inactivity Homework has been CRAZY, but who seen the IT movie? #easymoneylegacy
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Lost my confidence for awhile thinking I lost the 🔥🔥 #FlameOn🔥pros will kick it every time I just gotta be ready. Can't wait for TC #fallbackteam #splashfamily #shootersshoot🏀
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Lebron To Trump👀🤷🏾♀️
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Hate him all you want now, you'll miss him when he's gone.🐐🐐🐐 #LEGEND (No I did not make this😂 Found it on YouTube but was so dope I had to post it🔥) _ Rate this mix 1-10❄️ Follow @easymoneylegacy(me) for more🤗💯😱 Song🎵: Legend by Drake
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Collab with . At 13 we both have Jimmy Butler, a premier shooting guard in the league. An average shooter with an elite playmaking ability for a sg. He is one of the league's best two-way players as he is an amazing defender. His numbers tho will go down as he is no longer a first option and arguably not the best player anymore on his team. _ Thoughts? Comment Below🤔
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This offseason has been CRAZY😱💯👌🏾
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KD stay shutting down those haters💯👌🏾🙌🏾 _ _ _ Creds to✅: @nyk_all_the_way_ (go follow him) _ _ _ Rate this mix 1-10❄️ Song🎵: Mask off by Future
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Day 8: De'arron Fox. Mostly because he's from Kentucky, and that's my favorite college basketball team. Also, I think he will be the best player coming out of this draft. Lastly, 🦊>🏀 #easymoneylegacy
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The champs are back🔥
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