Who ya got, OKC or Golden State Kevin Durant?👇🏾🤔🔥 #roadto1k _ 📷: @cmineses_designs
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A STORM IS COMING⛈⚡️🌪🌊 _ _ _ _ Song🎵: Drake 6 god Follow @easymoneylegacy(me) for more🤗🔥😇
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E A S Y M O N E Y⚡️💦❄️ _ 📷: @tmaccreative
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B*tch sit down‼️😱🔥 _ _ _ Song🎵: Humble by Kendrick Lamar Follow @easymoneylegacy(me) for more🤗💯😇
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Bell 😈✨
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Warriors took the W against Pistons this time 💕 102 - 98 💥 Tough Game 😆 Steph is still suffering with his injury and he's not playing still 😈 Pray for Steph ✨
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From 9th career triple-double to this‼️😱🏀 KD is proving once again his importance to the warriors and will continue to with Curry out.
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Tonight tonight all roads lead to @garage_splash tell a friend to tell a friend it's a free Xmas rave. Link in bio.. . #nofakingdjs #garage #bass #funky #2step #freeparty #london #splashfamily #ukmusic #rave #winter17 #musicevents #xmas #pioneerdj #instadj
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For #TBT I’m asking my social media family to pray for a speedy recovery for my favorite player and #splashbrother @stephencurry30. He is suffering from an ankle injury and he needs our prayers people. #onelove #weallwegot #splashfamily #united #splashsista #gotyourback #bmc
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From the small suburbs of D.C. one of the greatest players to step foot on the basketball court.🏀‼️🔥 _ _ _ Rate this mix 1-10👇🏾 Follow @easymoneylegacy(me) for more🤗💯😇
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Steph is out for few weeks of season game due to serious right ankle injury 😠 We still manage to get the W against Hornets with Kd leading the team 💥 101 - 87 ✨ Kd get his triple double and the W for us and Steph 🎀 Give prayers to Steph for fast recovery if you love him 💓
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Steph and Dray out for today's game against Hornets 🙁 How well do you think Bell will play? 😈
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Steph is out for today's game due to his ankle problem 🙁 Who y'all got ? Warriors Vs Hornets 😆 It's almost game time, wish all the best to the warriors 💫
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Dub Nation 🌟
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Sorry for being inactive 🙁
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We took the W against Pelicans Again 😆 125 - 115 ✨ 4 - 0 💥 Steph locked in for the Dub🔒Steph suffered for his sprained right ankle though 🤕 Hoping he will get well soon 🤓
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Clutch 3's To Complete The Comeback #DubNation #GSW #Warriors #SplashFamily #GoldenState
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Comment their record below👇🏾🤔 _ Via📷: @basketballstudios
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Reminder that this Saturday Dec 9th the splash family is doing our splash holiday give back at mill hill park down town Trenton nj starting around 11:30am we will be giving out Christmas trees , turkey , and toys ok first come first serve to each individual family you all welcome it's all love.....#SplashLife #SplashFamily #Official #Salute #To #All #People 🎄🎁🍗
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He said he got his crew neck right on time I want to give a big shout to the homie @fatboy_sse splashin with us and co signing on our brand I appreciate the love......#SplashLifeStyleFashion #Major #PowerMoves #WeMoving #SplashFamily 🌊🌊
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Rookie Earned His Minutes By Showing His Ability To Run Offense And Defense Well 💫
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Alright, so I've been gone for about a year or so after being hacked and having to restart, but I'm ready to go again. For those of you who don't remember me, I was formerly @durant.legacy before I was hacked. I made that account around 2013-2014. Hoping for just as good of a run as the last one.
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We pulls up the Win against Heat Today 🔥123 - 95 💫 Steph finished with 30Pts, 2Rebs and 3Asts 🎀
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Born in the Bronx now I live in Garfield but never gonna forgot any of the family up here. Best family ever yet you all live so far. P.A, NY, Puerto Rico. And I live in Garfield headass. Sn but love it here too. Happy for everything I’m blessed with. Couldn’t ask for two better splash brothers and a sister. #familyfirst #splashfamily.
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Hey 🐶 I want to say sorry for all of my followers and fans on this account 🐷 I will try to be as active as possible so please forgive for my inactive for these few days 🎀
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Warriors Took The Win Against Magic 😘 133 - 112 ✨ Been Inactive Sorry 😞 Please Understand Me 😓 Good Work On The Dub 😍 We're The Dub Nation 💙 Steph Finished With 23Pts, 6Reb, 3Stls And 10Asts 🔱 Goat Curry 💗
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#neverforget when KD ended Brendan Haywood’s life🔥💯😂 _ _ _ Follow @easymoneylegacy(me) for more🤗🏀😇
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Warriors Took The W Against Lakers 🔥 Ended The Game With 4 Points Lead 💙 127 - 123 ✨ Sorry For The Late Update Because I Was Busy And I Didn't Watch The Game 💦 However, Congratulation On The Dubs For Provibg Theirselves Once Again By Taking Down Another Win ❤ Dub Nation 🔱
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