An Oregon day. September. Rain, sunshine, clouds, clear sky, and 65-70 degrees. I haven’t adventured much this past year. Life has been crazy. But things are settling down a little and I’m going on vacation tomorrow. My New Years plans? Well first step of the new year is getting my tooth pulled, but after that, I’m gonna be doing a lot more exploring like I usually do. It’s really not me to be cooped up inside. But I feel good about working really hard this year and I wouldn’t change how it went. We don’t always do what we FEEL like doing and that’s just part of life. I’m thankful that you all gave me the opportunity to work hard! Because even though I worked a lot less as a waitress and life was less stressful, I would rather be making art for all of you a million times over! I’m not saying I would never go back to work if I had to, but I’m really happy to be able to pursue my purpose. Thank you so much everyone for making that possible. It seriously blows my mind every time one of you purchases my art. I hope you can get an idea of how thankful I really am. I would have NEVER dreamed that I’d be at this point. Merry Christmas everyone! ❤️🌲😘
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The smoke from the fires in California has made its way North. Sure made the sun look cool this afternoon though. #wildfire #smokey #ocean #sun #Pacific #harrisbeach #southernoregoncoast #water #waves #pnw #beauty
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“Let Your Light Shine Through”
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Fun night with a couple of awesome and beautiful young ladies. #merrychristmas #happyholidays #shoreacres #familytradition #southernoregoncoast #beachlife
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TONIGHT SHOP UPDATE! This style of mugs bowls and tumblers as well as more colorful mugs and things. My goal is to have ONE more shop update on Wednesday but either way, I’ll still have gift certificates available and that’s a perfect gift! :) 🌲☀️ TAG someone who likes these dirt colors 😂
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“Miss America” Wow! What a sunrise this morning. Well worth the early wake up call and 52 mile drive down and back from Bandon.
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Tag someone who needs this mug 🤪
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No filter needed for the beauty here. Blessed that this beach is literally a 2 minutes drive from our house, and that the sun was shining, with no wind. #oregoncoastbeach #southernoregoncoast #brookingsoregon #home #perfectfallevening #coldbutstunning #godisgood #beachbabies
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shop update TONIGHT! Stay tuned folks :) probably sometime between 7-9. I’ll keep yah posted!! 🌲
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"It is important to expect nothing, to take every experience, including the negative ones, as merely steps on the path, and to proceed." -Ram Dass #recovery #grief #loss #men#mentalhealthrecovery #justkeepswimming #addictionrecovery #bipolar #depression #autism #aspergers #mentalhealth #justfortoday #thetimeisnow #photography #southernoregoncoast
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I loved our trip down the southern Oregon coast. It is amazing to me how beautiful Oregon is! Especially being back in the Midwest for a couple of weeks. To think some people grow up with only flat land & corn fields in their back yard (like me) while others explore places like this on their weekends! I am so grateful that I decided to move to Oregon and that this is how what my extended weekends now look! #ahphotog #indiansands
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Works in progress. :)
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When you get a Disneyland Christmas..... #minnie #mickeymouse #verymerrychristmas
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Bogs, lighthouses, seastacks, dinosaurs, a shipwreck, and endless 🌲🌲🌲🌲 #happygeologist #boredfiamme #southernoregoncoast #pnw
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Work in progress. It’s not just a mug, it’s art you get to drink out of. I know my prices can sometimes seem steep. But it took me a long time to start valuing my art. I put a lot of time into each piece. And people get a mind set sometimes of seeing it just as something functional, and I do the same thing. But I’m glad I see it as art now, it makes me value myself more and I enjoy what I do more so when I’m doing more than just breaking even on a piece. So I really appreciate all of you who purchase my art and keep me in business. It seriously blows me away. If I see a painting for $45 i would never say “$45 for a canvas?”. Because I see it as art. But until recently I couldn’t see my mugs as art. And even pricing them on my site I would undervalue my work because it’s “just a mug”. But thank you all for being proof to me that my mugs are actually ART. And the bonus is that they are functional! Haha. Love all of you and I’m so grateful for the support. And those of you patiently waiting for the upcoming restocks!
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Home is where the 💙 is #latergram #fam #southernoregoncoast
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Even men like nail art. #frostythesnowman #man-icure
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Classy holiday bling. #glitter #flowers #gelpolish
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It's amazing to see how this girls nails have grown in just a few weeks. #holidaynails #naturalnails #gelpolish
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Blue Christmas! #bluenails #handpainted #nailart
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Sold! 3 bed/2 bath home on an acre of land centrally located between Bandon and Langlois. A beautiful, updated home that is move-in ready. Congratulations, @rushelreed on the sale! #bandon #langlois #sold #soldhome #oregonrealestate #ore#oregoncoastestate #oregoncoast #southernoregoncoast #beachlooprealty
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I got to spend my thanksgiving partying with my family! We ate, we drank, we beached, we hiked, we ate some more, hiked some more and did some naturalizing along the way. Also these three magnificent humans put up with the first cold I’ve had in 4(?) years. Thankfully I’m on the upswing! #doallthethings #southernoregoncoast #aminitamuscaria #facerock #southsloughestuary #shoreacres #awkwardfamilyphotos
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This past weekend I traveled up to the Oregon Coast for the first time. I don’t know what has taken me so long to do so, it is absolutely beautiful. The first day it rained all day, but when I woke up the second day and saw that the clouds cleared, we ate some breakfast and rushed to the coast. When we arrived we were rewarded with this amazing scenery. I can say for sure that this will just be the first of many visits.
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I’ve never been a fan of excessive holiday lighting, but I will admit that the way they transform Shore Acres is magical. And, for me, the magic seems to come mostly from experiencing the children experiencing the wonderment of the display of lights. . . . #holiday #southernoregoncoast #childrenofwonder #lightsfordays
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