🚨HEADS UP🚨 . MiUK M1500JTA in the sale at Hanon. 40% off retail (£139 to £83.40). Couldn't resist. . pic via Hanon.
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Yeah it’s s shitty photo but I’ve only slept 3 hours thanks the beautiful combination of late nights djing and early morning kids cricket. On the plus side they got runs and bowled really well so go team! #snkrfrkrmag #sauconygrid #kushwhacker #sneakerfreaker #dalist #nonewfriends #sneakersociety #instakicks #cellphonerunners
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A I R | M A X | 97 🇮🇹 Den deutschen Camo hatten wir ja schon. Jetzt ist uns der italienische cw noch vor die Linse gelaufen und auch der überzeugt. 👟 @mischamk2
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#tbt to sunny days 🌞 📸 @_katemoskau
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U L T I M A T E Die @stihl x @kangaroos colabo ist schon wieder über ein Jahr her. Wir haben das Ding auch mal vor die Kamera genommen und sind begeistert! 👟 @mischamk2
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🇩🇰DENMARK x JAPAN🇯🇵 . The quality Hummel delivers is outstanding. From their GR's to colabs like this one with Mita, they really do smash other brands round the back of the head. Hummel, you have my attention, as do Mizuno, with their incoming reiteration of the Wave Runner 1 as part of the Kazoku Collective.
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🤯|| I’ve worn and collected Vans since I can remember, but I’m thinking about widening my horizons lol. EQTs?
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Hummel X Mita (1 of 500)
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Both . Seemingly these days we keep gaining exposure to a lot of new product, from brands existing, some fresh to the scene & a selection of talented makers. @bothparis , just so happens to be one of those brands offering some kind of reform to the footwear world. Whilst most are “zigging”, these guys are “zagging”, bringing back to life the world of vulcanised shoes via experimentation. As someone who has a little love for the retro athletic aesthetic & vulc through a life of skateboarding, their shoes give me a little tingle inside. We visited Both, in Paris, during Fashion Week & as a reaction, blown away is an understatement. The brand experience & narrative left us yearning for more. So what I’ll do to help most of you understand what they’re about & keep your mouths moist if you like the taste, i’ll be sure to throw up a few more images of what I shot from them a few weeks ago. Here’s a little insight to their DNA. . . . . . . #both #bothparis #aw18 #pfw #conceptkicks #ckinspiration #footweardesign #vulcanised #craft #nicekicks #sneakernews #sneakerwatch #sneakerfreaker #snkrfrkrmag #hypebeastkicks #complexkicks #crepecity
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HANON x REEBOK "BELLYBELLYBELLY" @roseoxide sorry for blatantly pinching your layout style. 👊😁🙏
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Where are the sunny days? 📸 @themoldernway
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180 or 93. Who’s gonna cop? 📸 @themoldernway
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