Missing sun verymuchohsobadly 😩. Probably will be flashbacking a lot till our next short getaway.
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I think you have some super tasty cheese in your hand 🐕🐕🧀🧀🧀 #cheesedog #beagle #alwayshungry #beaglesofinstagram #sherlock #winter #mountains #sloveniannature
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Tag a friend you want to visit Postojna with 🙌 --- Postojna cave is a well known tourist attraction in Slovenia. Its famous for its unique geology, which is home to some of the rarest species on earth. If you are in Slovenia Postojna is definetly something you should visit. #Slovenia 📍 #Visitbalkan 🌍 📷 @emmascalzo
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Such pretty little boats! The Pletna boats seemed to be available for a tour of the lake from everywhere and the weather didn’t stop them from taking out a boat load of passengers.
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Triglav, Slovenia 🇸🇮 || Follow talented @sonderwomanphotography for more!
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Calm & peaceful moment by lake Bohinj Who would you like to be here now? 🙌 #Slovenia 📍 #Visitbalkan 🌍 📷 @dani.kla
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My heart beats for Slovenia. The nature, friendly people and that feeling of being independent! #amazing That's why we change the lying on the beach and our autumn will belong to new amazing #discovering adventures there again! @ifeelslo, definitely!👍😎 #wildculturecz
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Tranquility at its finest.
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Piran is the pride and joy of the Slovenian people. Slovenia is a small country of just 2 million but it offers a little of every possible landscape from farmland to magnificent snow capped Alps to balmy ocean villages/cities like Piran. It has an old town section preserving it’s historical Venetian Gothic architecture. and on a clear day one can see Italy and the Dolomite mountains across the Adriatic. (pictured) Venice can be reached by ferry during the warmer seasons. #king_villages #kings_villages #pocket_world
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Pure beauty 💚#sloveniannature
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No words needed 💚🌲#pokljuka #sloveniannature
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Where the Soca and Tolminka rivers meet, under a rising moon #soča #sočariver #slovenia #sloveniannature #naturetherapy #rivers #turquoise #moonrise
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The beautiful Slovenian alps 😍 #Slovenia 📍 #visitbalkan 🌍 📷 @neworx
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OMG Nature, you are so beautiful! Grateful beyond words for this place that we call home! And then he peed his pants; in the middle of nowhere (almost) and with -6 degrees C 😂 #bestpartofmyday #thingsiwanttoremember #winterwonderland #wintersun #sloveniannature
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Are you a daredevil? 😈 Then maybe the most adrenaline-pumping watersport "Canyoning" is something for you..💧 This amazing shot is taken in Vintgar Presoselj in Kamniška Bistrica. #Slovenia 📍 📷 @andrejhlis_canyoning via @feelslovenia
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