Commuting Can Be Fun - 02.15.2018
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馃敁 @nba_youngboy
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and, inside. #6thgenaccord
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The benefits of dating me? Having someone to take cool candid shots of you and your God Daughter 馃嚡馃嚨 . . . . #azmatsuri #shooteverything #shooteveryday #vscocam #matsurifestival
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Registro de hoy en la sesi贸n urbana para @cevichelivery Vale mi bro por esos ceviches!! 馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎馃敟馃敟馃敟馃憣馃徏 recomendado 100% pronto las fotos. #photography #food #instachile #instasantiago #laflorida #becreative #canon5dmk3 #shooteverything #filmeverything #urbanfood
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@ssur_illa on the bay side of #coneyisland shot on a @fujifilmx_us #fujixpro2 - processes the raw file using #acros red filter film simulator and grain set to strong #thewastedtalent
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Sam at the S.A.M. 馃檭
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@asaprocky back in 2014 at @alifenewyork the night @champagnepapi performed in the backyard and on the roof #peterpabon #thewastedtalent #pursuitofportraits
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We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming - #30brosin30days with my man, @kylenyc aka Woods to Hoods aka Wisco Kid - never met anyone that appreciated hip hop as much as he does - always a great time and reserved at the same time - #thewastedtalent - -Name/handle? -Kyle Martin @kyleNYC - -What do you do or want to be known for? -馃崡鈽曪笍鉁傦笍 - -How do we know one another? -We met at @SweetChickLife over a plate of chicken and waffles and good 90s hip hop talk
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Can't think of a better way to end a week than with this #30brosin30days - @stackaly - Many moons ago, I was standing in line at the Angelika Theater waiting to see Urotsukid艒ji - and we were reintroduced, I started visiting him at #phatfarm and was introduced to the Mac - it was the first time I realized you can make a living doing art - Alyasha has directly and indirectly influenced so many of the people that are influential in this culture. He's always been ahead of everything - anyhow, not enough room to write about how he's effected me and many others - love you bro. #thewastedtalent - -Name/handle? Alyasha Owerka-Moore -What do you do or want to be known for? I'm a clothing designer by trade, I work with PF*Flyers as their "brand historian". DJ for fun. I'd like to be known for Being a part of a significant cultural change. Helping my friends achieve their goals. Mentoring some fantastic human beings. Being a good person. Someday, being a great father and husband. -How do we know one another? Through skateboarding.
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Tuesday's be like - #30brosin30days with one of my oldest friends in skateboarding - Ray Mat茅 aka @mig@mightyhealthyny - met Ray in Canarsie back when I was 14 or 15 skating a PVC grind bar in front of his house, 2 houses over from the home of family friends. Fast forward to now and us being grown men and dads, but still loving skateboarding the same as when we were kids. - -Name/handle? Ray Mate' @mightyhealthyny -What do you do or want to be known for? Native New Yorker, an Entrepreur, good father and a visionary. Being me.... -How do we know one another? Skateboarding in Canarsie. Starret City abandoned pool. This place called New York is the fucking best!! #thewastedtalent #nyskateboarding
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Can't say where me and today's #30brosin30days met exactly - want to say in Cali or here in NYC - either way @bro@brockymarciano always been a stand up dude and nothing but positive vibes always when we cross paths. - Name/handle? @brockymarciano - What do you do or want to be known for? A&R/Manager/Creative Consultant/Entrepreuer I'd like to be known for being a good human. work accolades are wonderful and reassuring, but that is what a paycheck is for. I want to be remembered for being good at life. - How do we know one another? man, we have so many mutual friends, I can't quite put my finger on exactly where we met...but you've always been a solid dude and it's always love every time we cross paths. I salute you. #thewastedtalent
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This guy - #30brosin30days with the #bradpittofchickenandwaffles aka @johnseymour_nyc - owner of @sweetchicklife @ludlowcoffeesupply @ludlowbarbersupply @popsbk ... dad, bro, all around good guy - luv ya bruh! - Name/handle? John Seymour - What do you do or want to be known for? Inspiring others and being REAL - How do we know one another? Hmm, met thru @lanileenyc and been bros ever since #thewastedtalent
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New York Fashion Week #thewastedtalent
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#tbt to #Havana #Cuba February 2015 #thewastedtalent
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Happy Birthday @kylenyc aka Wisco aka Lord of The Beard aka Beard King aka Lyrics to Go aka No Crumbs in My Beard... Have a good one fam @sweetchicklife #thewastedtalent
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My brothers throw down - @goofyfootnyc isn't an exception #thewastedtalent
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Happy Bornday to my brother from another @stackaly - been said more than enough about you - love you brother #stackaly #thewastedtalent
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Had to get a haircut today and ran over to @ludlowbarbersupply - @evancphillips not feeling comfortable in front of my lens #thewastedtalent
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Let me keep it #hiphop for a bit longer with @royceda59 aka 1/4 of the @slaughterhouse gang #nickel #royceda59 #lyricist #thewastedtalent #storiesforthecurious
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2 times in one day (mind you we from the same hood #elbarrio #eastharlem) @tronmanjenkins #nyskateboarding #thewastedtalent
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In continuing my #hiphop archives @bambambaklava aka #ActionBronson back in 2014 #bluechips2 #thewastedtalent
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Sons and fathers - @kaikainoa and @shadinyc earlier this week #thewastedtalent
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A man is known by the company he keeps. I love my friends and we are all always doing things that are bigger than we can imagine at times. @lukewessman earlier tonight at the #nyc leg of @kiehlsnyc #LifeRide7 #thewastedtalent (thanks @justyourpic )
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Hey buddy! @lukewessman in NYC ! (Even if it's for a minute!) #thewastedtalent
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@anwar_isaacs at @ludlowbarbersupply is an amazing barber and human being #thewastedtalent
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Great leaders, lead from the front - with the rest of the troops - @michaelchernow manning the fry station at @seamoresnyc - respect! #thewastedtalent
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Happy belated to my brother from another - @peanut186 - love you brother #nyskateboarding #daysinthelife
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Respect the shooter @sdj personal friend and one of the best out here now #NYskateboarding #the#thehundredsge #thehundreds #thewastedtalent
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Happy Birthday to @mirkonyc over at @ideyarestaurant - nothing but love brother #thewastedtalent
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@lukewessman trying out the HD 630VB at the @sennheiser booth at @agendashow last week #sennheiser #agendashow #kameracraft #thewastedtalent
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Legendary artist and photographer #craigstecyk aka @crstecykiii checking out the #microphone collection at the @sennheiser booth during @agendashow last week #sennheiser #agendashow #kameracraft #thewastedtalent
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Happy Birthday 'Merica - @blackdave a few years back for @route_one (ironic, a man of color in front of the flag for a company that is based in the country that we won our "independence" from -ha!) #thewastedtalent #indenpendenceday #july4th
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Great stuff sells its self - @benballer checking out the @sennheiser HD 630 VD at @agendashow #sennheiser #agendashow #benballer #kameracraft #thewastedtalent
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Got to love it when people say "why don't you grow up and act your age?" - what, so I can live like you? Wake up and do the same shit day in, day out, wear clothing I don't want to wear, go to stuffy places and talk about trivial shit with other people who decided to "act their age" - nah, I'm good, you do that - I'm gonna roll with me and my friends and live life on our terms, doing what we like, when we like, how we like. I mean, if it wasn't for me and my friends, how'd people like you know what's cool or where to eat and hang out? Besides, we're having way too much fun to act our age... @johnseymour_nyc gets it @ludlowcoffeesupply @ludlowbarbersupply @sweetchicklife #foreveryoung #thewastedtalent
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"If I didn鈥檛 do half the things I鈥檝e done because I was afraid I was gonna get hurt or lose something, I wouldn鈥檛 even be here right now. Every genius, every artist, every person in the history of mankind that didn鈥檛 come from nepotism and didn鈥檛 come from money made it because they took risks and stepped outside of what people thought was okay. And I want to celebrate that." Miss you bro - seriously, can't believe it's a year and life keeps on moving #wyattridesagain #wyattneumann #thewastedtalent
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One thing I've learned, most people don't want to be treated different than anyone else - we do our part in this life, play our roles, and yes, some roles are bigger than others and it puts us in the spot light, but in the end, we all are the same and put our sneakers on one foot at a time. Anyhow, @nas last week in front of @ludlowcoffeesupply / @sweetchicklife hanging out like we all do on a nice spring/summer evening #thewastedtalent
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