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Love yourself for who you are!
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Everything happens for a reason. I truly believe that. 💜
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For a 2,000-calorie per day diet, the recommended daily fat intake is 44 to 78 grams.
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I am just as much of a feminist dressing up to serve my boyfriend his homemade dinner as I am burning my bra and protesting for human rights. (Admittedly, it was fish fingers and oven chips, but it’s the thought that counts).🌹🍝👙♥️ #WomanOnTop
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Asking for a friend... #naked #barenakedtruth #giveittome
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Shop Neecies Necessities in store, online or book a free Jewelry party! Inbox her for the details! Accepting Venmo, PayPal, cash App, Zelle, credit/debit cards, & good ole US cash!
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Questions I've been asked about my weight loss. 1. Yes, I'm still plus size. 2. Yes, I plan to loose more weight. I will know when I reach it. 3. My plan is to be as healthy as possible. 4. I currently weigh 210 lbs. 5. Yes, I had health problems that precipitated my life change. 6. I wear a size 14/16. 7. Yes, I have loose skin. 8. No, I don't have an ideal weight in mind. 9. The worst part of my journey is that folks are too judgemental and opinionated about other folks bodies! 10. I hope to inspire those who want to make a life change. 11. I've lost 53 lbs since Sept. 2016. 12. It took about 6 months to loose 43 lbs. 13. I stopped eating meat 3 weeks ago. If you have additional questions feel free to ask! 🤔😉❤
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