#tbt bom 茅 claro que 茅 com meu look e lugar preferido... . #SilviaNeves #VemVer茫o #curvymodel #BelezaSemR贸tulos #BelezaAl茅mDasMedidas 馃拫
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S贸 mais 5 minutinhos.... Bela Adormecida ou Branca de Neve??? . Hahaha #tbt do meu ensaio pr茅 formatura com @marcusneves2000 Dress by @anderduarte . #SilviaNeves #curvymodel #BelezaSemR贸tulos #BelezaAl茅mDasMedidas 馃拫
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Going through my phone to clear up storage space and came across some old photos where I was in a phase of losing weight cause I was so sick at looking at myself in the mirror everyday. Looking at the pictures on the left, I think alot of people would say they prefer the 'fit' me than the 'fat' me. Truth be told, I prefer me at ANY weight as long as I'm happy. It's not too late to realize that you can love yourself no matter what size you are. I remember when I was losing the weight, I was never happy with the results. I'd have received tonnes of compliments but I wasn't happy with my arms my thighs my bum my stomach, and the list goes on. I never knew what/how I wanted to look like because it was never good enough. I was never good enough for myself. My body is MY vessel that I have to take around with me everyday. It took me alot of courage to get to where I am today and I feel blessed that I am in the best mental health I could possibly be in right now. I will wear a blue bikini whenever and wherever I want to because I love my flabby arms, my pudgy stomach, my double chin, my cellulite, my no-gap-thighs and if you don't, then that is YOUR problem, not mine. This doesn't mean we stay inactive or make constant unhealthy choices. It's all about finding the right balance. Listen to your body cause you know what's best for it. So stay positive because life is too short to dislike yourself 馃馃枛馃馃馃枑鉁 #bodypositive #loveyourself #sexystateofmind #beautybeyondsize #sorrynotsorry
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And the countdown begins! Super excited to be announcing Evine After Dark. If you're curious, tune in @evi@elive with your host @imkimberlywells and Dr. Sari Locker 馃槅!! Premieres 9/23. Saturdays @ 1AM ET 馃槈馃槈@evineafterdark #Love #Wom#Womenwerment #Women #Confidence #EmbraceYourBody #FeelGoodInYourSkin #SexyStateOfMind #PositiveVibes 馃拫馃拫
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