#SelfCareIs watching your favorite movie on a Saturday night. Show us how you completed this challenge and don’t forget to tag @healthycarolinauofsc or @uofscstudenthealthservices with the hashtag #treatyoselfUofSC to get entered into a raffle for a brand new Eno hammock! #wellness #selfcare #selfcarechallenge #UofSC #healthy #wellbeing #selflove
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Day 4 self-care challenge: receiving. One of the things I enjoy about calisthenics is the idea of supporting your own body weight without assistance. But sometimes the real challenge for me can be asking for the help and support I need. Although I didn’t exactly practice receiving today, I recently reached out to a personal trainer to help guide me back into a lifestyle that makes me feel alive and happy. I know that with her knowledge and encouragement, I can accomplish more than what I could do alone. . . . #day4 #selfcarechallenge #receiving #askingforhelp #gratitude #givingandreceivinglove #healthandwellness
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Self Care Challenge Day 23: Say "no" to overcommitment. Too many commitments create mental clutter and stress. They also keep you from enjoying the people and things that matter most to you. Find something you can say "no" to, and enjoy the margin it brings to your day.
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A little yoga, a little comparison of my #puppypose for @buddhibox #selfcarechallenge ❤️🐶 This is HUGE for me! I've had back issues foreeevvvver! Very little spinal flexibility plus terrible back pain! My back pain has improved tremendously and my flexibility is getting better. It's definitely a journey for me. In fact, my chiropractor pretty much says about my thoracic region "I don't know what's wrong with it. It's unexplainably unmoving." Yep. I hear that every time 😂 Which backs up what I've been saying about my backbends. It's legit like I hit a wall. But I'm hoping that with my new yoga wheel, my chiropractor will say better things ❤️ But either way, I'm thrilled with my progress! #forestfoxyogini #yogaatfroglake #ibendsoidontbreak #wisconsinyogi #yogajourney #buddhibox
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Before committing to this weekend’s cleaning elbow grease, I decided to go window shopping before heading home. As you can see, window shopping turned into real shopping. No surprise. 😂 I’m happy to say I purchased these metallic clunky heels, and Im even happier to say I purchased the heels for only $9.99!!!! Yeeaass Hunty! 🙌🏾 This evening’s self care practice included treating myself within the means of my budget. Ladies and Lads, self care includes doing things to make yourself feel good AND making sound financial decisions AT THE SAME TIME. In the future, my self care budget will be more than $9.99. In the meantime I won’t complain and I’ll make it work. 😉
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Day 2️⃣2️⃣ of #cbdfebchallenge : [Something new, just for you] The last two weeks has been on and off sickness. I’m thankful for being able to rest, when needed. I noticed my body needs a deep cleanse, and a different focus. I decided to start a fast called “Daniel Fast.” . . . . #discoverla #passionplanner #planner #plannerstickers #plannercommunity #plannersgonnaplan #planneraddict #plannerinspiration #selfcarechallenge #danielfast #march
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23.2.18 | 23rd day of the self-care challenge. 🌸 And the picture shows the amazing Buddha Bowl I had for lunch 😋 Today’s challenge isn’t a huge one: I am going to bed at 8. 8, which is extremely early, and wouldn’t normally be deemed acceptable by myself. All that wasted time annoys me. But I’m physically exhausted. I have slept from 5 to 6:30 and am just heading back to bed. Hopefully I’ll manage to get some energy back. Night night IG. Have a peaceful evening 💤💙🌙 ##sel#selfcarelenge #selfcarefebruary #selfcare #selflove #😂 #taketimeforyourself #hair #dyedhair #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #eatingdisorderecovery #recovery #staystrong #recoveryispossible #recoveryisworthit #icandothis #socanyou #food #buddha #buddhabowl # yum #night #sleep #sleeping #restday #challenge
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Tropical Acai bowl: 1/2 frozen banana Handful of spinach Acai packet (Trader Joe’s) Frozen Mango Pineapple Coconut milk . . + Grapefruit vitality oil dropped in for all those extra benefits and delicious citrus zing 🍊 . . When I was a kid my mom was on this weird grapefruit diet for a while, and we all rolled our eyes over it. Come to find out, she wasn’t off base though! 🤷🏼‍♀️ The constituents in this one are known to support healthy weight-management, when taken internally and obviously paired with a healthy diet and exercise. 💪 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Who is ready for the weekend!? This weekend take 15 minutes each day to relax, no interruptions allowed! Wear something comfortable, don’t stress about the way you look. Find a great book and learn something new, while sipping a glass of your favorite wine. Cheers 🍷👌🏽#selfcarechallenge #selflove #healthymind #selfcare #unwind #unplug #relax #weekendvibes
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Good morning and happy Friday to my beautiful Self Care Tribe!!! What do y’all have planned for the weekend? I’ve been rippin’ and runnin’ just about every weekend since the start of January. As a result, this weekend demands a lil extra self care. I need extra sleep to gain energy so I can clean and organize my living space. I’ve neglected cleaning because I’ve been so busy every weekend for the last month and a half. My apartment is a HOT MESS! (Don’t judge me and don’t act like your crib has never been in disarray 😂) I MAY post a few pics of my before and after work, depending on how well I clean. Self Care Tribe, I highlight all of this to you guys as a reminder. A clean place of residency is a form of self care. Clean and organized environments contribute to a clean and organized mind.
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Day 23 of #fallinlovewithyouryoga 🌿 Today I am empowered through the hope of healing. I heal because I am alive. This hope is the will that brings clients through my door, the effort of opening my blinds and inviting sunlight in. The softness to slow down and be. Be with my little. Be with my husband. Be with others. To savor. I am empowered through the hope of healing. I heal because I am alive. #satxbloggers #sanantonioyoga #yogatherapy #mindfulmama #joblove #yogaoffthemat #onebreatheatatime #selfcarechallenge
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Take a walk today. There are many benefits to walking 🚶‍♀️ and one of them is stress relief. Believe it or not but a stroll in the park can make you feel less stressed. So go outside, take a huge breath of fresh air and walk. #selfcare #mentalhealth #hea#healthymind/a> #healthymind #mentalchallenge #selfcarechallenge #loveyourself #walking #getoutside
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Create a calming home environment by adding plants. Show us how you completed this challenge and don’t forget to tag @healthycarolinauofsc or @uofscstudenthealthservices with the hashtag #treatyoselfUofSC to get entered into a raffle for a brand new Eno hammock! #wellness #selfcare #selfcarechallenge #UofSC #healthy #wellbeing #selflove!
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Something for the weekend 🍒
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My new and improved combined habit / health / mood / activities tracker. Grew tired of having to make this every month - even when I used a ruler I couldn't get the lines straight, color smudges everywhere etc. So I am using a printout instead. It looks a little bit tidier than last year's. I keep them in my bullet journal but on detached sheets, because I want to be able to bring them along without having to bring my journal along ( for instance when travelling). #habittracker #selfcarechallenge #bulletjournalchallenge
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When your trainer says bonus round 😩after increasing your weights on Leg Day....and yet I nailed it ✌️ . A moment of hesitation allows doubt to settle in. Just take a deep breath and get it done. #TheseSlidersTho Day 36✔️ . . . . . . . . . #ukmums #fitmums #healthymindhealthybody #vibetribe #feedthemind #beyourbestself #beweird #youareenough #mindsetmatters #thinkhappy #choosehappy #80DayObsession #earlymorningworkout #selfcarechallenge #notamorningperson #fitnesstime #workoutathome #workoutvideo #freeworkout #yogastrength
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As I mentioned in my previous post, it’s easy to fall into dark spaces due to a lack of confidence. Well, guess what??? It’s impossible to remain confident when you lack preparation. Confidence doesn’t come out of the blue. Confidence is developed and maintained through constant preparation. Self care includes nurturing your form of preparation. Indulge in preparation self care, position yourself to be confident in your abilities and reach your goals. Tonight my self care practice includes feeding my mind and business acumen with advice from @theglamuniversity ‘s book “The Flip”. 📚
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Day 3 of the self-care challenge: gratitude. I am grateful for @adriansphere for his energetic, supportive, and loving spirit. You inspire me to put in my best effort towards my goals, make the most of each day and learn to see the beauty in life’s obstacles. ❤️ . . . #day3 #selfcarechallenge #gratitude #loveyou #searchingforwater #backpacking #letsgocampingagain
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Meditation is probably my biggest self care tool. I don't practice it as often as I should but it's not a joke when I say it's crucial to my mental health. I'm always striving for perfection which is impossible, I'm Vata-Pitta so I'm a fun combo of anxiety and fury 😂 I adore my mala from @mym@mymalanecklace! I have such a strong connection to it and it makes me feel instantly calm when I touch it 😍 I have several malas but honestly this is the only one I've ever felt a connection to for meditation. So thank you @mymalanecklace ❤️ @buddhibox #buddhibox #selfcarechallenge #justbreath
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Spotify is love! I listen to different playlists depending on my activity and mood—when I’m walking my dog, taking a shower, winding down for sleep, etc. Surround yourself with positivity, including good music. #sel#selfcarechallenge • . . . . . . . #f8licityfix 🌼 #beyourbestself #greenliving #life #career #healing #happy #fun #wellness #wellnessjourney #instafit #fitfam #fitspo #lifestyle #dedication #healthy #wellnesscoach #blogger #selfcare #cancerwarrior #inloveandwell Year2
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There was a time that I was crippled with insecurity. What most people in my life don’t know about me is that I suffered from serious acne and my hair falling out for the majority of my teenage years. This was mostly due to over-exercising and under eating. I used to believe that I would never feel beautiful...🥀 I was reminded of this today when I went live in my pjs with no makeup and untamed natural hair without thinking twice about it... I am so proud of myself for coming this far 💃🏻 These days I get so many questions about what I “use” on my hair and skin, and the truth is it has NOTHING to do with anything you can put on 🙅🏻‍♀️ Now I use very gentle cleansers and don’t use any topical products. For years I PRAYED that the creams would work to fix my problems. I took medications and tried every topical treatment that exists and nothing worked until I started nourishing my body and searching for self acceptance. ✨ Trust me, I know that’s not what you want to hear. I spent years searching for a quick fix that required little effort. Eventually I realized I was looking for help in the wrong places. In retrospect, if I had spent those years applying what I know now it WOULD HAVE been a much quicker fix than cycling through every treatment available. 🙄 If you want to know how I nourish my body and PROJECT the health i have achieved on the inside I am more than thrilled to share 💕 I’m just a quick message away. But I will never suggest a topical treatment for what can be healed from the inside out. My wish for the world is that people would stop hoping for a miracle fix to come along and would just take the time to turn inwards. 🙏🏼 To have the strength and courage to face what’s inside. I have collected a list of JEMS that I have used as resources to help me get here that I can share with you too 💗 I pour myself into the online community I have built so that others have the tools and resources they need to finally SEE the true beauty inside 🌷 If you want to join us, the door is open. Follow the link in my bio to come inside 😊
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Practicing non judgement. How about you? // Self-care can means a variety of different things at different times. And, it doesn’t necessarily have to be costly or timely. But it does have to be and feel supportive. What are you doing to feel good, supported, and at ease today?
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Self Care Challenge Day 22: Get moving today! Exercise, go for a walk, stretch, have a dance party in your living room...just move! Movement is good for your body, mind, and emotions! Aim for 20-30 minutes of intentional movement each day! . How are you going to move today?
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Self Care Challenge Day 21: Take some time to schedule all of your annual checkups and appointments. It's easy to concentrate on our family members' health needs and get consumed with busy schedules. However, it is important to be consistent with your yearly appointments because they can help prevent future health concerns or identify a disease early.
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22.2.18 | 22nd day of the self-care challenge was all about Not. Giving. A. Fuck. 🌸 Pensée spéciale pour Nolwen 💜 On avait dit qu’on mangerait une gaufre au nutella toutes les deux et n’avions pas réussi. Celle-ci était pour célébrer ta génialitude, et la prochaine, on la mangera ensemble. Courage ma belle. 💜 #sel#selfcarelenge #selfcarefebruary #selfcare #selflove #😂 #taketimeforyourself #hair #dyedhair #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #eatingdisorderecovery #recovery #staystrong #recoveryispossible #recoveryisworthit #icandothis #socanyou #food #snack #cake #chocolate #restday #challenge #waffle #chocolatewaffle
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Yesterday’s @cheltenham_mumbossclub #selfcarechallenge was so therapeutic. Thank you @littledandesigns for the materials and for the creative time to myself. I really need to make more time to be creative. It’s sets my soul alight and calms my mind like nothing else. #winning #mum#mumboss15minutesforme #makeyourselfapriority #mybusinessfamily #mumboss #motherhood #creativeme #findyourpassion #littlesquaresofmylife
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"Love is the goal, life is the journey." 😍 I'm so happy about my gift from @buddhibox , thanks to the challenge #healthierme2018 organized by @yog@yogahealingnature back in January! Swipe to see all the fun and deliciously fragrant self-loving items that were included in the box (it's the February box of BuddhiBox monthly subscription). Everything was about the heart chakra, with all the pink, the green, and the chocolate! - The monthly quote and pose. - A lovely rose quartz bracelet, perfect for when I'll start wearing short sleeves and spring dresses again! - A rose quartz lip balm by @roxx_polish. It's smells amazingly sweet! And there's a little rose quartz inside! I love little surprises that includes stones and crystals! - a gorgeous emerald green tanzurine (a type of beautiful green quartz) - Namastea, a tea blend of lemongrass, red rose petals and other fun caffeine free flavors by @blendbee - A vegan friendly sea salt chocolate - and a citrus and light floral Heart Essence heart chakra roll-on perfume by @kailo.organic.chakra.therapy So much love and care in this box, it's a feel good care package! And I love love love the canvas bag all the goodies came in! Thank you @BuddhiBox and @yogahealingnature ! You guys are amazing! 💕💕😘💕💕 . #yoga #yogachallenge #yogajourney #myyogapractice #myyogajourney #mindful #mindfulness #buddhibox #selfcare #selfcarechallenge #selflove #subscriptionbox #carepackage
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#selfcarechallenge if you know me at all, then you know I’m obsessed with my natural nails. Getting biweekly manicures and pedicures is mandatory. On top of that I only allow two people to even TOUCH my hands and feet. Like seriously...I don’t play LOL💁🏽. No acrylic, no overlay, no harmful chemicals, no jets in the pedicure tub (those things are a bacteria playground) just gel polish. Self care tip: cuticle oil is life 💅🏾❤️#entreself30
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Last night I mentioned selfcare involves dreaming and successfully executing steps that will position you to obtain your dreams. I thought about this concept a little more this morning and asked myself: What stops people from dreaming? What elements and/or experiences have pushed myself and my peers in dark places to influence us to no longer dream? My conclusion is that life throws us curve balls everyday, some people are great at catching those curve balls. There is another group of people who give up and run as soon as they see curveballs coming their way. The number one element that divides these two people are their levels of CONFIDENCE. If you are confident in who you are and where you are headed, there would be no reason for you to run when curve balls come across your path. No one is perfect, and we all have our low days, but once we feel like we are traveling down a slippery slope, it’s our responsibility to pick ourselves back up. (If we don’t, who will???) My self care challenge to you and myself is to practice confidence daily.
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As we fold into our last week of #fallinlovewithyouryoga there are THREE THINGS I am hoping you've gathered from this experience. ✨✨✨ - 1. If you had a mediocre or bad experience in yoga- or maybe you were like that was way to difficult or way too slow- give yoga another chance! Learn, inquire and discover the type of yoga that is right for you. If you aren't sure please feel free to email, DM or contact us and we would be happy to direct you! 💓 2. YOUR YOGA IS GOOD ENOUGH. Regardless of where you are- limited range of motion, battling illness or autoimmune, too old, too young, too whatever you've subscribed to- your expression is BEAUTIFUL. Learn how to adapt the yoga poses to you! Not the other way around. 🌿 3. Yoga is a canvas for GRACE, Yoga is the author of LIGHTHEARTED, Yoga is the playground for CREATIVITY, Your Yoga is EMPOWERING. 🙏🏼🖤🌙 This week we will dive into empowerment. It all begins with the courage to show up. #empoweredyogis #yogatherapy #sanantonioyoga #satxbloggers #joblove #selfcarechallenge #mindfulmama
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3: found myself taking a little too long trying to figure out what I want to draw. Still felt pretty rushed with this one and remind3d myself how much I hate doing flowers. . . . #doodle #ff15 #flowers #selfcarechallenge #watercolor
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One of the easiest ways to take care of yourself if to simply drink more water. Show us how you completed this challenge and don’t forget to tag @healthycarolinauofsc or @uofscstudenthealthservices with the hashtag #treatyoselfUofSC to get entered into a raffle for a brand new Eno hammock! #wellness #selfcare #selfcarechallenge #UofSC #healthylifestyle #hydrate
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Self-Care Challenge # 22 . . . This week we’ve been reminded that even in February, Cola is #famouslyhot So stay hydrated, Gamecocks! . You can easily calculate the number of ounces you should aim to drink per day by dividing your weight by 2. Add more if you plan on exercising!
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Rise and shine! ☀️ And still remember without the sun there is no moon #harmony #manandwoman
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Day 2 of the self-care challenge:saying no. Today I said no to giving into my unhealthy food cravings! Saying no to this makes me feel like I am saying yes feeling more energized and balanced throughout the day! . . . #day2 #selfcarechallenge #sayingno #beautifulavocado
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All you can eat sushi & sashimi relieves Mid-terms stress. 3 down, 2 to go! #hellweek #selfcarechallenge #msaubco
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Selfcare consists of: 1. dreaming 2.creating strategy, 3.successfully executing strategy and 4.measuring your results. If you are not dreaming and working towards a daily goal, it becomes difficult to get out of bed and conquer the challenges each day brings (trust me, I’ve been in this dark space once before). I recently made the decision to start my day by reciting my dreams to myself before stepping out of my apartment. One of my dreams is to go back to my hometown and contribute to the city’s economic develop. Although my hometown is New Jersey’s capital, there are not many businesses that attract traffic to the city. Most Trentonians travel to neighboring cities like Philadelphia and/or New York City to spend money on events, nightlife, hobbies, ect. As a result, I plan to open at-least 3 storefront businesses that will bring major traffic to my city. Some people may ask the question, “what’s stopping you?” Oh honey, nothing is stopping me ☺️ I’m successfully executing baby steps each day that will bring me closer to my goal. My question to all of you is, are you dreaming? What are you dreaming about. If not, what is stopping you?
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First off, Love this quote! Tomorrow in my Self Care Challenge is change one bad habit. I’ve been working hard on my health and fitness these past couple months. I’ve seen amazing, positive changes from it. It does start with one thing though. For me, it was switching two meals a day with an Herbalife shake. Then I was more conscious of the food I was eating. Then I started incorporating exercising. I didn’t change my whole life in one day. My life is changing in steps I’m taking. Determined, mindful, well placed steps. Change one thing tomorrow. Start drinking water first thing when you wake up. Start putting away your laundry soon as it’s done in the dryer. Start taking a walk in the evenings. Start putting your phone on silence an hour before you go to bed. Start working on one bad habit tomorrow! I’m here for moral support and guidance where I can. ❤️😄 #letsbefriends #helpeachother #healthyhabits #selfcarechallenge #changeonething
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Part of my #selfcarechallenge is meal prepping. I love this idea for a layout in my passion planner. PS my planner is life and they are having a sale!! 😍 #buddhibox @buddhibox
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I have talked about the benefits of journaling many times before. It is a great way of releasing thoughts and emotions. Once we put them out there, we also get to see them from another point of view. #sel#selfcarechallenge • . . . . . . . #f8licityfix 🌼 #beyourbestself #greenliving #life #career #healing #happy #fun #wellness #wellnessjourney #instafit #fitfam #fitspo #lifestyle #dedication #healthy #wellnesscoach #blogger #selfcare #cancerwarrior #inloveandwell Year2
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21.2.18 | 21st day of my self-care challenge 🌸 My cousin and her two sons have come to Nîmes and I’m SO happy to see them! 😊 I have spent the whole day talking to my cousin, messing around with the boys outside, taking what I really fancied for dessert at McDonald’s instead of having whatever the ED wanted. I managed to accept pictures of me being taken (😖) but also managed to say no whenever I didn’t feel it was acceptable. And we saw swans and ducks and I just loved my day. 😊💜 #sel#selfcarelenge #selfcarefebruary #selfcare #selflove #😂 #taketimeforyourself #hair #dyedhair #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #eatingdisorderecovery #recovery #staystrong #recoveryispossible #recoveryisworthit #icandothis #socanyou
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Alright ya’ll...it’s been a minute since I’ve posted on the blog 😬 It’s hard to explain, but I’ve been in a major rut since the middle of January. Anyone feel me? So I’ve decided to “steer into the skid” and write a post about how we get into ruts and what we can do to escape. If you’re struggling with something similar, click the link in the bio for a bit of motivation and a big dose of empathy. Let’s escape together :) . . . #motivationalpost #breakoutoftherut #selfcarechallenge #takeactiontoday #millennialblogger #indyblogger
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I love this! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #selfcare #selfcarechallenge #selfcarematters #selfcaretips #gratitude #randomactsofkindness #selflove #loveyourselfmore #learningtolovemyself #learningtoloveme #selfcareissacred #selfcareeveryday #striveforgreatness #bekindtoyourself #confidence #confidenceboost #outofcomfortzone #selfcompassion #youcandoit #positivity #10daychallenge #fearlessness #selfesteemboost #bethebestyou #feelthefear #feelthefearanddoitanyway #neverquit #rulestoliveby #liferules #imakemyownrules
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I have truly bloomed in the last 34 days 🌸 I have never gone this many days in a row being EXCITED to sweat and work my body. 😅 I have never gone this many days in a row feeling confident in my skin. 💁🏻‍♀️ I have never gone this many days without seeing a workout as a “punishment”. I have never gone this many days without insulting my reflection in the mirror. I have never gone this many days consistently PUSHING the limits of my comfort zone and expanding my life. 🌷 I haven’t been perfect, but I’m not trying to be. I’m getting stronger every day... and because of that, I am prouder of myself every day! Which is making me RADIATE confidence in a way I never have ✨ I’ve been searching for this feeling for so long (literal yearssss)... and it’s finally here because I am not just going through the motions... I BELIEVE in the process. It is consistently showing up every day until I trust that I won’t give up. 🙏🏼 I gave up on myself so many times... it’s ok that it took this long for me to believe in myself again 💗 I believe I can. I believe I am worth it. I can workout and eat clean all day every day, but it will never matter if I’m also putting myself down constantly 👎🏼 It starts and ends with your mind. Oh, and having the most killer plan to follow doesn’t hurt 💕 I am so grateful for this journey. Day 32/80 in the books! 🙌🏼 P.S. If I can do it, so can you. What are you waiting for?? If you wanna change your life too everything you need is in my bio 😘 let’s do it together ✌🏼 • • • • • . . . . . #selfloved #selflovefirst #selflover #selflovejourney #bodypositivefitness #bodypositivebabe #confidenceboost #confidencebuilding #selfcarematters #selfcarechallenge #selfcareissacred #sensitivesoul #strongher #strengthening #thatsdarling #ohwowyes #mybeautifulmess #minimalandpale #candyminimal #thehappynow #pursuepretty #flashesofdelight #theperfectsimple #folkgood #stylegram #creativityfound #candy_pastel #minimalmood #moodygrams
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I love my warm pasta salad for lunch! For the #buddhibox #selfcare challenge by @buddhibox : making good, filling, tasty, healthy, colorful food! And I'll be taking my time to eat. And I just realized it's vegan as well! #healthylifestyle #healthierme2018 #healthyfood #lunch #tastyfood #myyogapractice #myyogajourney #yoga #mindful #vegan #pastasalad #selfcarechallenge #selflove
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I’m having some fun this morning creating the worksheets for my upcoming 5 Day Challenge. 😍😍 Are you in it yet? Come join us so you can learn how to make time for yourself without the guilt! The link to my group is in my bio 👆. The free challenge starts March 5! See you there. 😘 #5daysofme #5daychallenge #selfcarechallenge #takecareofyou #loveyourself #loveyourlife #workathomemom #mompreneur #lovemyjob #lifecoach
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#selfcarechallenge for some reason trips to Homegoods makes me feel better! Even if I just buy one item...a candle, throw pillow, book ends, wall art. It’s all about creating an environment that’s clean, fresh, feminine, and peaceful. So S/O to homegoods for helping me create the perfect living space! #entreself30
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I inked my drawing today. Scariest thing I’ve done in a while really..🙄😂🤷🏼‍♀️ Let me know what you think.😊 Inspired by @cassandracalin • • • #bulletjournal#sketchoftheday#drawing#gratitude#bulletjournalspread#BUJOinspire#bujobeauty#selfcarechallenge#comicart
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