Deep powder smothering Blaven and the surrounding hills. As the sun rises, the chill of the night disappears and the strong sun reflected off the snow leaves me stripped down to my tshirt. This may be possibly some of the last snow we have on Skye this winter. ❄️ Canon 5D MIV + 16-35 F4 Lee 0.6 Medium Grad . . . . . #sunrise #leefilters #scotlandtrip #canonphotography #canonuk #landscapephotography #landscapelovers #mycanon #3ltpro #skye #isleofskye #scotlandsbeauty #scotlandlover #cuillins #cuillinhills #instascotland #winteradventures #mountainslovers
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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☃️I love the changing seasons in Scotland. When the snow falls it completely changes our landscapes. No seasons look the same. What’s your favourite season?
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4-in-a-row #35mm
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Luce negli occhi, espressione da ebete e cuore pieno di emozione. Ricordi scozzesi 😍 #lochness #scotland #nostalgia #scozia #scottishphotography #scotlandtrip #pieceofheart #scotlandlover #uk #memories #lochnesslake #lochnessmonster
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Storm clouds
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Land before time
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Icing sugar
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Glencoe textures
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Beach days
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A very special #ScotlandSnap today as we take a look at one of the most famous churches in Scotland and its surrounding graveyard. The Auld Kirk in Alloway is thought to date back as early as the 1200s. The Auld Kirk has been in ruin since approximately the 1740s and is believed to have been a popular play area for the young Robert Burns, who was born just a short distance away. Burns also had a hand in creating much of the lore around the Auld Kirk when he used the ruin as a setting for his most famous poem “Tam o’ Shanter” in 1791. Burns used the Kirkyard as the gathering place for the witches and warlocks that pursue Tam and his gray mare as far as the nearby Brig o’ Doon. The Kirk itself is a hollow, roofless box containing just a few “mortsafes” put in place to prevent grave robbers from digging up fresh corpses for medical purposes – something that remained a serious problem in Scotland until the passing of the Anatomy Act in 1832. But, it is the Kirkyard itself that remains the main attraction for visitors to Alloway. Upon entering one immediately encounters the grave of Robert Burns’ father, William Burns. Throughout the rest of the graveyard is scattered remarkably preserved carved gravestones including some of the best “pictorial gravestones” in Scotland. When I visited in late May the sun had started peeking out behind dark rain clouds that had just passed by. There is an eerie chill about the place, but this for me was overcome by the delighted joy I felt wandering about the Kirkyard reading the fascinating and detailed descriptions on the headstones and crypts containing revelations about the departed. Not sure how I would feel, though, wandering about on a dark night in the rain and chill! Auld Alloway Kirkyard is one of my favorite graveyards seen so far in Scotland. I highly recommend a visit to Alloway to see the Auld Kirk but also the Robert Burns Museum just up the road and the Brig o’ Doon and gardens across the street. It makes for the perfect day trip out of Glasgow!
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Можно сказать, что сегодня мне стало уже совсем все равно как я одета, главное что мне тепло😉 . А пока первое что приходит в голову за эти три дня: 🇬🇧 Как правильно научиться переходить дорогу? 🇬🇧 Почему в городе так мало мусорок и скамеек? 🇬🇧 Почему многие ходят ооооочень легко одетыми? Даже в Москве люди при такой температуре одеваются теплее. 🇬🇧 В среднем пинта пива стоит примерно 4-6 £, что примерно 400₽ 🇬🇧 Все как в школе говорили, двухэтажный красный автобус, телефонные будки, кэбы и идеальные все вокруг! 🇬🇧 Даже не хочу думать, сколько стоит тут недвижимость! . . . . . . . . . . #edinburghsnapshots #пикадилли #НовыйМесяцНоваяСтрана #visitedinburgh #london #photosofbritain #instabritain #visitscotland #ноттингхилл #scotspilit #scotlandlover #insta_britain #igersscotland #оксфорд #lovelondon #edinphoto #londonhstory #topedinburghphoto #londonfood #londonbloggers #scotlandtrip #scotlandexplore #yanaberg_uk #лондон #шотландия #кэб #лондонпариж
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Take flight 🛩
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Hi! Last summer I also traveled to the Scottish Highlands and it was great! 😍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 I enjoyed the wonderful nature and shot a few photos! I hope you like them! 📷 — — — — — picture one and two: Pictures of the Highlands. #scotland #schottland #scotlandhighlands #scotishhighlands #highlands #scotland2017 #scotlandtrip #trip #photography #nature #naturephotography #geography
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Dreaming of Hermitage Castle today. 💚🌠💙
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" There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights." B.S.🏮🐡
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