Squad Harder than me bro 💪🏻 #fbf
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With #JusticeLeague premiering tonight two weeks after #ThorRagnarok, this weekend will be a battle between #DC and #Marvel. So... whoever you're rooting for, we have the @perfectshaker for you! Come out to #SupplementSuperstore and support your local superhero team!
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YASSS! It's about that time! If you have ever wondered about supplements helping your workout become better and how to recover properly, the men from S2 @s2faction will be by tomorrow at 8:00am to hand out samples and answer any questions that you may have. #cccbfamily #s2faction #welovepreworkout @1stphorm
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It may not be much but it's what I can do. Can't rush recovery. Rehabbin' #100#o0 One day at a time.  Keep it positive! Tear it up my friends! #fit#fit #weightlifting #weightloss #motivated #fitfam #fit #motivation # #inspiration #bodybuilding #legionofboom #s2faction #neversettle #neverquit #1st#1stphormlife #1stphorm #nextlevelshit #transformation #transphormation #iam1stphorm #bethe1 #wedothework #duespaid
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For majority of my life, I've beaten the shit out of my body and spent ZERO time focusing on mobility. - I've been having disc problems in my back for years now, but about two months ago I really screwed myself up... which has forced me to work on my weaknesses and imbalances. - These two bastards here have become my best friends and have helped take a lot of my pain away. - I still hate stretching and working on mobility, but I've become more disciplined with doing the shit I don't feel like doing because of it. - I'm going to become limber AF and should be able to do the splits in no time. 😜#s2faction #100to0
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So I watched @ifb@ifbb_pro_kevin_ford story a couple days ago about a good healthy pH balance in your blood and how a lot of Americans diet can lead to higher acidity levels caused from consuming garbage food and a lack of vegetables, especially green ones. This got me thinking about improving my greens intake. So I’ve recently added these Opti-Greens 50 to my day. Each serving is loaded with raw, low temperature processed, organic greens! It’s a great supplement for me to make sure I’m getting enough of the good stuff! Could also be great for you, if your a) having trouble getting enough vegetables in throughout the day, b) don’t necessarily like vegetables or c) just trying to improve your pH balance like me! You’ll benefit from having better energy and healthier skin to name a few things. And that’s neat. I also would recommend giving @ifbb_pro_kevin_ford a follow for more nutritional knowledge. Guy is wicked smart. 🤓🥦🥒🍅🥗💪🏼 #themoreyouknow #health #fitness #foodisfuel #premiumgas #s2faction #dominateyourlife #dominateyournutrition #getthemgreens
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I see people post pictures all the time of burgers, donuts, pizza etc. and talk about it these meals as their post workout meals and the post workout #gai#gainzzzz with 4 z’s because of how much gainz you get. 🙄 - Which is fine. But the common theme with a lot of these meals is very high fat content. Fat is very slow digesting and slows down the digestion of other macros as well. This is not ideal for post workout. Post workout, faster=better. Honestly these meals aren’t ideal for anytime. But post workout should have as little fat as possible. - In conclusion you don’t have to justify your pizza as your post workout. I ate pizza today because I had been solid on my diet this week and I wanted it. Not because of post workout #gainzzzz As always, questions about post workout, or even where to get some killer pizza for your next meal, just holla atchya boy 👊🏻🦄
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The Grind Includes Friday - TGIF. . My typical Friday as like most days starts at 3:00 am - but for me it was a bit earlier today (2:30). . Got a scoop of Phormula1 and Ignition to switch my body into anabolic phase, dry shot a scoop of MegaWattV2. . Wrote down my power-list of must items to get accomplished, and then proceeded to check IG and make some connections, like some photos, comment on some as well, correspond to emails, and the like items. . Then proceeded to head to the gym to get my Friday morning HIIT in. Freshened up, and got ready for the day. This picture was taken right after - I was toast. . Went into work (0700 to 1700). And arrived home a little over two hrs ago. . Got dinner, and reviewed over my power list, I have 3 items left (my Friday night session, shopping for meal prep, and more content editing) - along with the other essentials. . I just knocked out some of my content editing, still have more. . Completed more stuff for my entrepreneurial ventures. . About to head to go do my 2 hour session (cardio and full body circuit) - so I'll be able to scratch that off here in 2.5 hours. Then go shop for meal prep - so another one off at around midnight. . Which means..I have the rest of the content editing to do - which will most likely be be completed at or around 2-2:30 tomorrow morning. . So, I'm looking at almost a 24 hr "shift"... And I'm damn near at the point of exhaustion - but if what you want and "dzire" to have then you will do nothing short of giving it your all. . Forget the #100to0 mentality - it's on ➡ #100000000000to0! . Sometimes more than not, you will have to make the tough choice, the hard sacrifice, turn down friends' invitation for drinks/dinner/night out. If they are your true friends - they'll ultimately understand; if not get rid of them. . How hard do you grind for your goals? . #FlexFriday #IAm1stPhorm #DuesPaid #1StPhormAthleteSearch #WeDoTheWork @1stPhorm @andyfrisella
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I debated about posting this for multiple reasons but I thought f*** what everyone says and thinks about me. You gotta break out of your comfort zone for any progress. Have to do things you've never done. Let people talk shit and find ways to bring you down because at the end of you know the truth, you know what you're made of. So get up and go get it 💪 #gym #gymlife #gymrat #fitfam #fitness #weights #weightlifting #bodybuilding #muscle #beast #powerlifting #motivated #dedicated #healthy #strong #ironparadise #hardestworkers #s2faction #1stphorm #legionofboom #oldschoolbodybuilding #goldenera #talkshit #fuckacomfortzone #realtalk
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Getting that late night pump in last night 💪 #iphonecamera #selfie #gymselfie #beard #bearded #beardlife #ginger #beardedviking
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405x17...obviously this video looks like a win and it was challenging. However, my boy @will2win50 said “you had 3 more in the tank”. That got me thinking and I actually remember telling myself that 17 was “good enough”. Nothing I do should be “good enough” and that was a cop out to do less work. It’s always easy to look at what you DID do but sometimes I’ve got to self evaluate of what I COULD have done. Oh and thanks @reid_glaenzer for getting my ass eating these shorts the whole time 👍🏻 #s2faction
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I was at Lifetime Fitness hitting some arms today when @calvingilbride caught me in the middle of a tricep workout . Thanks Calvin 🙄 But seriously .. if you aren’t giving it your ALL in the gym, what are you doing ?! #100to0 #s2faction #dominateyourlife #staytrue
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When you go to the gym you must focus on everything from your strengths to your weaknesses. You see a lot of people go in and do their strong lifts and then roll out. If you are weak in an area, focus on that shit! I have an under active gluteus medius which makes my lower back ache like a bitch. It’s due to poor stabilization on my part, lifting stupid in the past etc etc.. it’s time I started building right. Leave your ego at the door, your body is the only place you’ve got to live
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Easy 545 top single followed by 495x6 and 405x15x2. Next we’re SB good mornings 230x6x2, GHR’s, pull-ups, and walking lunges. Finished with some rowing for fun.
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Flex Friday!!! Get a nice pump before you go out tonight! This old man will be watching tv wrapping Christmas presents!!!
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Want to get a little more out of your workouts? No I'm not talking about not fancy pre-workouts.. instead look into intra-workout supplementation. - I'm personally a big fan of intra workout carbohydrates when my workouts last a little longer and are more intense. - I've been using intra-formance by @1stphorm - Using a carb like highly branched cyclic dextrin will cause a lot less of gastric distress so you won't have an upset stomach or bloat during your workout, but also it will help give more of power output to help you push harder and longer. #s2faction #fitcity 📸 @mr_stark_ironman
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