Day 3/7 #bwchallenge - 7 days of black & white photos of your everyday life. No explanation. No people. Challenge a new person each day! Wanna have a go, @lizsagram ? 😜
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Наверное многие сталкивались с похожей ситуацией: вы живете в красивом и туристическом месте, но тк вы видите это все каждый день, то посещаете только с приезжающими в гости родственниками и друзьями. Так и мы сегодня с @hilitski_victor показывали родным один из самых живописных пригородов Чикаго, от которого мы живем в 15 минутах езды. Нам повезло с погодой, поэтому мы насладились и теплым солнышком, и преющей желтой листвой, и красивенными домами и пристанями Эванстона. Родители были в восторге, а мы, как принимающая сторона, открыли новые прелести этого городка, в который надо бы заезжать почаще * * #parkweekend #sunday #love#isintheair#hav#havefunesomerest #autumnchicago #falltime #fallfun #eva#evanstonend #happyfamilyweekend #chi#chicagogram #familytime #happytime #havefun #Ilovemyfamily #inlove #chicago #evanston #lighthousebeach #northwesternuniversity #ic_trees #ig_shotz_trees #princely_shotz #instaghesboro #осеньвчикаго #русскийчикаго #выходныессемьей #солнечныйдень
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Ripple in still water 🎶
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Dawning Silence 🍃
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"Le bois de Boulogne"Welcome,Russia #City_KrasnoeSelo_in_my_photos: "Октябрь в Осени" Стало интересно, хотите ли небольшой конкурс!? Победителя, им может оказаться совершенно любой, (только из подписчиков), возможно,будет ждать интересная фото-история.Все подробности после решения.Ну,как? Хотели бы что-то подобное!? 😐До вторника принимаю ответы) Если что, ставьте под этим фото "+" под фото. Всем хорошей новой недели!
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Tools are put away for the season...time to say's been my pleasure to love... to care...and to enjoy a few simple things this earth has to offer...
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I never picked the apples... or I should say #crabapple? I did try them. 😒 not recommended. #forlooksonly . . . . #tiny #appletree #autumn #apples #rsa_trees #redfruit
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I just realized that my hair is the color of Autumn leaves. 🍁🍂✨ Day 19: Inspiring Words // I wrote this message to my friends and family yesterday so I thought I’d share some of it you for today’s prompt. // “There are so many times when I feel less than worthy, less than beautiful, less than okay. And when I do, I tend to put on a brave face, cover my skin with makeup instead of highlighting it for fun, and only show the best of myself when I’m out in the world and on social media. But that facade is not always authentic. Sometimes, I feel not-so-pretty, and all I seem to be able to see are the dark circles under my eyes, my thin hair, my less than perfect features. I see all of the moments when I fail, the times when I’m anxious and not fully there for my friends and family like I should be. In those moments, I hold myself up to these impossible standards of beauty, of character, of ability, and fail to give myself grace for them and let myself be set free from their toxic hold on my life. Jesus has handed us that freedom. He gives us His unfailing love and His eternal gift so we don’t have to be enough and so we don’t have to reach any standard. He makes enough so that we can see that He made us just as we should be- flaws, scars, and all. There is so much freedom in that- so why do we hold ourselves in bondage at times? Why do we feel oppressed when the reality we are more than conquers through Him? Seek freedom in the Lord today, my friends. He has made you just as you are for a reason.” And that’s beautiful. ❤️ @lovewildtribe #lovewildnovember
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