Takeover by curator @melissaellencole: Installing @rosannamarmont's work @cspace. It's always a huge mess before we get anywhere close to what it will look like on opening day. But it is great to finally see and feel the work in the space. Rosanna's work looks like it belongs in cSPACE. Dead moose and all. #iamwestern
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Two years in the making with @rosannamarmont and @offlimitsarts. 馃槄I AM WESTERN is finally happening. Here is Mitch Kern's piece being suspended from the ceiling @cspacekingedward. #iamwestern
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Last weeks edition. This painting will show at @cspacekingedward this summer during the Calgary Stampede. I photographed this animal rights activist last summer while showing at the Stampede's Artist Studios. I thought she deserved a painting. Hoping to give this piece her name as the title if anyone can track her down? #iamwestern #yycstampede #calgarystampede #rodeoculture #alberta #protester #rosannamarmont
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#artisttakeover by @rosannamarmont : 'Manifest Destiny', a 2016 work that will be shown in the #iamwestern exhibitions... A contemporary version of our cowboy prototype, answering to no one, an outsider to society, a nomad, on the frontiers (or outskirts), without need of wealth, power or status, living day to day. When I witness the poverty of materialism in America I wonder if the promise of prosperity in the west has turned full circle. I wonder if it is the homeless that have grasped the freedom of the idealized cowboy better than any of us. #cowboy #cowboypainting #cowboylife #homeless #poverty #freedom #americanwest
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#artisttakeover by @rosannamarmont : 'Industrial Farming', based on an abandoned farm homestead in rural #saskatchewan that I visited in 2015. The farm had been purchased by a nearby Hutterite colony, whose use of industrial farming methods have allowed them to expand rather than get bought out. Family farmers in the rural prairies have faced increasingly smaller margins in the past few decades, causing an ongoing shift in populations towards urban centres, usually involuntarily. Their choice of using monoculture, crop desecration methods, genetically modified plant types, artificial fertilizers etc is made out of desperation to survive in an increasingly competitive market. To their frustration, urban dwellers often know very little of their situation, apart from a lamenting and overt romanticization of past times, an aesthetic gone rampant in the Cowboy and Western art genre. #westerncanada #prairies #prairieculture #ruralsask #ruralalberta
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Artist Takeover by @rosannamarmont : Working on this one again today. I'll try to finish tomorrow. Process of slowly distinguishing lights and darks with diluted oil pigment. The challenge will be to capture the expression in her eyes, that of concern, motherhood, and disapproval all at the same time. #calgarystampede #rod#rodeoure #rodeo #rodeocanada
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Artist Takeover by @rosannamarmont : For the past two years Jack has been my studio buddy, typically napping on the floor beside me or dropping his frisbee in my paint palette. Studio life has its distractions and this is a welcome one. This photo taken on the 96 ranch in #Saskatchewan, where I worked for two summers repairing fence lines on 54,000 acres of native prairie. I'm grateful to have had both rural and urban experiences influence my art practice. #rural #ruralalberta #ranchlife #canadagallery #westerncanada #prairie #dogsofinstagram
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Artist Takeover by @rosannamarmont : Admittedly I don't always know where a painting is going. These six images show the progression of 'Reserve', inspired by my travels through the #navajonation in #Arizona. The #Navajo is the largest First Nations reserve in North America. I find the trailer homes that we see travelling through these places tell the whole story of a people displaced, isolated, and dislocated from the land and lifestyle that was familiar to them. This is my own way of protesting the manner in which non-native artists depict how they prefer to imagine indigenous peoples rather than acknowledging the reality of their current situation. My own viewpoint deserves critique; I witness this from the roadside passing through, with very little knowledge and understanding of the lives within these homes. #reconciliation #colonialism #narcitycalgary #canadanow #americannow #americanwest
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Artist Takeover by @rosannamarmont : 'Emperor with No Clothes', a 5 by 4 foot painting will hang at @cspacekingedward this summer. This work attempts to undress the hierarchies of the cowboy in western art. My model, a fourteen year old girl named Sophia with stereotypical dress and pigtails, is poised above him holding that which gives the cowboy identity, recognition, and status (his hat) in precarious limbo. Photograph of this painting taken by @jaredtiller (professional art photographer) #narcitycalgary #cowboy #cowboypainting #genderhierarchy
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Artist Takeover by @rosannamarmont : I keep thinking of something @christophercran said to me last year. That conceptual art becomes so much about the content that it loses the art itself. As an artist I see myself as observer or visual journalist rather than an activist. I started this portrait yesterday of a woman I photographed outside the #calgarystampede last summer. I felt she deserved the value that a painting gives to an image. I wanted to acknowledge what she was trying to say without making a statement myself. Art seems to always be finding a very delicate balance between too much and not enough. #narcitycalgary #yycnow #yycarts #canadanow #rodeo #rodeoculture #protest
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Artist Takeover by @rosannamarmont: I essentially use a water colour technique with oil paints, diluting them in paint thinner and applying them layer upon layer to build up a transparent surface. This way the figure and grain of my canvas (wood) is not buried in layers of thick paint. This piece is called 'American West', depicting a row of trailer homes below a big sky... An aspect of western landscape that would usually get edited from the picture frame. My goal as an artist is to seek out and show an honest social portrait of our world around us. #artisttakeover #rosannamarmont #takeover #canadagallery #trailerhomes #americanwest #canadanow #yycnow #yycarts #narcitycalgary
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Artist Takeover with @rosannamarmont: This week (May 8-12) Canadian artist Rosanna Marmont will be taking over @offlimitsarts to show her creative process in preparation for the #iamwestern exhibitions in #Alberta this summer.
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A snapshot of an 8 foot wide work in progress. Missing Alberta and imagining what it looks like right now. #prairies #albertaprairies #postwest #rosannamarmont #snow #snowpainting #can#canadianart/a> #canadianart #contemporarywest #lan#landscapepainting #landscape
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Work in progress. I think I'll call it Industrial Farming'. #rosannamarmont #iamwestern #postwest #farm #farming #yyc #yycnow #alberta #albertaprairies #prairie
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New lower pricing on #rosannamarmont paintings! Done using a light application of oil on wood to show grain, subtle and lovely! http://www.artmatch.ca/artist/rosanna-marmont/ #yycliving #yycart #localart #oilpainting #calgaryarts #prairielife #skypaintings
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12" by 12" sketch on black paper #rosannamarmont
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