Another great weekend spent in the Smokies.
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Monday blues. Great looking simple blue shirt with a hairline stripe just to add a little personality. Great to pair with a suit and tie, or you can rock it with a sport coat and slacks. Also, great to pair with jeans and great shoes for a date night. Dress with confidence.
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‘Shout it from the rooftops’ #shontelle
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What a place to enjoy morning coffee, or more!! Credit: @homebyanettegreve
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So many beautiful places to spend winter vacation. Enjoy ❄️⛷ Credit: @the.stigg
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Friday vibes. Not sure what we were discussing, but it looks important. One of my favorite things about this pic is the mixture of textures and pattern. Don’t be afraid to mix it all up sometimes. Dress with confidence.
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• I could live in the world just like a stranger. I could tell you the truth or a lie. I could tell you that people are good in the end but why, why would I? 🎶
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Dress with confidence!! A big “Thank You” to everyone that came out yesterday to the open house. It was a great day and I truly appreciate the support. #threepiecesuit
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Tailgate BBQ and motel. #airbnb 📷 @mikecolon
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Sometimes the best part of a dreary Monday is looking forward to Tuesday...join us tomorrow as we celebrate being in our new location!
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Mountains. 🏞🗻🏔
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We found an umaintained trail today, it led us to this tunnel. Didn’t see any tracks, I don’t think people go through here much. #bordercollie #dog #actionjackson
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Cabin view ❄️
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Look at this cutie 💕
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It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream 💫
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Time for new adventures 🌿
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Friday vibes. Looking for a great option to rock on a Friday and transition into the weekend. Great way to build versatility into your wardrobe. These can even be paired with a tie and suit/sport coat for a dressier look. Have a great weekend.
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Some years ago in greece. 🌊🗻
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Watching the waves crash against the boat as we cross the gulf. Traveling by boat is probably my favorite way to travel.
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These guys need a new home. Really excited to show this new shoe at our JMac’s Clothiers open house next week. Stop in and see the new spring line of fabrics. Also really excited to show new styles in accessories (shoes pictured), as well as some new items recently added in the studio. Event is Tuesday February 13th from 10:30-5:30. Address: 16C N. Main Street Watkinsville, GA
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This view again because I loved it so much! 🗻🏔🏞
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Pushing the limit.
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Four legs and full hearts 💁🏼‍♂️❤️
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I think they’re still here.
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Focus on what's important. 💧🌿 @roamarena #roamarena
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We haven't even been back a full day yet and I'm already missing Mexico. This was my third trip here and was definitely one of the best.
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Freeezing ❄️
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Tuesday tie game strong. I know I previously posted this, but it is still one of my favorites(in fact I am wearing it today). To see and learn more, stop by open house 1 week from today at new studio space. Tuesday February 13th from 10:30-5:30. See address in previous post. #paisley
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In whatever season we're in, you'll never catch me yearning for the next. In winter, however, I do like to remind myself, from time to time, of just how lush the forest becomes in the warm months. I attempt to appreciate each season to its fullest and slow time as much as possible. After all, isn't that part of the reason why we, so often, set out on foot?
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Fishermen on the lake. 🎣🚣
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Термальные источники под открытым небом. Leukerbad , Switzerland. Температура воздуха -7, температура термальной воды +33. Еще римляне знали о полезных свойствах термальных источников. Особенный состав минералов в воде помогает вам оставаться долго молодым))) #bestofmontana #montana#stayaweekoralifetime#adventureinspired #weekly_feature#expofilm#discoveryglobe#roamwithlions#wanderout #foundlost#soft_vision#madetowander#folktravel#roamtheplanet#wildseekers#earthsheaven#цюрих#люцерн#эксурсоводшвейцария#гидшвейцария#туризмшвейцария#zürich#luzerne#leukerbad
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On the lookout for some ice cream 👀 🍦
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Friday Vibes!! For me it is about more than just the clothes. It’s the relationships, the lifestyle, and the confidence that drives me. I hope you can find the same in your career. To see more please stop by our new studio on February 13th from 10:30-5:30. See previous post for details.
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The Appalachia can be a little unnerving.
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Winter is the best time to be doing nothing in the desert. #desertdaze
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Yellow is my new favorite color
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So I missed the super tomato moon this morning. I misread and thought it was going to be tonight 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ 🍅 🌚
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Waiting for our garlic shrimp to finish 🍤 What are your fav places to eat out in Oahu?
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Blue Martin birdhouses made from gourds, and they’re kinda creepy.
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Today I am headed to Mexico for a week and while I was packing I decided I was going shoot film on this trip. I'm going to use this week to challenge myself to perfect the film and really step out of my comfort zone. So if you never see photos of this week I probably didn't get any good shots. #filmisnotdead
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Excited about the new studio. Stop by on the 13th to check it out. We will have our new spring line as well as shoes by @arminoehler. in addition to swatches and shoes, check out other accessory items while you are there. Note the information on the pic.
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My mind is starting to play tricks on me, or maybe not.
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Mighty tree. 🌳 @roamarena #roamarena
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Moody mornings on the Ocoee.
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I reside mostly in my own head. 🕯
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A fisher I met while I was on an early morning photo mission.
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