Dat moment waarop ie z’n handje op de mijne legt en zegt “Papa ik vind het zo fijn om jou te zien.” #priceless #rightinthefeels #mylittleman
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"Go to bed," I said. The butthead crawled into my lap and sighed. . Oh gosh, right in the feels. Missed you too buddy. #rightinthefeels #jake #husky #germanshepherd #labrador #mutt #mix #shepherd #huskies #butthead #beautifulrelationship #bestbuds #missedyou #mainman #girlsbestfriend
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Before people start talking. Jake and I have been separated for several months and we’re ready to be able to get past this point in our lives and move forward. Over the past 7 years we’ve grown up together and done it all, No one will be able to take the bond we have away and I am forever thankful for every moment we have shared together. You are an amazing person and I couldn’t ask for a better father for our two monkeys. We tried hard for a long time, although unfortunately as we grew, we changed, and we both ended up being not as happy as we deserved to be. As always, Our girls are our number one priority. We know that no matter whether we are together or not, they have the absolute world with us as their parents.. and that will never change. #rightinthefeels #foreverateam #wevegotthis #timetobereal
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Auntie Toya and Uncle Boy with Yssa ❤️;; Movie Night Out #Lozoya #pixarcoco #RightInTheFeels #MyCulture #DiaDeLosMuertos #Familia Y’all definitely have to see this cartoon, it was just everything. Start to finish. Walked out eyes red and nose a little runny from crying, lol. I needed to call my mama, wished I could speak with my papa...It was beautifully done, and worth going to see. It was relatable and funny. It is one of the best cartoons in a long time. I looooved it so much 🤗
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As i was putting Hunter to bed tonight, he lifted his head off my shoulder, put his head against mine and said “Da Da”. As he has ALWAYS been a momma’s boy, this action meant a lot to me! He has been so excited to see me when i get home from work recently and loves to say “Da Da”! - As i held him i thought to myself how little he is! But then i thought how not long ago, i held Archer and thought the exact same thing. It struck me in that moment, i need to stop for a second and take this moment in... to value it. I said to myself, you’ll never be this small again, soon you will be a big kid like your brother. - I think a moment can become more special just by giving it value in your mind. By taking the time to realize how precious these times are. When they are gone.. they’re gone! - Love you Hunt 👶🏼
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I love his writing. #rightinthefeels
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#Repost from @flowrestling by @quicksave.app ・・・ Caught him sleeping 😂 (🎥: Supplier of Memes) #InstaSaveApp #QuickSaveApp
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“look, I appreciate the offer...but that’s my sweetheart in there...I’m not leaving her...this is my home now...your mother is my home.” I’m a #sucker for this flick...hits me #rightinthefeels #growoldalongwithme ...who doesn’t fall for a story about #choosingtolove for a lifetime... #thenotebook
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When you're in for an intense episode of #ThisIsUs #rightinthefeels #wineoclock
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