We vibe with our tribe! Shoutout to Newark's Chief Dream Director Nyoka! And The Newark Squad of Dream Directors...Zaki, Chopp, Brit, Josephine, Loopz and Hass! #reclaimingourstory #reclaimingourthrone #reclaimingourgreatness
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Now while we weren’t told by anyone of any kind of authority to make player intro videos.. we took that as “make them”! So you can all quit your non-existent begging and just enjoy! RED HOUSE IS READY FOR DODGEBALL, ARE YOOOUU?!? #DodgeballVideo #RedSeaFam #ReclaimingOurThrone #StandingsInCaseYouForgot @wbcyellowhouse @black_house_wbc @goldhousewbc @limelifegroup @tealteamwbc @wbcstudentbody
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#Repost @cezanne_joas (@get_repost) ・・・ If everything has been turned upside down, WE can turn things the right way around again! #blackisbeautiful #blacklove #blackpower #melaninpoppin #blackgirlmagic #theblackwomanisgod #letshealtogether #reclaimingourthrone #rememberwhoyouare
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If everything has been turned upside down, WE can turn things the right way around again! #blackisbeautiful #blacklove #blackpower #melaninpoppin #blackgirlmagic #theblackwomanisgod #letshealtogether #reclaimingourthrone #rememberwhoyouare
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Yesterday, 👑 Kevin Dorival explained the '7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire' in his presentation at Hackney Central Library; the first chapter of his book is about Mother God, the Black woman, who was originally worshipped before the white man came along to destroy her image, and replace it with his own. In my novel 'Journey of a Sister' I asked 'how long did it take for him to turn everything upside down, and how long will it take to turn things the right way around again?' The Kings & Queens Book Tour (1-8th Oct) is all about creating SOLUTIONS, to help us reclaim our rightful position in society. Join us on Wednesday at Marcus Garvey Library in Tottenham, Thursday at the Ankh Wellbeing Centre in Shepherds Bush, Friday at Chestnuts Community Centre in Seven Sisters, and (the last day of the tour) Sunday at Brixton Library - be sure to attend at least one of them! ADVANCE BOOKING ESSENTIAL, get your tickets from www.kingsandqueensbooktour.com On Thursday 2-5pm 👑Kevin will be doing a workshop to help you identify your Queen Type at the Ankh Wellbeing Centre, W12 0JJ (£15 in advance, £20 on the door, book early to avoid disappointment!) You can watch the full 5 mins of this video on the Journey of a Sister YouTube channel! #7queens7kings #kevindorival #kingsandqueensbooktour #journeyofasister #books📚 #booktour #london🇬🇧 #reclaimingourthrone #knowthyself #knowyourworth
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Won show choir nationals. We are officially #mastersofshowchoir 2017! Couldn't have done it without the amazing support of the team, family, and friends. #singing, #dancing, #winning, and #reclaimingourthrone
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We are the great grandchildren of slaves you could never kill. The descendants of KINGS👑 and QUEENS👑 you could never stop. #reclaiminggreatness #reclaimingglory #reclaimingourthrone #blackxcellencelifestyles #afrocentric #thetse 👑 #letsdothis #theworldisours #printsonskin #tatted
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Just a few days away, very excited and proud that I&I Kemetic Yoga and Music will be in the Bay Area! Come and join us for this celebration of DIVINE energy!! We will breathe, stretch, and raise the roof with our high Vibrations!! #selflove #kemeticyogaeverydamnday #melanatedmoorlove #reclaimingourthrone
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So exciting... please come and join us for this Beautiful Kemetic Yoga Workshop series. Learn the science of breath and movement! Learn what Our Ancient Ancestors understood about self love and healing! #ini#inikemeticyoga #kemeticyogaeverydamnday #melanatedmoorlove #maatmobilemeditations #thatskemetic #reclaimingourthrone #inikemeticyoga #yoga #selflove #selfhealing #blackbypopulardemand #beautifulbydesign
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They dragged in their tent into our room and announced that they intend to sleep in it tonight. At first i was angry (always my first reaction 😁) then realised this means we have the bed to ourselves @azreepardas !! #sukahatikaulahlabu #reclaimingourthrone
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Searching for Heru... Video by 9 year old Indigo... #kem#kemeticyogaydamnday #inikemeticyoga #maatmobilemeditations #reclaimingourthrone #kemeticyoga #yoga #blackyogi #healing #yogi #thatskemetic
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#ROOTEDANDALIGNED Day 12 PYRAMID This challenge has been so much fun! Many thanks to @@@moo@@ydee @studioalkemy @artofshu for holding this challenge. The last pose is pyramid. This quentacental yoga pose often referred to as Downward Facing Dog. Pyramid in Kemetic Yoga, this pose, what we call it, how we approach it is why Kemetic Yoga is the Superior Yoga Enlightenment System that it is. The Pyramids of Giza have stood the test of time. It represents so many things; perfection, Immortality, creation..high vibrations, etc... When focusing the mind during yoga, meditation..why not focus your minds' eye on this magnificent structures instead of a downward facing dog. Join us as we align ourselves with greatness!! Every Wednesday @ 10:30 am @ Sol Collective Art Gallery 2571 - 21 street Sacramento CA 95818 and every Thursday @ 6pm @ Wose Community Center 4311 Attawa Avenue ste 100 Sacramento CA 95820 $10 #inikemeticyoga #kemeticyogaeverydamnday #melanatedmoorlove #maatmobilemeditations #thatskemetic #reclaimingourthrone #weilluminate
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#ROOTEDANDALIGNED Day 12 Pose of Min This pose is so beautiful and signature to Kemetic Yoga for many reasons. The obvious use of Geometric shape of the body; the signature isolation of the upper body from the lower; and the scientific benefits of actually doing this pose. Those benefits are immediate rush of blood circulation throughout the body; increase in sexual energy, fertility; overall sense of self awareness and balancing of the mind, body and spirit. Again, one of the best attributes of Kemetic Yoga is the way we get in and out of this pose. To learn about this pose and more Join us! Every Wednesday @@@@ 10:30 am @ Sol Collective 2574 - 21st Street Sacramento 95818 and every Thursday @ 6pm @ Wose Community Center 4311 Attawa Avenue ste 100 Sacramento CA 95820 $10 #inikemeticyoga #kemeticyogaeverydamnday #melanatedmoorlove #maatmobilemeditations #thatskemetic #reclaimingourthrone #weilluminate #blackyoga #loveandlight
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#ROOTEDANDALIGNED Day 11 Ka The Ka in Ancient Kemet is a reference to the spirit. The spirit/soul is seated right in the heart. Here in this position the spirit is open and ready to receive all of many blessings of this life. Abundance!! Ashe! It's our birthright!! #inikemeticyoga #kemeticyogaeverydamnday #melanatedmoorlove #maatmobilemeditations #thatskemetic #reclaimingourthrone
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#ROOTEDANDALIGNED Day 10 Herualmket aka Sphinx Such a regal pose. Here is where we take our rest, and breathe. Visualize yourself on top of the Giza Plateau, sitting Regal just like Herualmket. #inikemeticyoga #kemeticyogaeverydamnday #melanatedmoorlove #maatmobilemeditations #thatskemetic #reclaimingourthrone
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DAY 9 #ROOTEDANDALIGNED @moo@@@ydee @studioalkemy @artofshu Khepera Our hearts desires and abundance is a BIRTHRIGHT! There is frustration when the mind and body are struggling to express what's in our hearts. Today with intention, using breath and Geometric Progression, I will use Khepera to open my ribs and expose my heart. Recline my head to open my throat for communication, topping it off with a forearm headstand to invert again and change my perspective. Raise the vibration and bring clarity. If you you are ready to express what's in your heart, come and join us Wednesday's @ 10:30 am Sol Collective 2574 - 21st Street Sacramento CA 95818 and Thursday evenings @ 6pm @ Wose Community Center 4311 Attawa Avenue ste 100 Sacramento CA 95820 $10 #rootedandaligned #kemeticyogaeverydamnday #melanatedmoorlove #maatmobilemeditations #thatskemetic #reclaimingourthrone #inikemeticyoga
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Day 7 and 8 @roo@@@edandaligned Heru Warrior and Extended Side Angle Open your heart to your own inner strength in these poses. Heru is the Hero deep inside our hearts. The deeper the lunge the deeper the expression. Tap in. Join us every single Wednesday @ Sol Collective 2574-21street Sacramento CA 95818 @ 10:30 am and every Thursday evening Wose Community Center 4311 Attawa Avenue ste 100 Sacramento CA 95822 @ 6pm $10 #inikemeticyoga #kemeticyogaeverydamnday #melanatedmoorlove #maatmobilemeditations #thatskemetic #reclaimingourthrone
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Day 6 #rootedandaligned Pose of Maat Maat is the Goddess of Truth Justice and Righteousness. She is depicted with an ostrich feather upon her headdress. This Original Winged Goddess is the first to display the scales we in the United States associate with our justice system. On Maat's scales there is a feather on one side and the heart on the other. Ancient teachings describe your admission into the gateways of Heaven, afterlife, Amenta, by the weight of the heart. Is your heart as light as a feather? We are often weighed down by stress, and negative emotions. Use the power of a spiritual practice such as Kemetic Yoga and meditation to Release all you no longer have use for. To learn this and moor, Join us!! Every single Wednesday @@ 10:30 am @Sol Collective 2574-21st Sacramento CA 95818 and Thursday evenings @6pm @ WOSE COMMUNITY CENTER 4311 Attawa Avenue ste 100 Sacramento CA 95822 #inikemeticyoga #aboutthiskemeticyogalife #melanatedmoorlove #maatmobilemeditations #thatskemetic #reclaimingourthrone
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Day 5 #rootedandaligned @@stu@@@ioalkemy @mooneydee @artofshu Peaceful Warrior - This is what a Kemetic Yogi is a Peaceful Warrior. Practicing Kemetic Yoga regularly will put you In a perpetual state of meditation. Walking in this elevated vibration gives us the ability to enjoy a peaceful existence. Don't sleep on a Kemetic Yogi, our super senses are active and we can certainly get down if necessary! This pose can be found all over the Temple walls throughout Kemet. Learn how to activate the Peaceful Warrior within you! Join us Wednesdays @ Sol Collective 2571 - 21street Sacramento CA 95818 @ 10:30am. Thursdays @ Wose Community Center 4311 Attawa Avenue Suite 100 Sacramento Ca 95822 @ 6pm. #thatskemetic #melanatedmoorlove #inikemeticyoga #kemeticyogaeverydamnday #maatmobilemeditations #reclaimingourthrone
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Great Sunday fellowship before our ride!!! Love love love..... #reclaimingourthrone #realroyalty10 #blessedbikers #humble
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Throwback Thursday! Queens out and about...... Queens of Chrome and Queens (2). Yes everyone prospects before being a vested Queen! #qocmc05 #realroyalty10 #funtimes #prospectuntilyouNoLongerHavetoIntroduceYourself #hashtag #royalbehavior #reclaimingourthrone #ThatPart
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Queen behavior! Have a wonderful Wednesday. #qocmc05 #reclaimingourthrone #realroyalty10 #TRUTH #steelWeReign #royalty
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MamaV and some of the Queens enjoying breakfast. #foundation #funtimes #reclaimingourthrone #realroyalty10 #family
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#ReclaimingOurThrone for the next school year. Hill Hall L05 6pm tomorrow! #WSSU
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A day of storytelling and laughter with some fabulous #queengeniuses I met at the Breakfast With Sistah Champions event at the New Visions Charter High School for the Humanities!#reclaimingourthrone
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Breaking News Queens of Chrome 10th Anniversary weekend October 16-18 2015. We are bringing you to our queendom Wilson, NC...... October 17th Bill's Convention Center 3007 Downing Street Wilson, NC 27893 Advance tickets coming soon!!! #wideaWakeWilson #Queens #reclaimingourthrone #tenured #legacycontinues
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#Repost @queengeniuses 
I couldn't capture all of their faces but you can definitely hear their chocolaty voices!#audiblechocolate #QUEENGENIUSES #RECLAIMINGOURTHRONE
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What happens when friends take over my phone! I had no idea they were taking these!😜 #QUEENGENIUSES #RECLAIMINGOURTHRONE
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Phenomenal Women! To my right: Tiara Springer-Love, Jahan Mantin & Caits Meissner! #QUEENGENIUSES #RECLAIMINGOURTHRONE
36 0
Cheeki Pow Pow, Audible Chocolate Songstress & I, striking a pose! #QUEENGENIUSES #RECLAIMINGOURTHRONE
24 0
An engaging, enlightening panel discussion with four powerhouses! #QUEENGENIUSES #PANELISTS #RECLAIMINGOURTHRONE
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Our fabulous moderator Jovian Irvin and our distinguished panelists from right to left: Tani Chambers, Na'ilah Amaru, Evita "Evie" Robinson & Alison Moore! #QUEENGENIUSES #RECLAIMINGOURTHRONE
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Audible Chocolate blessing us with some inspirational tunes! This is their second time performing at this conference and I am always so grateful for the uplifting message they leave our #QUE#QUEENGENIUSES with. And yes their voices and their music really is as sweet and as savory as chocolate! #audiblechocolate #QUEENGENIUSES #RECLAIMINGOURTHRONE
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Channeling my inner braggadocious queen 👑 By @queengeniuses via @RepostWhiz app: This is some of the magic that @iamthefemaledrizzy created out of @caitsmeissner 's dope "Own Your Bragging Rights" workshop. #QUEENGENIUSES #RECLAIMINGOURTHRONE I am a GOD. You heard it right! Yeezy ain't the only one. I am the leader of my own kingdom. The center of my own universe. With every beat of my heart, I create a new star. My blood feeds every river And the worlds ocean. - Nyasia Palmer, High School of Fashion Industries Senior (#RepostWhiz app)
14 3
Some more magic created out of @caitsmeissner 's dope "Own Your Bragging Rights" workshop. #growfierce #RECLAIMINGOURTHRONE I am me. You can't be me. I'm hot like a volcano You can't touch me I'm like a new pair of Jordan's Everyone wants me I'm as cool as a cucumber I don't sweat I'm on my way to the top Like climbing a ladder - Nadia, High School Student
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This is some of the magic that @iamthefemaledrizzy created out of @caitsmeissner 's dope "Own Your Bragging Rights" workshop. #QUEENGENIUSES #RECLAIMINGOURTHRONE I am a GOD. You heard it right! Yeezy ain't the only one. I am the leader of my own kingdom. The center of my own universe. With every beat of my heart, I create a new star. My blood feeds every river And the worlds ocean. - Nyasia Palmer, High School of Fashion Industries Senior
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Sending sooooooooo mucccch love to my girl @caitsmeissner. She inspired girls to "Own Their Bragging Rights" though poetry and her inspiring #growfierce workshop! Wow! Thank you for powerfully sharing your gift with us and allowing girls to declare and take ownership of their greatness! #QUEENGENIUSES #RECLAIMINGOURTHRONE #soinspiring
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Thank you @ramya_3 for reciting your poems "Space" and "Vulnerability"! You shared your story so powerfully and certainly created the space for our teenage attendees to open up and be vulnerable. Thank you! #QUEENGENIUSES #RECLAIMINGOURTHRONE
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#Repost @iamthefemaledrizzy ・・・
Awesome day today @regenious's girl empowerment conference this was Just the boost of inspiration I needed to start off the new year ☺️ #QueenGeniuses #ReclaimingOurThrone
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#Repost via @evierobbie --- Amazing entertainment Mr. Reed at the Queen Geniuses 3rd Annual Empowerment Conference. Such a pleasure today to speak to these 14-18 year old young ladies about overcoming fear, living in passion, and being their uniquely amazing selves. #reallifeevie @mrreedent you are a talented blessing sir. #queengeniuses #reclaimingourthrone
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#Repost @ihartericka ・・・
Doing what I love for those I love. #queengeniuses @queengeniuses Thanks for the opportunity, @regenious #sexedfortheplanet #reclaimingourthrone
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#Repost @leadersinlipstick ・・・
Enjoying our time at the Queen Geniuses: Reclaiming Our Throne girls empowerment summit. 👑💛💜 #EmpowerOurGirls #TeachThemYoung #GirlsRock #QueenGeniuses #reclaimingourthrone
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#Repost @purposefullypretty_inc ・・・
PurposefullyPretty x Queen Geniuses. It's early but we're ready to #ReclaimingOurThrone #QueenGeniuses
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How would you characterize a Queen? @caitsmeissner #QueenGeniuses #ReclaimingOurThrone
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The Greatness is in our DNA. ~Yaa Asantewaa Nzingha #QueenGeniuses #ReclaimingOurThrone
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Evita (Evie) Robinson is joining us at the #queengeniuses conference today! Evie is a world traveler who put her television/video production degree to use and videotaped her life on the NomadnessTV web series. She is the creator of the Nomadness Travel Tribe, an online social community for travelers around the world. Evie then launched the business home for all things Nomadness and travel-oriented, Nomadness, LLC. We can't wait to hear what she says about #reclaimingourthrone! #lookoutforher
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The amazing Tani Chambers will be joining us at the #queengeniuses conference today! Tani is an award-winning entrepreneur, dynamic speaker, author and mentor. She is a pioneer in the Green & Natural Beauty movement and has 15 years of experience in business, marketing, branding, event planning and public relations. We can't wait for her to join us today! #reclaimingourthrone #lookoutforher
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The fabulous Jovian Irvin will be moderating our Queen Geniuses Panel Discussion today! Jovian is a masterful change agent! She is the Managing Director of Talent Recruitment at Teach For America and an Official Chasemaster for Janelle Monáe and The Wondaland Arts Society! #queengeniuses #reclaimingourthrone #lookoutforher
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My sis Andrea Lawerence, will be co-facilitating a workshop with Fashion High student Kayla Adams entitled "Talk, Tweet, Text: An Inter-generational Conversation about Communication in Relationships! Andrea is pursuing her doctorate in Organizational Leadership, the founder of the Mazii Learning Center and a college professor! Kayla is a 17 year old high school senior with a concentration in Fashion Business Marketing! #queengeniuses #reclaimingourthrone
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Shekia Norris, lyrically known as Purple Haze will be co-facilitating a workshop with Tanairi Vega entitled "Dear Hip Hop: HerStory in Stone". Shekia is an international Hip Hop Performer and teaching artist. She is also an ambassador and preserver of culture. Tanairi is a 16 year old High School student who enjoys writing poems. #queengeniuses #reclaimingourthrone #onedayaway
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My Coach, Ericka Hart @ihartericka will be co-facilitating a workshop with Jennifer Oliveras entitled "Embracing Your True Colors". Ericka has been a sexual health educator for the past 7 years, she also is completing her Masters in Human Sexuality at Widener University. Jennifer graduated from Pace University with her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. She wants to become a guidance counselor for Highschool students. #queengeniuses #reclaimingourthrone #onedayaway
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