Meet me underneath the Oklahoma Sky
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had the best time in baja this past week shooting at the incredible @acrebaja. we worked with an amazing group of people, made some sweet new friends, and even brought home a little mexican rescue pup, amigo. #ginaandryanphotography #ryansframe #acrebaja
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Sunday afternoons are for tea and Just (About) Married planning. Are you #onthelist for our mock wedding? You’re all invited - but we’ll only have a limited number of tickets available and guestlisters get first access, so sign up today (link in profile)! 💌 . . . . #tor#torontoweddingors #tor#torontoweddings/a> #torontobridalshow #torontobride #engagedtoronto #torontowedding #torontoweddings #torontoweddingplanner #bridetobe #bridalshower #pursuepretty #sobestfriendsforfrosting #flashesofdelight #thatsdarling #flatlay #weddingplanner #weddingcoordinator #torontoweddingphotographer #weddedwonderland #bridesofinstagram #bridalinspiration #portraitcollective #rfwppi #junebugweddings #bridestyle #brideportrait #radlovestories #weddinglegends #loveandwildhearts
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• ANOTHER FIRST LOOK • Shannon had a first look with her dad and it was so incredibly sweet! She also had to show off her fancy wedding boots!
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From Arturo + Cassandra’s wedding yesterday!
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Can long-distance relationships ACTUALLY work? Well, apparently the resounding answer is YES! 🙌🏼 I asked you guys to share your story all about your #LDR’s and how you made it work... Your long-distance tips were inspiring and outstanding 🤗 So now- I’m putting it all together and giving you all the golden secrets to surviving the distance. ————— 01. Do NOT skip out on the phone/video calls. It’s so easy to get busy when you’re separate for so long. You start to forget there is an actual living human on the other side of that phone... but they’re there and need just as much attention as you’d put into them if they were here. Treat your communication time as a date, not a chore. Add spontaneity, call them out of the blue! Just try not to plan a chat and then cancel because other plans come up. That’s essentially the same as cancelling on your date last minute or standing them up. Be courteous and caring of their feelings too! 02. Share a special bonding experience together! Mike and I have done care packages before, just like many other #milso couples. But one suggestion from you guys that stood out to me was a “Reminder Book”. Try writing to each other about your heart’s desires and fears... then swap notebooks when you see each other next! It’s a great experience to connect on a deeper level, and get to know what goes on inside your partner’s head while you’re gone. Whatever activity works for you... just make the effort to share something meaningful together. 03. Never ignore the chance to work out your communication kinks. Don’t go to bed angry. And understand that talking over technology often comes with misunderstandings and is 10x hard to keep up than talking in person. Be understanding, be patient. Use “I” statements and admit when you’re wrong. A silly phone miscommunication isn’t worth a large fight when you’re far away. ————— I’ve applied a lot of these to my relationship. 💕 And I’m excited to try some out, especially number two! What other advice could you give those in LDR’s? Share your wisdom below! 👇🏼 ————— 📷: @thevictoriablaire
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One more today to enter my giveaway! Tag your bae and follow this page for a chance to win a free session with me!
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I'm literally obsessed with them and I don't know if that's a good thing - or a GREAT THING. ;] Thanks for letting me put you in all the different places during our session together. - I love all you no limit couples!! . . . . . #destinationweddingphotographer #eLlovestories #radstorytellers @radstorytellers #radlovestories #belovedstories @belovedstories #firstandlasts #onlyincbus #expcols #newalbanyohio #columbusweddingphotographer #bridalgush #engagementphotography #des#destinationengagementphotography #destinationengagement #weddingphotoinspo #weddingphotography #loveandwildhearts #authenticlovemag #columbusweddings @cbusweddings
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BRIDE+BABES at Black Butte Ranch in Bend, OR
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All those wedding day feels 💛
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Timing it right - it’s the essence of so many things in life ...
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