Pretty sure I’m having some type of reaction to something. Not sure what it can be! #autoimmunedisease #psoriaticarthritis
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This week has been one of the most difficult, stressful, sad, and anxiety-inducing weeks of my life, and I'm in a serious flare. Next week is going to be a little tough, so please throw some good vibes my way. ❤️ . . . . #fibromyalgia #spoonie #psoriaticarthritis #psa #keeppushing #autoimmunedisease #EchocardiogramNextWeekIsReallyScary #NeedAnMRIonMyAnklesToo
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When daddy says you can coach the hockey game with him today, you have to wear your tie as well! 🏒🥅
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Charlie, the advocat, has found a new way to keep my mind off of the nausea today. Many times, I have my face hovering over the toilet trying to let the nausea pass. Charlie now thinks we are playing a game and shuts the toilet lid down on my head with a quick jab of her paw. Well played...well played. I've been struggling to balance out productiveness, self-care and future endeavors. Today, I'm frustrated due to the massive amount of work I've set aside for this weekend to complete, but now I'm going to only have tomorrow to complete the workload that is already behind. Ahhhhhhhhh! Bollocks. My brain is not cooperating enough to write academically at this point. #crohns #IBD #ostomy #stoma #nausea #psoriaticarthritis #ostomate #catmom
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On Friday I saw a new rheumatologist and he changed my pain meds. Yesterday I climbed these stairs. Yes, it hurt...a lot! But in my muscles, not my joints. This, by the way, is about a third of the steps. #psoriaticarthritis #arthritis #hiking #painmanagement #beactive
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I guess nothing makes you feel young on your birthday than a random breakout! 😏🤔 #itsonlyanumber
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Coconut Chicken Curry for dinner tonight, home made and totally delicious 👌 #thehealthymeclub #saturdaynight
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There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings about pain. When my clients are ready to learn more about their pain they notice a shift. They start to get back what they have been missing, it is so great to see!👊🏻 they are taking back control over their own health.
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The flu has hit Reed hard. I haven’t ever seen him this sick. Praying for him and also praying I get spared. When you are on meds like I am, words like influenza are pretty scary. Any prayers would be appreciated! #flu #psoriaticarthritis #spoonie
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I was up and at it early!!!! How does the saying go???? Fail to plan....plan to fail! 🤔 Not me! Not this trip!🙅🏻‍♀️ Yes, we are on vacation 🤗 but that doesn’t mean I’m taking a vacation from my workouts nor my clean eating!!!! 😉 Will i miss a workout while in Florida? nope💪🏼 I brought my sliders, my resistance loops and i called ahead to make sure the hotel has weights ✅. Plus, since my workouts travel with me everywhere on my phone and/or iPad, I’m hooked up! Now as for my eating.... I’ve planned out my meals. I know where we will be eating dinner each night (we are creatures of habit🤷🏻‍♀️) and I’ve checked out the menu at those I’m not familiar with. I’m all set🙌🏼 I’m prepared to enjoy myself without coming home with extra unnecessary weight. Sure, i’ll splurge and enjoy a treat with the kiddos... heck after spending my days walking everywhere, I’ll have burned it off. Hard to believe I’ve come this far on my fitness journey! A vacation is not an excuse to throw hard work out the window😘😉
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Very few instances stories have described me as well as this on (borrowed from @spondymom) and I can't stop laughing. #SpoonieLife #ARogueLife #ThatsSoMe #Samesis #spoonie #AsWarrior ##PsoriaticArthritis
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It's sooooo green!!! Air soooo clean!! More please 🙏🏼 sad to leave!!!
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The art of selfcare 💙
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We are doing a disservice by just looking at one ☝️ thing when it comes to persistent pain. We are an ecosystem.. pain is complex and using the biomedical model just isn't going to work. You are more! We need a new narrative when it comes to pain. #biopsychosocial
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Thanks to DPH Croatia and especially to @inkamarinic for an amazing #psoriasis #psoriaticarthritis #patients #congress #croatia #zagreb Información científica para #pacientes al más alto nivel, convivencia y formación. ¡Enhorabuena a los organizadores! #advocacy
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You can't beat a yummy fluffy omelette for lunch! It's easy and great for using up little bits from the fridge before you go shopping 👌 Mushrooms, spinach & feta 💕 #thehealthymeclub #weekends #lunch
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My face didn’t get the Be Happy message. . I overslept and missed Parkrun. . I forgot to put the dishwasher on yesterday and had to eat my cereal out of the worlds largest mixing bowl. . I sprinkled dreamies on Mollys breakfast because that’s what I do when left unsupervised. No wonder she’s fat. . BUT. I realised this morning that I am able to stand on BOTH sets of tiptoes for the first time in nearly 2 years. Recovery getting stronger 🙌🏻 . . . . #wiw #wiwt #whatimwearing #ootd #out#outfitoftheday #outfit #topshop #behappy #topknot #saturday #saturdaymorning #smallvictories #aberdeenblogger #edinburghblogger #glasgowblogger #scottishblogger #ukblogger #discoverunder1k #discoverunder5k #psoriaticarthritis #arthritis #rheumatoidarthritis #spoonie #spoonieblogger #chronicillness #sunisshining
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Participating at I #croatian #psoriasis#psoriaticarthritis #patients #congress #Zagreb Muy orgullosos de los compañeros #Croacia #DPH y de ser un referente para ellos, el sentimiento es mutuo! #advocacy #collaboration #noborders #sisterhood #Spain #PsoriasisCroatia
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It's the blueberry one this morning 💕 High in nutrients, full of antioxidants 👌 Have a great weekend 😀 #thehealthymeclub #weekend #saturday
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Hot tip: there is almost no one in the pool at 6.30pm on a Saturday and it is the best
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Fig and warmed hazelnuts in my oat bran porridge this morning- pretty pinks and creams #louiseparkermethod #psoriaticarthritis #psoriaticarthritisdiet #figs #hazelnuts
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Talk about turning my at home workouts up a notch! 🤪 I gotta say, I’ve fallin in 😍 with these sliders!!!!! I’m talking these babies right here, they raise the bar on planks, crunches, lunges, pikes, curls and corkscrews... just to name a few 😉!!!! I’m 31 days into 80 Day Obsession and love the changes I’m seeing and feeling! Changing up my workouts to include these sliders along with the resistance loops have added a new challenge to my routine. And you know me!!! I’m always up for a challenge!😉🙌🏼
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Well... Unfortunately, The Enbrel didn’t work for me 😔frustration is the kindest word I can use 🤬 ‘CHRONIC PAIN’ for me is: minutes, hourly, daily, monthly, years/Lifetime. What’s the next best thing(besides being diagnosed with yet ANOTHER form of arthritis) 🤪 it’s cousin, Humira 🤔first Injection in the books, so far, so good 🤞🏽#gulfwarsyndrome #ankylosingspondylitis #psoriaticarthritis #shigellaOEF #mysteriousillness @congressman_matt_gaetz #gulfwarillness @deptvetaffairs #burnpit #baladburnpit 🔥I’m not quitting, so bring it!! #buckleupkids #bumpyride
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Now is a good time to revisit this post. At 26,000+ views it was the single piece of content that I posted about psoriasis with the most engagement I’ve ever had. Why? Because people watched it and could relate to it and my story and they shared it with others. They were only able to find it because of the hashtags they had access to, which were born out of a need to connect with people and feel supported in areas of our lives where we typically felt outcasted and defeated by chronic illness, bullying, and negative self image. @instagram I’m writing to ask you to please unblock our hashtags and to continue to do your part in ensuring this community has a space to connect and feel supported. . #Repost @cienarae ・・・ LOL I'm a cry baby but here's a great big, genuine thank you to each and every one of you that have been reaching out to me for support or to say thank you or to share your stories. This is exactly what I hoped would come out of this. We need to continue to educate people and support one another and BE HONEST. 🙏🏼💓💓💪🏼💪🏼 IM SPOTTY YALL! I got dry skin for days!!!! I think I'm gonna start posting funny videos that you'll all be able to relate to 😋 #crybaby #tearful #thankyou #psoriasis #eczema #support #community #dryskin #autoimmune #skinprobs #antiinflammatorydiet #psoriaticarthritis #healingwithfood #VLOG #skincare #getyourskinout
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Yep! I definitely dress for comfort these days. I'm constantly in that much pain and discomfort that wearing uncomfortable clothing seems ridiculous and silly. Sure, I look like a dag, but I could sleep for weeks in my outfits. And my hair or makeup? Forget about that! I can't even open half my makeup products lately 😅 #psoriaticarthritis #psoriasis #arthritis #lupus #aut#autoimmunedisease #autoimmune #chronicillness #invisibleillness #tired #fashion #comfy
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Some weeks I feel like an autoimmune warrior conquering my disease one fat-filled matcha latte at a time and other weeks I’m thrown back to reality that this disease is no freaking joke. This week was one of those weeks with old symptoms flaring and new medical complications appearing. I’ve felt frustrated to deal with yet another problem, alone in my struggle, and angry to always feel like the “sick one”. 😔⠀ •⠀ It’s easy to spiral into negative thought patterns - my body is working against me, I can’t do anything, I can’t keep up, what can I even eat and on and on. The mental game is where the real fight takes place. I know if I adopt a negative mindset it will only take longer to heal, so self-care turns into self-preservation. Getting fresh air, talking to dear friends, smelling my favorite essential oil, watching a favorite show, journaling every fear, and dancing it out are my favorite ways to remind myself that this life IS a joy and it will get better even on the hard days. ✨⠀ •⠀ It’s a lot easier for me to share a fun pic of my latest kitchen creation, than the raw, real, transparent truth that there are ups and downs even when your diagnosis is under control. For those of you suffering from an AI disease or any other struggles, what are your tips for getting yourself into a better headspace? 🦋⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ #aip #autoimmunepaleo #paleo #autoimmuneprotocol #autoimmunewarrior #nutrivore #psoriaticarthritis #whole30 #nutritionstudent #leakygut #gut#guthealing #iamwellandgood #paleoportland #womancode #eatlikeyougiveadamn #foo#foodismedicine #foodfreedom #jerf #functionalmedicine #unconventionalmedicine #foodismedicine #rootcausemedicine #mindbodyconnection #gutbrainconnection #chronicpain #holistichealing #guthealing #mentalhealth
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WoW! My baby grew a kidney bean plant at school.. if you look close you'll see the beans 😁 #theroadhome #justme #sharingmystory #journeybacktome #chronicpain #psoriaticarthritis #science #plants #kidneybeans #proudmommy
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Recently Facebook and Instagram have been deleting and blocking people and tags relating to psoriasis, notably the #getyourskinout movement because it promotes a non-ideal body type. Don't let that discourage you. Get your skin out enjoy the weather. Life is too short to be confined to suffering in shame (and heat from layers of clothes to hide)! The tags appear to be back up and running for now but don't let Facebook and ig tags tell you what is and isn't okay to post. There's no shame in short sleeves or shorts. Wear that skirt. Wear that muscle tee. Be confident in who you are because in the end, that's what attracts people. Not some skin flakes. No sound but if you want, you can imagine this to "warrior falls" from the black panther sound track. I don't want to give ig any reason to delete or block this other than the fact I'm posting about psoriasis. The soundtrack is amazing though. #hooper #hoopdance #hoopla #girlswhohoop #hoopspam #hooplove #eastcoasthoopers #eastcoasthooplove #nchoopers #charlottehoppers #hoopnerd #hoopnerdhoops #hooperswithpsoriasis #psoriasis #psoriaticarthritis #letyourskinout #letoutyourskin #psa
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This👇🏻may be hard to believe. I get it. Of course! when you are told to avoid movements, told to stop doing the things you love, told you are getting older, or told that this will only get worse. How is this helpful? The less you do and avoid the worse this problem will get and age has nothing to do with it. Let's get you back in the drivers seat and rethink your pain problem. You can change your situation. The catch... YOU must believe in yourself and trust in your amazing adaptable body! Realize it is a journey and get a team that will help you understand your pain and get you back in control of your own health. Reach out to learn more.
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So done with life at the moment. In a funny limbo stage of not knowing what I want or what to think anymore. Poorly for as long as I can remember and gradually getting worse, this gives me anxiety and depression hugely. I panic at how poorly i feel, if it will get worse, if I will end up lonely, can I continue to work full-time, will I ever see a consultant that will treat me. Head completely going into over drive. Been on and off antidepressants for 13 years. Came off them a year ago and told myself I will not be going back on them again, but now getting myself that much in a tizzy, I don't know what other option I have. I just can't control it anymore. It's affecting me leaving the house, in different situations and just day to day. Nothing herbal or life style change is helping me control it. Really feel if a consultant was actually treating me, I definately wouldn't be feeling this low and anxious. Does this go hand in hand with autoimmune for everyone else? ##psoriaticarthritis #autoimmunedisease #autoimmunesucks #inv#invisableillnesseness #invisableillness #chronicpain #chronicillness #fatigue #spoonie #spoontheory #
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