E vamos lá que hoje só acaba amanhã! Freela de casamento + snooker rock bar! #nikon #monster #psalm91 #photo #nikonzeiros #wedding
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Today is our 22nd Wedding Anniversary!!!! God has given me the best wife I could ever ask for and she is the most lovely woman I have ever met. She told me the truth in love about God and His Word and saved my life and our marriage. Our 15th year of marriage would have been our last after my wife was miraculously saved and delivered from bi polar depression and agoraphobia for 10 years. We split up. I didn't believe her. I was living up north in a one bedroom apt. Partying hard every night by the last day I was drinking up to 30 beers a day, taking up to 30 vicodin es, valium, xanax, and smoking speed out of a light bulb. It was my 28th year of partying hard. My mind was toast. My wife came home to save me on Dec. 4 2010. She stood on God's Word, she told me the TRUTH, God loved me so much that He sent Jesus to die for me that I didn't have to live the life I was living. I didn't have to be so sick, addicted, and dying, I didn't have to live in sin and I could be forgiven for everything I had done. All I had to do is choose!!! Call on thw name of Jesus name, repent for all my sins, and He would do for me what His word said it would do. Forgiven for ALL I Had done ??? Yes All!!! I had cheated on her and lived with another woman during this 6 month seperation. I was the worst of the worst at this point, BUT contrary to popular opinion she came back for me, She love me enough to Show me the Truth AND Tell me the truth in love. Not that Jesus loved me so much and He was proud of me smoking speed and getting high and cheating but because He loved me He would forgive set ME FREE NOW!!! That He gave me His WORD to live by and it would do what it says it will do AND HE DID !!!! Now our entire family was saved, we have a new son that is 5 years old and a grandson.almost 6!! I have the best life that I never knew existed all because my wife loved me enough to tell me the Truth and STANG ON GOD'S WORD!!!! I love you baby thank you for trusting God and coming back for me!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Shawna Torres:-) I love you!! ❤🔥--Michael #Ephesians6:10 #1John4:4 #2Corinthians5:17 #2Timothy1:7 #Psalm91 #Psalm1031-5 #1Peter2:24
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Mother nature thanks my volunteerism through flowers 🌻 #Seychelles #beachcleanups #volunteer #flowers #allamanda #psalm91
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A pessoa que procura segurança no Deus Altíssimo e se abriga na sombra protetora do Todo-Poderoso pode dizer a ele: “Ó Senhor Deus, tu és o meu defensor e o meu protetor. Tu és o meu Deus; eu confio em ti.” Deus livrará você de perigos escondidos e de doenças mortais. Ele o cobrirá com as suas asas, e debaixo delas você estará seguro. A fidelidade de Deus o protegerá como um escudo . Salmos 91:1‭-‬4 NTLH #louvor #filhodopapai #psalm91 #LEIAaBIBLIA #PalavraQueLiberta #MesDaSantificação
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““He will call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will rescue him and honor him.” ‭‭PSALM‬ ‭91:15‬ ‭AMP‬‬ #visualsoflife #reflection #memories #reminder #bestill #church #faith #trust #life #psalm91 #peace
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Morning! Keep calm and read psalm 91 🙌🏽🙏🏼✨(Shop link in bio). . . . . . . . #truejoy #love #psalm91 #clothing #store #must #shopping #fashion #style #instafashion #ootd #blogger #streetstyle #God
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Call 911 #Psalm91
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New in.... Beaded beauty.... Mini and perfect 😍😍 For orders and enquiries please see contact details in bio
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