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**What are your current fitness/physique goals?** Since I don’t compete nailing down specific fitness and body composition goals can be a bit fluid. There are pros and cons to that. I like the flexibility, I am able to appreciate what my current goal is and allow myself more time to reach and enjoy it if needed. The cons are that I can become a little less disciplined when I don’t have a deadline to meet. This picture was taken at 4:30 in the afternoon so I’m a little bit bloated but I really like where I am at with my physique at this point. I like that I am building muscle and my lifts are getting stronger and I like having just a little bit of fat on me too. Makes me feel more womanly.😉 I feel better when I have what my husband calls “a little bit of ass” on me. He’s Latino 🤷🏼‍♀️ So my fluid plan for now is not to make a cutoff deadline for myself. I will be taking it week by week. I won’t let my bf% go over a certain point but I really do want to put muscle on as as I can get away with it. My ultimate physique goal would look something slightly under my current bf% with a bit more muscle, particularly growth in the shoulders, chest (have I mentioned lately how much I love having pecs!?) , and glutes. A couple physiques I greatly admire right now are @jamisonan & @blnuxoll They just look like strong powerful beautiful women! #physique #goals #flexible #competing #glutes #chest #shoulders #girlcrush #prosandcons #discipline #motivation #girlswithmuscle #str#strongkinny #muscles #strong #beautiful
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I’ve been curious about these planned meal services so when I found a discount code for @blueapron - I decided to give it a try. Here’s my opinion, after my first meal. . Pros: •Absolutely perfect for those who have no time to plan & shop but want good food for yourself/family •Fresh, minimal #realfood ingredients and almost everything included, makes it so simple •The instructions are very easy to follow •You can choose vegetarian option . Cons: •NOT ORGANIC •You’re only given about 8 options to choose from each week - and out of those only two #whole30 options •Gluten Free options aren’t widely available . This meal was good & easy, I added mushrooms 🍄 & more seasonings to the sauce PLUS some @cypressgrovers goat cheese (don’t be afraid to tweak things with what you have!) . Overall, it’s not something I will keep doing. I’d rather #create a meal, which is why I love being in the kitchen. But for a majority of people, if having exact instructions is the only way you will EAT REAL HOMEMADE FOOD, then look into these services. Pretty awesome option we can have delivered to our doorstep!👍🏻
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My set of @bhcosmetics marble pink #mak#makeuphes! My holiday gift to myself. I struggle buying things for myself, and as a minimumalist I actually hate getting sets, but I wanted a pretty set for myself and quality. These BH brushes popped up using #Google searching "top brush sets". I have already heard of BH cosmetics and saw the cruelty free label (working on a new make up bag), I didn't hesitate to click pay & ship quickly. I've used the brushes a few times and think they are a 3/5 maybe 3.5/5. I think they're ability to cling to make up is average, as well as, I was disappointed the set was missing 3 types of brushes I think are standard to a set. 1. An angled brush, 2. a thin eye liner brush and 3. another thin size eyeshadow brush (a bit bigger size than their smallest). The rest of the brushes are great for a set; there's enough variety for different #makeupaddicts needs except what I feel is a flawless eye. The set accomodates blush, contouring, under eye, correction, and foundation/base. The package didn't specify, so I clicked "Ship" without looking at them too much beside for decor. I'll blam myself for the disappointment, but I fully trusted BH and Google. (maybe not a sponcored ad) 😂no worries, I'm enjoying the brushes for now. #STYLIST #IMAGECONSULTANT #AVAILABLE IN #LOSANGELES . . . . . . . . . . #prosandcons #makeupprosandcons #makeup #mua #makeupjunkies #waredrobe #crueltyfree #ratings #customerservice #onlineshopping #personalshopper #onlineboutique #lifestyle #fashionblogger #writer #lifestyleblogger #gymbunny #hollywood #bookme #igmodels
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Bulid a Boyfriend💕 Don't worry I'll be making a girl version of this too:)
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Standstill traffic on the freeway... At least I have a fresh cut... #prosandcons
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The plus side to a #garagegym is that I get to wear pyjama bottoms to work out in if that’s what I feel like, I get to listen to my Disney soundtrack, I can drink coffee while I mince between sets, and I get to stay close to my baby boy ❤️ The downside is, I have no one to push me, it’s no fun competing against myself all the time. And I’m a nightmare for just doing the strength work and jipping out of the cardio. But after a long day with a poorly baby, I’m glad I can take some me time downstairs to unwind #metime #prosandcons
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【pros and consって?】 「pros and cons」は、別の言い方をすると「advantage and disadvantage」です。つまり物事の利点と、不利な点ということです。元々はラテン語から来ていて「pro」には賛成、「con」には反対の意があり、「for and against(賛成と反対)」の意味を持ちます。 例えば、中絶賛成派と反対派。賛成派は「pro-life」(生命を存続することに賛成!)、反対派は「pro-choice」(選択の自由に賛成!)です。どちらにも、賛同する言い分がある訳ですね。(※「con」の方は、「反対」の意味で単語と組み合わせて使われる事はないそうです) ディベートなどでもよく使われるようです。 e.g. What are pros and cons of Brexit?(Brexitの良い点と悪い点を挙げよ) 賛否両論と言えば、上にも書きましたがBrexit(イギリスのEU離脱)を思い出しました。 ちょうどその投票が行われた時、ロンドンに居たのですが、店や家の窓などに「I’M IN(私はEU残残留に賛成)」という張り紙が貼ってあったり「VOTE LEAVE(EU離脱に一票を)」というポスターがあったりと、どこもかしこもその話題で持ち切りでした。投票前は、店のお客さんが店員に意見を聞いてきたりと、多くの人がこの問題のpros and consについて議論していました。(そして、なんかみんな楽しそう)わたしの周りには「con」の人が圧倒的に多かったように思いましたが、投票翌朝起きてみるとEU離脱が決定していておったまげーた事を覚えています。 #英語 #イギリス英語 #EU離脱 #Brexit #prosandcons #イラスト
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There we Go. Show the World something Different thats always been there. #BlackQueens --Who would you vote for? Hard decisions #prosandcons with each. #powerfulwomen
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☄️☄️☄️ Q: do you have plants in your room?
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I’ll be back on Good Morning Washington (@abc7gmw ) on Tuesday, January 23rd discussing the pros and cons of children receiving a psychological diagnosis. In case you need more reason to watch, it is also my birthday that day!! (A major birthday, too!!) . . . . . . #abc#abc7/a> #goodmorningwashington #abc7 #dc #diagnosis #children #prosandcons #cindytgrahamphd
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Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) and Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation Plus (REDD+) are ways to conserve the environment by charging for carbon credits. . The price hovers around US $5 per carbon credit. Is this minimal price enough to offset the damages? Do the benefits reach the farmers? --------------------------------------------------- Written by : Sharachchandra Lele Artwork by : @ganapathykalyani --------------------------------------------------- Read "Buying our way out of environmental problems" in Volume 6 issue 1 to understand how PES and REDD+ work and the different issues and advantages they bring along with them. . . . . . #ill#illustrationsts #illustration #artforscience #artist #artistsoninstagram #artforacause #currentconservation #dakshinfoundation #conservation #conservationscience #conservationawareness #buying #environment #issues #carboncredits #deforestation #degradation #money #benefits #farmers #eco#ecosystem #knowledge #offset #prosandcons #minimalprice #ecosystem #services #payment
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Больше всего понравился пляж Май као! Тень хвойников, чистейший пляж и кристальная вода, да- и вокруг НИ-КО-ГО!!! Полнейшее уединение и Релакс! Pros and cons: Most liked the beach, Mai Khao! The shadow of the conifers, the cleanest beach and crystal water, yes, and around us NOBODY !!! Complete solitude and Relax!
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Breakfast, my favorite meal of the day! . . There are some days where I will do a ‘fasted cardio’, heading into training without eating before and as with anything in exercise, there are pros and cons to this! . Increased Fat burning: During the night, your body is fasting...when this happens your body goes into protection mode, and without those carbs for energy, it looks for next source which is fat. As soon as you start to exercise, your body hasn’t anything other than energy from fat to use. The down side of this, once all the energy from the fat has been burned, your body will then look to us lean muscle tissue to source its energy. . If weight loss is your goal, fasted cardio can help, however not all the time. Eating more pre work out means your body burns more calories after you’ve finished exercise, no matter how difficult your work out has been. It’s the amount of calories you burn over the long run which really dictates the weight loss. . The bottom line is, if fat burning is your aim, fasted cardio is good now and then....but really what is best is fuel! . Give your body some fuel and energy to really intensify your work out and achieve those gains. An omelette like this one is the perfect pre or post work out fuel, full of healthy fats, proteins and carbs! . Listen to your body, and the rest is easy 💪🍉☀️
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Should You Post Your Wedding Pics All Over Social Media? Or Would You Rather Have A Strict "No-Pics-Please" Policy For Your Guests? We Discuss Some Pros and Cons of Social Sharing On Our Latest Blog- Link in Bio! Image: @abhishek_g_photography . . . . #socialmedia #weddingpics #weddingphotos #brides #grooms #Indianweddings #weddingcouples #socialsharing #weddingphotography #socialmediasharing #howmuchistoomuch #prosandcons #realweddings #privacy #facebook #instagram #twitter #pinterest
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Pro and con lists.... does anyone else still list them??! . If you do! Let me share this doc with you!!! Drop an emoji and I’ll message it to you! . Ok, backstory: I was looking through my notebook and saw a pro and con chart for a potential new job for Alan. But there were numbers by each item....? . And then I remembered: we weighed each pro/con based on importance to him to really see the difference! Gosh we’re smart. . I LOVE this so much so I made a sheet to use when considering decisions. Because let’s be honest: I’m more likely to use it if it’s pretty 😂🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ . Here’s how it works: 1️⃣ think about the potential positives and negatives 2️⃣rate how important each thing is to YOU on a 1-5 scale 3️⃣add up each side! The bigger number wins! 4️⃣If you’re secretly upset about the outcome, we’ll at least it helped you decide what you really wanted all along!!! ______________________________ Bahahaha! . Gimme all the emoji lol. I’ve already made this for myself, I’d love to send it to other indecisive people like me 🆗🆗 . #dohealthtogether #dolifetogether #sharethelove #proandconchart #prosandcons #decisionsdecisions #decisionmakingtime #indecisive
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THE CARBON TAX: AN ANALYSIS (By Paul Huber) In these days of the 24-hour news cycle and opinion being taken as fact, it can be difficult to get a firm grasp on the news of the day. This is concerning when the topic is important and its outcome could have considerable economic or social consequences. Carbon taxation is one of these topics. Like royalties, pipelines or Senate reform, the carbon tax has become a hot potato. Much coverage reports the reactions of individuals or groups involved on both sides of the issue instead of analysis of the issue itself. Here is an overview of the new carbon tax initiative set out by the federal government, plus the arguments for and against. Read full story at: www.industryweatmagazine.com #carbontax #carbontaxation #emissions #canada #saskatchewan #capandtrade #pollution #justintrudeau #economy #argumentforandagainst #prosandcons
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🎥 New video just posted! I go over some of my pros and cons of living in such a small space - also turns out my apartment is even smaller than what I thought! 🙃😲 Link is in the bio ✨✨
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يمتلك نظام “أندرويد” أكبر قاعدة تثبيت بين جميع أنظمة التشغيل من أي نوع. وهو نظام التشغيل الأكثر مبيعاً على الأجهزة اللوحية منذ عام 2013، أما على الهواتف الذكية فهو المهيمن، وقد طور في البداية من قبل شركة “أندرويد”، والتي اشترتها شركة “جوجل” في عام 2005، وتم الكشف عن “أندرويد” في عام 2007 مع تأسيس التحالف المفتوح للهواتف النقالة، وهو عبارة عن مجموعة من شركات الأجهزة والبرمجيات والإتصالات تستهدف ترقية المعايير المفتوحة للهواتف النقالة. وقد كشف الخبراء مؤخراً عن ميزات جديدة سوف يتم توافرها في هواتف “أندرويد” المستقبلية نذكر منها الخمس ميزات التالية :⠀ ⠀ 1- تقنيات الواقع الإفتراضي⠀ أصبحت تقنيات الواقع الإفتراضي أو المعزز، ذات أهمية عالية لدى العلماء الذين يؤكدون أنها ستصبح تقنيات أساسية يعتمد عليها الناس في الكثير من المجالات كالتصميم الهندسي والصناعي وحتى في المجالات التعليمية والطبية، لذا يعمل الخبراء على إدخال هذه التقنيات في برمجيات الهواتف الذكية لتكون متاحة للجميع.⠀ ⠀ 2- التصوير الإحترافي⠀ بعد الإقبال الكبير من قبل الناس على شراء الهواتف ذات الكاميرات عالية الدقة، بدأت شركات تصنيع الهواتف بتطوير الكاميرات الموجودة في هواتفها، ومن المتوقع أن تظهر هواتف بكاميرات بدقة 25 ميغا بيكسل أو أكثر في الفترة القادمة، تنافس بصورها الكاميرات الإحترافية.⠀ ⠀ 3- الدفع الإلكتروني⠀ ميزة الدفع الإلكتروني متوفرة بالفعل في بعض الهواتف المطروحة حالياً، لكن الخبراء يؤكدون أن هواتف “أندرويد” المستقبلية ستكون معظمها مزودة بهذه الميزة.⠀ ⠀ 4- بلوتوث متعدد الإتصال⠀ تشير المعلومات إلى أن أجهزة “أندرويد” القادمة ستزود بأجهزة بلوتوث متطورة تمكنها من الإتصال مع أكثر من هاتف أو جهاز إلكتروني في نفس الوقت.⠀ ⠀ 5- منفذ الشحن الموحد⠀ بعد الإنتشار الواسع الذي لقيته منافذ الشحن والسماعات “Type C“، يتوقع الخبراء أن تصبح هذه المنافذ سمة أساسية في معظم الأجهزة الإلكترونية المستقبلية بحيث لن يحتاج المستخدم إلى إستعمال عدد من الشواحن أو السماعات لمختلف أنواع الاجهزة.⠀ ⠀ تعرف علي تفاصيل اكثر من هنا:⠀ https://buff.ly/2mRgTPL⠀ ⠀ #PromoMediaMag #AltinGroup #معرفة_بلا_حدود #مقالات #عربي #Arabic #Articles #tech #News #android #phones #prosandcons #هواتف #اندرويد #مميزات #future #تكنولوجيا #تكنولوجي
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Ever wonder if glasses or contacts are more your style? Here's a simple #ProsAndCons list about glasses. Part 2 featuring contact lenses will be featured next week. http://www.urbaneyewdm.com/blog/b_88309_the_benefits__drawbacks_of_glasses.html #glassesvscontacts #eyeglasses #UrbanEyeWDM #whichdoyouprefer #style #styleandfunction
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Are you interested in online grocery or meal kit delivery? Follow the link in our bio to learn if this kind of service would benefit you! 🥑🍅🍞🍝 #mealkit #onlinegrocery #deliveryservice #prosandcons #newyearnewyou
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Being pale pros: never need a filter the sun got you, cons: your nose magically disappears in every photo #pale #redhead #blueeyes #prosandcons #hellonostrils
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I didn't make this but it feels like I did!😂 🤷🏽
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Have you seen the #athome #dipacrylic sets and wondered if they were worth it? If so checkout my new video where I show you how to use @colorclubnaillacquer 's #starterkit and give you all the #prosandcons . https://youtu.be/KH5mDehd4JU
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Pump your breaks! When you take your time, great things happen. Weigh out the pros and cons before making life changing decisions. #videovlogger #vlogger #motivate #decisions #prosandcons #wednesdaysmotivation #pause #pumpyourbreaks #purposedriveslindy
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Always be yourself. Unless you’re Juan Antonio Flecha, in which case always be Juan Antonio Flecha ✌️ #probro #prosandcons #recon #wednesday #morning #hills #haringeyladder #fingers #allypally #wymtm #outsideisfree #lightbro #ridewithyamates #cocktailclub #knobheads #RCCLDN
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Thema Taufe 👼🏻 Wir haben uns nach langem hin und her dann doch FÜR die Taufe unserer Jungs entschieden, und das, obwohl wir beide ausgetreten sind. Warum? Weil ich mich an meine Kindheit erinnert habe, in der ich die Gemeinschaft der Kirche sehr genossen habe: von der Kommunion über den Kirchenchor bis hin zum Messe Dienen. Ich habe alles mitgenommen und fand es toll, dazu zu gehören. Ich habe mich daher gefragt, ob ich es mit mir vereinbaren kann, die Jungs von vornherein daraus auszuschließen. Sie können eben jetzt noch nicht entscheiden...Sind eure kleinen getauft? #taufe #baptism #prosandcons #debatte #baby #twins #zwillinge #mom #momlife #mama #mamablogger #wirsindgetauft
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Out of focus/ a *little dumb for sitting on a road/ 🤷🏼‍♀️/ I have no excuse for my actions 🔸 pc: @rachheinrichs #prosandcons
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hi i haven’t posted for a few days how are y’all doing?? im from ☃️ if i haven’t made it clear yet lmao EDIT: follow me if ur from explore thanks
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honestly didn’t even want my hair like this then i woke up and was lazy #prosandcons
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First post! Welcome to our Instagram page! This account is primarily created to educate our fellow followers, including you! (Hopefully your following by now) We decided to focus this account on the the overpopulation in China, and find a solution to solve it! Education, can spread knowledge, and knowledge can spread awareness, and together we can make china, and the world a better place! #awareness #china #overcrouding #nîhâo #notenoughspace #prosandcons #education
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Recently got the HP Envy x360...wondering if I should keep it? Any tips, recs? Pros? Cons? Help! #hpe#hpenvy #hpenvy #laptop #touchpad #tablet #2in1 #prosandcons
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Just got this in the mail today. I’ve never tried it before but I’ve been looking for something to give me an extra boost of energy throughout the day and cut back on my energy drink consumption. Have any of y’all used this before? If so did you like it? #ami#amino #rsp #rspnutrition #amino #prosandcons #supplements #alltheenergy #gir#girlswholift #fitmom #fitnurse #girlswholift
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🤣The little things we sacrifice for our children lol 😂 thinking about taking a sick day for some “me time”.....oh wait, that’s right moms don’t take sick days 😅 #stayathomemomlife #lovemygirls #prosandcons ⚖️ #wouldntchangeitfortheworld 💗🤣
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Spekulation på højt på plan.. er blevet udvalgt til at deltage til september.. skal, skal ikke. Ja, til at starte med var beslutningen. Self.. men men men.. det er jo ikke Himmelbjerget der skal bestige.. men et bjerg i helt anden kaliber.. kan jeg finde tiden til at arbejde, træne mine hold, gøre de ting der gør mig glad og og.. spekulationerne er skam mange. Kan personalet undværer mig 😂😂 Self kan de det.. har heldigvis lige lidt over en uge, til at beslutte mig. Men, hvor der er vilje, er der vej og måske min vej fører mig til toppen af kilimanjro #climbthemountain #fitnessdk #fitnessdkholstebro #prosandcons #speculation #tothetop #mom #perfekt #my2018 #tænkeboks #holstebro
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