We can end gun violence. Your voice matters spread to make difference! Tee available on @fairywoop store.
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Pemberton Township HS had a 17 minute #walkout in honor of the #stonemandouglas shooting where I gave a speech that acknowledged the people killed, the grief we are all experiencing, and concerns we have regarding the safety of our school and solutions that some members of the #classof2019 came up with. At first I was nervous because I wasn’t sure of 1. How much trouble we would get in and 2. who would go through with this but after seeing all these brave and amazing kids speak up at different schools I felt like it would have been selfish of me NOT to take part in something so inspiring and beautiful. This is just the beginning. #neveragain #endgun violence #prayforflorida
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This sooo sad 😭💘 #PrayForFlorida 🙏🏽💛
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We will make a difference #nev#neveragain 🚫❤️ COMMENT SOMETHING NICE #staystrongflorida #prayforflorida #neveragain #weloveyou
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Sad when you see the flag at half mast, what is this world coming to. #heal #prayforflorida #changetheworld
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Rant of the hairy wotsit --------------------------------------------Literally I imagine Donald sat in a chair like "SALLY LOOKS HOW SMART I AM I JUST THOUGHT OF AN AMAZING WAY TO END SCHOOL SHOOTINGS YEAH OK SO WHAY WERE GOING TO DO IS GIVE YEAH PEOPLE WHO WORK IN SCHOOLS...GUNS OMG HOW SMART AM I?!" Like honestly how dense do you have to be AND to say this after what has happened in Florida what an insensitive bastàrd -------------------------------------------- #donaldtrump #guns #makeamericagreatagain #fuckoff #idiot #americaiamsorry #presidentoftheusa #prayforflorida #iamsosorry #rant #trump
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**This is a draft. I will edit this soon!** #parkland #florida #myhomecounty #prayforflorida
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Can we do this at chiddix dm me if you will do it with me#prayforflorida
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This is to every family and friends that were hurt from this massacre. Just know that now the 17 people who didn't make it are in a better place . #prayforflorida #shooting
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Which the whole video on @emilyxdianee on musically #prayforflorida
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This week’s tip of the (many) hat(s) goes to #EmmaGonzalez, a survivor of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, who bravely spoke out against lawmakers for their lack of action in the face of persistent gun violence. She made a statement on behalf of her classmates that they are prepared to call “BS” in order to prevent future school shootings. Thank you for your courage and strength Emma! A much deserved second tip of the hat goes to @Everytown for Gun Safety, a movement of Americans working together to end gun violence and build safer communities and everyone that followed them this week so that they could surpass the National Rifle Association’s follower count. Be sure to follow them for ways YOU can make a difference in your community and beyond!
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MUSIC CHANGES LIVES TOO, ITS WITHIN A WHOLE NEW SPECTRUM OF PERSPECTIVES AND EMOTION... JUST AS THE FEW WHO ARE FIGHTING RN IN TALLAHASSEE I’LL CONTRIBUTE THE BEST WAY I KNOW HOW... JUST CHECK IT OUT IF IM NOT ASKING FOR TOO MUCH.... 1K Finally it took a while but it doesn’t stop Here Me and my Family (you guys) will make sure of that #WEAREFAMILY #MFC #parkland #prayfordouglas #prayforflorida #prayforparkland #SDHS #parklandshooting #parklandstrong #douglasstrong #floridaschoolshooting #marjorystonemandouglashighschool #stonemandouglas #stonemanshooting #stonemandouglashighschool#neveragain #march4ourlives #walkout #parklandstudentsspeak #speakout
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Berries n’ Cream🍰🍓 Question- What is your favorite fruit? Answer- Watermelons and Rasberries! 🍉 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #slime #satisfying #slimetutorial #slimepressing #satisfyingslime #floralfoam #poke #thwocks #cool #fun #riverdale #strangerthings #memes #instagram #hashtag #pray#prayforflorida #school #smile #muser #glitterslimesproof #famousslimeshops #satisfyingvideos
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#Mood: "I just want to scream it on top of a mountain, but I don't have a mountain I have a phone and an Instagram... " (*hating the police.. bringing communities together for decades) - in light of recent news about cowardly sheriffs and their lack of involvement in the recent tragedies #prayforflorida -- if you feeling the vibe share/repost so as many cops as possible can see it thanks 🙏🙏
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Pray for the fallen. #prayforflorida
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Meek Mill's "Save Me" by Magin Dave (remix) drops on Monday! Comment 🙏 emoji if you're ready #MaginDaveSaveMe #PrayForFlorida #NewFlorida #FreeMeekMill
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Big Gun, Small Dick. An article by @djnickflash exploring the dangers of weak men and the obsession with guns as a form of power. Article on OffKeyMag.com - - #guncontrol #gunviolence #prayforflorida #culturalawareness #offkeymag
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Sugar sand park has a beautiful nature trail #florida#prayforflorida
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These past few days have been crazy, and I have really seen the importance of this quote. This is not going to be my usual foodie/vegan/self love/positivity post, but it has been on my mind and I think it is very important to share. I am sure you are all very well aware of the recent Florida school shooting. A 19-year old shot and killed 17 people and wounded others. Even though I live across the country, ever since this event, my entire city has been super paranoid about something like this happening here. On Thursday, a girl at my school found graffiti on the wall of a girl’s bathroom saying “4 girls 4 guys 9 guns on Friday.” She then reported it to the office and it was investigated and the police decided it was not legitimate, but the rally we were supposed to have on Friday was canceled anyway (because they did not want to have 2000 kids in the same room if someone was planning something). However, the the school told all the kids, teachers, and parents that the rally was canceled because the bleachers were stuck and would come down. Then, the girl who reported the graffiti posted about it on Instagram and the news spread like a wildfire. It even made national news. Kids and parents were so terrified of the threat that even though the principle assured everyone that the threat was not legitimate and they would have armed police on campus that day, a good 3/4 of the school still did not come to school on Friday. I still went and it was the weirdest day. The school was so empty and everyone was on edge all day- terrified that something was going to happen. It made me realize how big of an issue all of this is and I will never look at school the same again. But what we need to remember is that people are not always what they seem on the outside. Talk to people. Say hello. Ask them how they are. Be nice to people. And stay alert. Imagine if you saw someone post something concerning on social media but just ignored it and then that person ended up doing something. You would livewith that guilt for the rest of your life. Maybe if you would have reported what you saw or talked to that kid, nothing would have ever happened. (Continued in comments👇🏼)
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| this vid needa go viral, she speaking big facts👏🏾 - #prayforflorida
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Starting a New Job working with kids! Kids of the future who need to be safe when they go to school #parkland #gunfreeschools #guncontrol #prayforflorida #prayforparkland
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Pray for the 17 kids that got shot in Florida #prayforflorida #pray4thosekidsandtheirfamily
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Pray for Florida #prayforflorida
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