I'M READY FOR MY NEW BEGINNING I RECEIVE EVERYTHING GOD HAS FOR ME MY PRAISE AND WORSHIP BELONGS TO GOD 🙌🙏🙌🙏BLESS BEYOND MEASURE #stayprayedup #praiseHiminthestorm #praiseiswhatido #grateful #thankful #iclaimit #ireceiveit #Godisincontrol #mypastisnotmypresentorfuture #greateriscoming #openthefloodgatesofHeaven #blesssingarecoming
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Praise Him even in the storm. The sun will soon shine again ☀️
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Struggling to shake off a spirit of fear? Choose praise over fear and build a music playlist of praise music that brings YOUR heart into Throne Room of God 🙏 . . . #praisemusic #praisehiminthestorm #spiritoffear #choosepraise #spiritualwarfare #thethroneroom #changeitup
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when you know your steps are ordered...you can’t get upset when God closes a door🙌🏾 #praisehiminthestorm
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First day back after to work after all the snow days! After beating off whatever virus tried to plague us and lost homework at 10pm, we woke up with all problems solved! Everyone is well, all the cars started with aired up tires and homework found!! You still have to praise him for little prayers he answers. #crazymom #snowdays #praisehiminthestorm #mamaneedsavacation
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Today is Worship Wednesday. Everyday is the perfect day to worship our Lord and Savior so let’s take just 5 minutes our of our day to put on some good worship music and praise God for the blessings in our life. Also, we want to encourage you to praise Him in the storm you are going through right now. Let’s praise him on THIS side... before you see the good that will come of this storm... remember He has you wrapped in His arms. So let’s worship Jesus together today! What are you praising God for today? Comment below something that YOU are praising Him for right now! #WorshipWednesday #CathedralOfFaithChurchTN #COF #PraiseHimInTheStorm
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There's no storm that God won't carry you through. No bridge that God won't help you cross. No battle that God won't help you win. No heartache that God won't help you let go of. He is much bigger than anything you will face today. Leave everything in His hands and embrace this day confidently knowing that HE WILL take care of you!🙏❤🙏 #myview #praisehiminthestorm
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You hear people say it’s better to have live than money?! Well it really is true. Knowing that my God loves me for who I am is better than all the worlds material things. Lord thank you for filling my heart with love. For keeping my eyes open to you. Mostly thankful that you e shown me how much richer I really am. In Jesus name I pray amen #iamhis #praisehiminthestorm #godfirst #glorytogod
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As the world continued to destroy every bit of happiness she had, only then she realized she could do all things through Christ. And so her journey truly began. #throughChrist #allthingsarepossible #selfie #christianlife #storm #praisehiminthestorm #GodisGood #jesusfreak #smilethroughitall #smiles #bla#blackandwhiteisworththefight #blackandwhite #trustGod #journey #findwhoyouare
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There's power in praising him in advance, or even just praising him when you don't feel like it! What has he done for you this year already? Big or small? Whatever it is praise him with a pure heart and watch the blessings flow! #HappySunday #InspirationalBibleVerse #BibleVerse #Faith #ChristianFaith #FaithfulGod #WalkByFaith #PraiseHimInAdvance #PraiseHimInTheStorm #FaithInGod #AfternoonInspiration
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Kahit san tayo mapunta, tayo lage nagsasara. 😂 But I am blessed to study the word together, bear your burdens, cry with you and lift it up to God. It is a beautiful sight to behold -- u worship God in the midst of difficulties. 💖 #praiseHiminthestorm #findstrengthintheLord #believethepromisesofGod #multipliers #recipientsofgrace2018
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Stay the course and know that in your struggle continue to trust HIM above and trust the process. There is GREATER for you just keep holding on; thankful in advance💪❤👑 #devotionswithJ #staythecourse #character #purpose #wis#wisdom #thankful #healing #prayer #praisehiminthestorm #fast #meditation #abstaining #iwantwhathewants4me #makeroom4him #5amtalks #Faithitoutbaby #speakoveryourself #humblethyself #listen #dogooddeeds #wisdom #discernment
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Sometimes when we most need a little piece of hope or a just a small sign that the struggle is worth it, that the good is still in the world, You get exactly the sign you were looking for..... #yourmessyourmessage #hopefortheworld #hopeforthehopeless #praisehiminthestorm
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What am I that He still have picked me up and use me ? It’s You who picks me up from the pit and give me what I m not worthy of. It’s You Jesus who stays with me when there is no one. It’s You Jesus who loves me when I m broken. It’s You Jesus who never had given up on me. And I worship You alone Jesus. And in the storm I Praise Your name. Coz I know You right here with me, my Jesus... #jesus #godbetheglory #ccs #worship #praise #praisehiminthestorm #jesusiord #worshiphimalone #shabbach
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Some strong words right there! #patience #danceintherain #praiseHiminthestorm #Jesuscanfixit #JesusisLordandSaviour @Regranned from @joycemeyer - Joyce has a quick word of encouragement to share with you today. Tap the video to hear from her! #encouragement #GoodWord
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For you have been for me a fortress and a refuge in the day of my distress. O my strength, I will sing praises to you... {Psalm 59:16} #iwillpraiseyouinthisstorm #praisehiminthestorm #biblejournaling #keephimclose #psalm5916 #createdtocreate #storm #singpraise
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If it wasn't for our Fathers amazing Love & mercy; I wouldn't be as strong as I am now,eventhou it's a battle everyday..I give him all the Glory & I'm so grateful for his presence in my life.!!! #nogreaterlove #praisehiminthestorm #blessed 💞
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I see a lot of this and I am totally guilty of it in the past. His love is not a game. His promises aren't lies. Me personally, I'm learning and changing for me and my relationship with Him and my salvation. 2nd reason is to guide Soraya so that one day when she starts making her own decisions, she will hopefully want to do the same. God bless you all. You're always in my prayers. #fightforyoursalvation #praisehiminthestorm
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For you have been for me a fortress and a refuge in the day of my distress. O my strength, I will sing praises to you... {Psalm 59:16} #iwillpraiseyouinthisstorm #praisehiminthestorm #biblejournaling #keephimclose #psalm5916 #createdtocreate #storm #singpraise
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James 4:14 stood out to me so clearly today. TOMORROW'S NOT PROMISED!!! We live like we'll never die and face God. Please ask Jesus into your life if you haven't already. 😢😢😢😢 This morning in a space of less than 10 seconds a pickup driving at top speed hit another car whose tire had burst so was skidding off the road causing the car to flip over like 2 times then fly off the the overhead landing on top of another car on the road I was driving on..... right infront of me!!!!! If I left the house 5 seconds earlier I could easily have been that car it landed on. Well luckily the people didn't die. Not sure about wanted happened to the pick up driver. He looked unconscious. All the things we worry about....so not worth it! Be joyful, love, forgive, be generous!!!!! Love you #praisehiminthestorm
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Just be! Simple right? No... not always. Yet when we seek him will our Whole ❤️... I mean really put all the other wants to the side and just sit with our Heavenly Father... oh the Joy we gain. Lord let me be still today and just sit with you. Let me hear your instructions and follow your word. In Jesus name Amen! #godisgood #iamhis #prayer #praisehiminthestorm #pinkink #toblessedtobestressed
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Yassssss God, I'm walking in victory because you HOLD MY HAND💪 I'm invested in this, I thank you for your faithfulness❤ Thank you for movingggg me out of my comfort zone. Jeremiah said its like a fire in my bones...keep on pushing forward and know HE HAS YOU👑 #devotionswithJ #staythecourse #endurance #thankful #praisehiminthestorm #purpose #faith
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We are all like children... we want the results now! Unfortunately that’s not how life works. We have to wait sometimes... and sometimes it’s not in Gods plans. Tell God what you would like, not just in love and family but all aspects of your life. He will establish your plans and set you on course. #iamhis #praisehiminthestorm #glorytogod #prayer #pinkink
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Don’t allow your praise to cease just because you believe God has. Just Have faith that God is taking you through a test to make you stronger! Praise him through the good and the bad not just when you are in a storm! #praise #praisehimanyway #praisehiminthestorm #praisehimalways #onlygod
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Going through trials...sitting and feeling a little (ok a lot) sorry for myself. As I was reading my devotion I hear God remind me. I’m here in this place because he needs me here. I don’t know the purpose.. or his plan. I do know that he will not fail! #praisehiminthestorm #godisgood #glorytogod #iamhis #prayer #pinkink
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When you wake up with no hot water and your heat not working downstairs, you could quickly complain, but instead you immediately go into gratitude mode... 🙏🏻 For this gas log fireplace that keeps our main living area downstairs very toasty. 🔥 🙏🏻 For two units and an entire upstairs that still has working heat. 🙌🏻 🙏🏻 For power and running water and that we can heat water on the stove if need be, cook, make coffee, and wash dishes and clothes. 🚰 🙏🏻 For this being the first day that we've had any issues or been "without" anything, after several days of the coldest weather we've ever had in eastern NC. ❄️ 🙏🏻 For a reason to give your pre-teen daughter a gratitude reminder that she can literally walk next door to 2 or 3 different houses of her choice in the family cul-de-sac to take a hot shower after volleyball practice. 🚿 🙏🏻 And more than anything... For this being our biggest and "only" problem(s) in the grand scheme of things today. ❤ We are so not perfect over here in the Aldridge home, but we are certainly aware of how blessed we are and and all we have to be grateful for. Not just for the basics and everyday necessities, BUT we also personally know so many others hurting on such a deeper level right now... sickness, loss of loved ones, and just experiencing darkness and brokenness in general. 💔 After immediately reminding myself of all these things this morning, Steven Furtick said it best at the end of his message at @elevationchurch, "Praise opens the gate." Amen and amen. 🗣🙌🏻🙏🏻 #1000gifts #homesweethome #gratitudeisanattitude #praiseHiminthestorm #tooblessedtobestressed
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I would say she is excited for church🤣#church #fussychild #praisehiminthestorm
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This is a bit of an older photo that I took at my second Casting Crowns concert back on March 16, 2017. I’m sharing it though because as I was glancing through the photos on my phone this one stood out to me very much. As they sang “Praise You In This Storm” and the lyrics showed on the big screen behind them I shot this photo not noticing the hands that were raised until we got back to the motel that night. This photo is so powerful to me seeing all of these people with different backgrounds, different stories and different storms all coming together and raising their hands up to Heaven to the only one that can get them through it all. As this new year begins I want to be able to praise my God through all of my storms as only He knows what I will face this year. I want to have the faith to lift my hands to Him in the hard times when I feel I can’t even lift my head. This is a “New Years resolution” for me but it needs to be something I stick to all year long. It never ceases to amaze me the things that can suddenly catch your attention as this photo did when before it was just another photo. I pray that God gives me courage to praise Him in my storms, help others to get through theirs and also to make a difference in someone else’s life this year! #newyearsresolution #2018 #godsplanforme #makeadifference #praisehiminthestorm #liftyourhandstoheaven #castingcrowns @castingcrownsofficial @megangarrett @markhallcc
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It's A Cold Night🙏 When God Is In Control No One Can Stop You And The Blessings He Has For Us💖💖#Godsfavor #blessings #Godisincontrol #noweaponformedagainstmeshallprosper #stayprayedup #praiseHiminthestorm #giveHimpraise #praiseiswhatido #trustGod #believe #havefaith #neverdoubt
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Such a simple scripture with such POWERFUL message. When we willingly get out of our own way and let God take the lead.... watch the impact! Today Lord I give you control and the first position in my life. I know that you will not let me fall. In Jesus name amen! #godisgood #iamhis #prayer #praisehiminthestorm #godfirst
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5/365: When you’re too stubborn [and tired] to deal with the hassle of an urgent care facility, you rely on your local Walgreens (and lots of cuddles from your honey) to hopefully do the trick. Glad I was able to come home early from work and attempt to get some rest. And thankful I have my David and my Riggs to love on me. #365daysofgratitude #praisehiminthestorm #staypositive
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When you think you can sneak around people to do something.. you can’t sneak around God. He knows what your motives are. So what you do, do it with humility and honor. #godisgood #praisehiminthestorm #iamhis #godfirst #prayer
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Casting crowns and ginger tea before bed 🙇‍♂️ #praisehiminthestorm
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