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Beyond those walls, the world stood waiting for him. All he had to do is take a step. But would he? What's going on his mind? Maybe, nothing? Human mind is no less than a mystery. It can think anything and absolutely nothing. And when you're travelling, you trip on waves that one cannot imagine. #rishikesh #indiatravelgram #hippieinhills #mountains #travel #adventure #backpacker #river #natgeotravelpic #natgeohub #natgeowild #lonelyplanet #artofvisuals #lonelyplanetindia #beautifuldestinations #agameoftones #mypixeldiary #vasco #discoverychannel #visualsoflife #digitalnomad #huffpostgram #dailyshot #himgeo #himalayangrographic #yourshotphotographer #huntforspot #potraitgames #agameof10k #pixel2.
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2017.12.06 廟街 Temple street ____________________ 嚐一口你親手做的夢。 Taste the dream you make.
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Teruntuk kamu yg sedang dalam dekapan rindu, terpisah raga, dan terlapau jauh oleh jarak Halah! Lebay! Bucin lo! Damn yeaaahh jadi cowo itu serba salah yash, caption melow dikit dibilang lebay lah, melankolis lah padahal sebenernya bukan itu maksudnya Misalnya gua, kadang gua nulis caption melow bukan berarti gua orang yg romantis melankolis, jujur gua bukan orang yg romantis dan selebay itu. Gua cuma pengen pesan dari foto itu lebih ngena, yap karna menurut gua caption tuh ngebantu banget buat ngegiring yg melihat buat ngerti pesan apa yg sebenernya mau kita sampaikan dari foto itu So stop judging peoples, respect, and let's be good friends🙌 #experienceseekers
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I like this feel Mask by the Man In-Frame
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Welcome Weekend, stay safe 🙏🏻 ☕️
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First off this lady was cold on the organ imagine Adams Family tunes in the middle of a graduation. Honestly I bout shit myself and jigged at the same time
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This is by far my favorite pic so far I’ve taken.... how many times have you walked in on granny in her rollers lol..... definitely a favorite
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Had to snap my brother up for this one ... *clears throat* YALL ALREADY KNOW..... once again i have to tone it down lol but Couldn’t be more proud of this ugly dude my older Brother @imtyjones on graduating from Baylor’s University’s Seminary school. #Thats2Degrees 😤😤😤
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Art Of Bae ✨
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Now that school is out the way let me just...
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When she said "Yes". I love doing this. Helping a brother out in the means of true love. Being involve in it makes you realise such love exist and that such experience can never be alike comparing with every soul that's tied to another in this world. Its like every couple is a different individual. Its the same feeling of love but a different portraiture of love. #ifyougetme
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• A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart until the day you die. #selamanyaplus #35mm #fujicolor #pro400h #pregnancy #officelife
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Bahagia itu sederhana. #pursuitofportraits
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gotta give Givenchy some love
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learn to be alone, 'cause not everyone will stay.
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The voice of God calms storms. And my heart is always at rest.
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