Today I’ll fly back to Medellin and it’s hard for me to say goodbye to San Miguel de Allende. Even though it was freaky cold at night I loved that beautiful town with its wonderful people. Thanks for such a great time with you. Hope to see you again soon! What are you grateful for today?
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Barcelona vibes with @f.estival 🌻
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Make New Year's goals. Dig within, and discover what you would like to have happen in your life this year. This helps you do your part. It is an affirmation that you're interested in fully living life in the year to come 🙌🏻 #quietthechaos #portraitpage #ftwotw #featuredmeofh #expofilm #postmypicssticks #cheadsmagazine #marvelous_shots #of2humans #thenorthface #aovportraits #theportraitpr0ject #portraitmood #canonasia #canonmy #featuremeseas #igpodium_portraits #freepeople #hotisthenewblack #createcommune #por#portraitsfromtheworld #kdpeoplegallery #portraits_mf #portraitfestival #peoplephotatoes #portraitsfromtheworld #ourmoodydays #endlessfaces #bleachmyfilm #moodygrams #thoughtcatalog
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Just noticed that my Animoji YT video has hit 4 million views! That's a reason to smile! 😊 #contentisking
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glares & glasses
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Esperanza en Dios
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If you really put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price.
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Let the good times roll as fast as they can.
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"des couleurs qui font battre mon coeur"❤️
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Miss thiss😭
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Swallowed by fear these thoughts betray me• #Hallazgosemanal @pursuitofportraits @earth_portraits @culturacolectiva
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Took photos of @_caras in her element last week 🎨😍 Baby girl knows what’s up! Left her full time job to follow her dreams and she is killing it. Go check out her art ❤️💕 • • • • • • #art #art#artistsoninstagram #artist #studio #babe #owletart #por#portrait #portraitphotography #happiness #photography #portrait
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Nothing left to say 📷 @kelseyjeanphoto
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Kelley, you were so great. I'm still in awe.
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tfw you forget to pay the water bill model @sparksofjessica x stylist @startswithvintage
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Hoy pasamos la tarde con @santipacheco26 💥📷
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These are not self portraits! They were taken by amazing members of @h_collective during a meetup at navy pier- SCROLL THROUGH to see shots from my first time in this type of setting. I loved it so much and I can’t wait for the next one. (1/3) Photo Creds 1: @pho@photo.acid 2: @photo.acid
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Love isn’t all butterflies and rainbows. It’s compromise, it’s arguments full of ugly words and whispers. Love isn’t this huge beam of light that shines down on a couple for eternity. It’s complicated, messy and takes a shit ton of work. Love isn’t going to erase your insecurities. Love isn’t going to take away your depression or anxiety. We would love to believe that it would. If you start to see darkness over shadowing your relationship, don’t panic. Don’t run right away. Don’t throw in the cards and give up. Ride the wave. Argue, scream and fight through it. Swim in it, no matter how strong the current gets. Only then is it going to be worth saving. Because you have to go through the bad stuff, and the hard stuff, to get the good parts. Love is not linear... it is not something that will always grow upwards. You have to have the difficult conversations. The ones that hurt you and make you cry. The ones that make your partner hurt. You’ve got to see them for who they truly are, flaws and all. And they have to get to know the dark parts of you. The ones you never wanted them to see. You’ve got to have those heartbreaking arguments and go through hell and back. Only then will you be able to see if it’s the kind of love that’s true. Only then will you be able to see if it’s the love you want to keep. Only then will you be able to see if it’s the love that you don’t want to give up on. Love is a battlefield. It’s not supposed to always be heavenly. You’ve got to work for it. You’ve got to fight like hell for it. Love isn’t magic. But when you get it right and when you work hard enough on it, it’s pretty damn close. -B-❤️ . . . 📸: @_creativecapture #discoverportrait #quietthechaos #ftmedd #expofilm #envisionstones #of2humans #portrait_vision #darkmornings #portraitpage #ftwotw #bleachmyfilm #ourmoodydays #ambientfeature #featuremeofh #featuremeseas #freepeople #seekingthestars #seekmests #tangledinfilm #postmypicssticks #creativeontherise #hinfluencercollective #l0tsabraids #visualsoflife #thefeelgoodnow #777luckyfish #skyhighvibe #visuallydistracted #featmesherlock #featureaest
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YES CLARA YES . Also my settings were all kinds of messed up during this shoot I tried my best to fix it😂
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💃🏻// @thehannahhuston
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Is this what happens when one goes mad? | 📸 @nickfstop
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4:50 pm Finding a bathroom that matched her outfit, hair clips, and nails. Model: Brandie #kattwilkinsphotography
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Styled shoots are some of my favorites. Comment below if you have any ideas you would like to see come to life! I love hearing new ideas!
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@softer.still looks like a painting. Hmua @tania_crawford
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”Rudi make a pose! that open door will make a dope photo." @lauri_laukkanen, Photographer Director Genius
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cloudy days
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Today is all about Kelley! Check out my stories/highlights for more of this beautiful shoot💙
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