Four more days till 🎃
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you have to find that place that bring out the human in you. the soul in you. the love in you.
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Sitting on the edge of the world.
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I've made 4 different batches of salsa from our garden
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In case you missed out on Saturday's BTS ft. on Snapchat ❤ With @ron_dressel⚡
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🌿🌿🌿🌿 ••• Photo: @brolintaylor
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Florr ouoouoooo 🎵🎵🌺🌺 #entrefotosesorrisos
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shorelights asunder.
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We are connected.
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Love will make you drink and gamble Make you stay out all night long Love will make you do things That you know is wrong 🎶 @sofiapignitor Mua @makeupbyemilydimant Hair @arielkatrinahair
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8:43 am Living with anxiety. It's the feeling you get when you almost slip off of something, but as a constant ache. Like something took residence in my chest and disturbs my lungs and ribs. It's walking back to the parking lot 3 times to check if your car is locked. Checking my locks in my house multiple times. It's a panicky feeling driving past somebody and have to watch to make sure they're okay. It's expecting the worst of everything. Creating scenarios from a lack of information; i.e. Somebody not responding or not being nice. It's the feeling that nobody really cares; they just tolerate you. That you can't talk about this. You can't talk about anxiety because "oh I'm anxious too." It's losing hours that didn't feel like hours. It's being chaotic and a perfectionist all in one. Anxiety keeps me at edge and pushes me to the backseat. It makes me cry and scream and worry. Rational thoughts are gone. Everything is awful because even my skin is uncomfortable and nothing fits in my chest anymore. It's being too much and not enough all in one. It's feeling that I deserve to be left alone but crying because I feel alone. It's feeling that you're headed nowhere..... fast. But I have anxiety. I have anxiety. I have anxiety. And maybe if I talk about it and acknowledge it enough, I'll understand that it IS all in my head.
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t r a i n Imagine she's a painter. She's creative. He's a doctor or an architect. He has a good laugh. She can't cook. I wonder what they say to each other before they go to sleep. Rachel, Girl On The Train (2016) 🚋 #thegirlonthetrain #newset #beyondretro -------------------------------------------------- Photographer: @shaunjamesgrant Hair & Make Up: @_shemaliah Assistant: @missloujasmine Clothes: @beyondretro • • • • • • • • • • • • #cheadsheygirls #lastdaze #junnnktank #lakeflora #flakemag #hazeymag #PostMyPicsSticks #portraitphotography #model #londonatnight #nighttube #tube #mylondon #prettycitylonon #ishootfilm #staybrokeshootfilm #analogue #buyfilmnotmegapixels #FILMISNOTDEAD #analogvibes #filmforever #donteditme #colours #retro #retrolook #vintagecloathing
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