Goodnight ———————————————————— “What we are against will unite us, while what we are for divides us.” -Aleksandr Dugin ———————————————————— Associates: @Han.Nationalist.v2 @Nationalist_Asian @Melanin.Emperor @Eastern.Preservation @The_Stalinist @AmericanByBirth_PolishByBlood @EurasianImperium.V4 @Balts_Slavs_Brothers @Revolution_of_the_Proletariat @Meyber_Kremlin @Poland.Cannot.Into.Space @BrownshirtedAmerican.v2 –————————Ignore————————– #Meme#Unironic#LeftWing#RightWing#Political#Catholic#Orthodox#Muslim#Jew#Discord#Cancer#Republican#Conservative#Libertarian#Trump#ThirdPosition#FourthPosition#ImagineMyShock#KillMe#NoU#Ebic#Victorious
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BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA, (AP).- Un alto funcionario argentino renunció el lunes tras revelarse que había ocultado al fisco una cuenta de 1,2 millones de dólares en Andorra. La agencia estatal Télam anunció la dimisión del subsecretario general de Presidencia de Argentina, Valentín Díaz Gilligan, quien según una investigación del diario El País de España, publicada el pasado jueves, ocultó el dinero en una cuenta de la Banca Privada d’Andorra (BPA) entre 2012 y 2014. Tras la publicación, la Oficina Anticorrupción inició una investigación contra Díaz Gilligan por supuesta violación a la ley de ética pública, según la cual los funcionarios deben declarar el patrimonio que poseen al momento de asumir el cargo y sus antecedentes laborales de los últimos tres años. Díaz Gilligan, quien asumió su puesto en 2015, admitió que no declaró la cuenta ante el fisco bajo el argumento de que los fondos no eran suyos sino de la empresa británica de intermediación de futbolistas Line Action. La cuenta en Andorra estaba a nombre de la compañía, de la cual el funcionario figuraba como accionista hasta 2014. Una vez desatado el escándalo, el presidente Mauricio Macri afirmó que el funcionario debía dar explicaciones mientras aliados políticos del gobierno exigieron directamente la renuncia del subsecretario como un gesto a favor de la transparencia. Díaz Gilligan no fue el primer funcionario de gobierno de Macri al cual se le descubre una cuenta en los denominados paraísos fiscales. El propio mandatario fue objeto de una investigación judicial por supuesto lavado de dinero luego de que filtraciones de documentos en Panamá lo señalaran como titular de una firma de ultramar. La justicia desestimó la acusación por lavado, pero continúa en trámite una causa por evasión fiscal. El jefe de inteligencia, Gustavo Arribas, también tuvo que dar explicaciones por transferencias de dinero a una cuenta en Suiza luego de que un arrepentido del escándalo de corrupción que sacude a Brasil declarara que le transfirió cerca de 850.000 dólares en supuestos sobornos provenientes de las constructoras Odebrecht y OAS. La acusación también fue desestimada por la justicia argentina. #politica #political
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#FreemanReLoaded | #Gem#Geminid #Gemini #Horoscope Monday 02/19/2018: Actions that feel right probably are right for you, and this shouldn’t be questioned as much as you think it is necessary. Proudly pursue the goals that make you happy and enjoy every step of the way instead of sacrificing for the destination you see in front of you. Delaying pleasure and staying in a mental state of inner explanations and projections, you are missing out on many beautiful things in life. Let go and enjoy physical and emotional sensations for a day. #HumbleKingEP..........#ComingSoon *TEXT 732-844-8504 NOW* for updates and exclusives. *TEXT 732-844-8504 NOW* for updates and exclusives. *TEXT 732-844-8504 NOW* for updates and exclusives. All exclusive pics, vids, music and merch will be sold and delivered via that number. I want to have a real connection with the people that really want to support me. If you are interested in working with me, DO NOT DM ME, DO NOT TAG ME. Text 732-844-8504 if you really want to connect with me. I text EVERYONE back. #GrindDevelopAdvanceGrow #RealEstate #Political #Money #Sport #Pop #Invest #Film #Fitness #Finance #Property #Owner #God #HipHop #Musical #Spiritual #Culture #Love #Bible #Boss #Podcast #Relationship #FutureME
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On World Social Justice Day, let us all rededicate ourselves to the principles enshrined in the Constitution and strive to ensure justice social, economic and political to every fellow citizen.👍🏻Nobody should be discriminated on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, caste and religion. Let us unite to eliminate discrimination in every form and ensure equality to all.👍🏻💐🇮🇳 @__social__justice__ #worldsocialjusticeday #justice #religion #unite #equality #principles #india @worldbank #political #citizen #rights #peace
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#Bla#BlackHistoryh #Afr#Afr#Africanory: The Derg ("The Committee") was a Marxist movement that successfully led the Ethiopian Revolution from 1974-1987, which brought sweeping societal change including abolition of the monarchy. The rebellion overthrew Emperor Haile Selassie a conservative autocrat who oversaw ethnic cleansing, was the 'god' of an international religious cult, and kept the rural poor locked in the oppressive and backwards conditions of feudalism—a system before capitalism characterized by the peasants having to live on their lord's land in exchange for produce. The #Derg was very popular in its early years and very controversial towards the end of its rule. Unanimously condemned by the West, the revolutionary movement led by Mengistu Haile Mariam made significant accomplishments such as overseeing an end to the feudalist system, radical land reform led by poor peasants, as well as progress in literacy and free education for millions of people. The USA funded secessionist and imperialist militias, in attempt to destabilize the government, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths and a long period of bloody struggle against multiple counter-revolutionary forces as the Derg (with the help of Cuba) fought to keep state power. This period of violent purges is the topic of continual debate. At the height of the Cold War, in order to try and destroy the revolution, the Western powers funded a Somali invasion. It was defeated. Further threatening stability was widespread drought in 1983, which caused one of Africa's deadliest famines. The Derg and Mengistu were driven out in a 1991 coup d'etat by ethnic and rival political groups, primarily by the U.S.-supported EPRP. Mengistu fled to Zimbabwe, where he lives today, receiving political asylum. Several revolutionary leaders from that era are still held as political prisoners in Ethiopia. Today 78% of Ethiopians live on less than $2 a day, mostly in rural areas. The need for real change cries out. Learn more about the revolutionary movement to emancipate humanity and the planet: #BlackHistory #Ethiopia #Africa #African #Politics #Political #Rev#Revolutionary #Socialist #Revolution
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Normally I don't like #contemporaryart as it seems to be mostly #social or #political commentary we've heard before - "don't be a #consumerist" or " ______ group are victims" - and it rarely evokes a strong emotion in me. This set of work by Jessica Rose Sancataldo on the other hand is brilliant to me. It showcases the struggle with #perfectionist behavior. Each piece has a line missing, an angle askew, an arrow going the opposite direction of all the others or a spot that's off color. Love it! #art #artsy #newsouthwales #Australia #thedomain #artgallery #travel #sydney
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I need your SUPPORT! Let’s get my name on the ballot we are coming up to the halfway mark! Let’s make this happen.✅ We will make a change in the community. Tap the link in my bio.
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It's that time again. We have to go out and certify as a mortar platoon. It a gonna be hella fun. I always have fun sending freedom down range. Before we go to eurocom for x amount of months.
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