Day 260 of 365 "Spoon Bending" Any Uri Geller fans out there?!!!!! No? Alrighty, then. I was writing a potential client about photographing flatware, suggesting that we shoot against a black background, and not white. Because we typically define metal with the use of highlights, shooting on a light background can result in overexposed backgrounds. So, I thought I'd put my lighting where my mouth was......? I first placed a piece of plexiglass on top of a piece of black felt. This provided a shiny black surface on which to photograph my spoons. I then lowered a medium Octa almost straight down upon the spoons. An Octa is an eight-sided box of light. This large light source is literally a couple of inches above the spoons. This was done to fill as much of the reflection surfaces with the light. Because I was shooting with a 100 macro lens, my field of view is very small. Though the background is simply a piece of plexiglass on a top of a piece of black material, it is the direct reflection of the light that becomes our background. Without that direct reflection, the surface would truly be black....but then the lighting would most likely be very specular and uninteresting. If the camera were lowered a bit, one could see the end of the glass, and it would fade to black. Though the gradient was sort of cool, I decided to keep the surface consistent. I initially focused on the foreground tip of the spoon, but then everything behind the tip was completely out of focus. I then decided that the bend in the spoon was more interesting. I added the two additional spoons at the last moment, just for some symmetry. Thanks for dropping in!! #spoons #silverware #flatware #reflection #tabletopphotography #productphotography #canon5dmarkIII #canon100macro #pocketwizard #paulcbuffinc #paulcbuffeinstein #octabank
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